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MORE Problems for George Cutter (owner of "Club Druggists" aka the Carolina Apartments), and Joseph C. Faulk, Jr. of New York City!!!

YUP -- THIS is how we do !!!


Photo just taken of the inside of my front door at Carolina Apartments.

Notice that the "dead-bolt" requires me to find my keys to escape in case of FIRE -- ILLEGAL in the USA for at least 30 years!!!

The two heavy wires are co-ax speaker cables (that improved my surround sound MORE than a HUGE speaker upgrade), and my FM antenna wire hooked over an exposed telephone wire.

Jennifer  McCracken's outdoor sitting room, which she had on top of a FIRE ESCAPE (or simply a balcony that no one else uses since they are RUSTING THROUGH), WITH George Cutter's approval -- until he discovered I had BLOGGED ABOUT IT!!!

In the Court Hearing, yesterday, I pointed this out and Jennifer IMMEDIATELY  claimed it was PROOF that I "stalked her" and had BROKEN the temporary Restraining Order, but I said, "Hardly -- it's simply a photo taken of the exterior of a six-story building."

I didn't think to say that I ALSO pointed out that the repair to her front door after Police broke it down to get the BRAWLING LESBIAN MOR(M)ON off her CAT-FIGHT on the BALCONY -- behavior George Cutter ALSO allows -- and does NOT feel is a disruption of the "apartments community's PEACE", could not be photographed -- as it would have required my opening her outer front door to expose it.


>>> MORE hateful BULL SHIT from Joseph C. Faulk, Jr. of NYC!!!

(without bothering to fill in details not obvious to the reader)

Re: Your over-reactive misinterpretation of my email 8/12 
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It already has -- I just registered my OWN domain with my own email, but not yet ready to disclose to anyone.

Of course it cost money, about $68 -- and one tooth pained me all night, so might need it out soon. I have total of just under $200.00 (due to one-time moving and domain costs), but get paid next Monday by BM.

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Subject: Your over-reactive misinterpretation of my email 8/12 

My 3 remarks are speculative and prompted by the "fear" element in the plaintiff case. The phrases I put in quotation marks are my imaginary expressions of lawyer focus.
1. The mother, with daughter, whom you encountered on the elevator might have just provided a statement on behalf of Cutter. She next appeared briefly with his group in the courtroom (perhaps a legal requirement), then promptly departed. Maybe "mother with child" qualifies for special treatment.
2. Of course Cutter always has his lawyers at his disposal to provide guidance, and did not have to originate the approach for this case. (If he is a landlord who accepts tenants without references, he probably often is involved in legal actions.)
3. Since Cutter and manager Tomi are urging a speedy resolution because of the "fear" and the "tenant disturbance," I do think the "30-day" gap might be compressed.
We both know I've sincerely tried to help you for a long time. I wanted you to remain in Mexico (where Joseph also REPEATEDLY recommend I open my door to Mafia he already knew had tried to MURDER ME), rather than return to problematical Wilmington. Well, may the remainder of 2015 bring us a miracle!

>>> AND INSTEAD OF SENDING ME MONEY, which Joseph ALWAYS did when I lived in Mexico with FAR LOWER cost-of-living, and I had less than $600.00 on-hand and in bank:

Re: tooth extraction 
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I will in a few months when I can find my paperwork, somewhere in a stack of unsorted (shuffled during tons of moves), papers going back to 1988. Right now I'm too tied up with settling in, fighting in Court, answering everyone's questions, and most important -- WRITING -- but at least I know where I can get an extraction for under $100.00, locally!!!

It will mean that temp bridge will have to be altered -- since it wires around all three of those teeth on that side (especially the bad one). But I guess I can just do without it.

If only ONE thing in my life were SIMPLE again -- LOL!!!

At least I never lose my sense of humor!!!


ALSO, I just saw Christine Hitchens placed bitchy comments on about eight recent blog postings on  
Weather Continues -- to which I added this comment "Ya don't say . . ." 

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Subject: tooth extraction 

While your Medicare (?) may not cover conventional dentistry, it may cover dental surgery, sometimes preferable for back teeth. Fact is, the surgical approach is less traumatic. So check it out.


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  1. Just stay out of their business pinhead.
    God bless
  2. Just stay out of their business pinhead.
    God bless
  3. How dare you mention, peace, perjury or justice?
  4. If Justice is served in this world you will never be given a poison pen again. You have no idea who I am because the list of people you have insulted is legion. How a pathological liar manifest's such nonsense is beyond any of us. How we have all been duped into thinking you less than a nut bar is not. We, for the most part are generous and compassionate, sharing our time and thoughts with you and then you twist and turn them into some Aesop fable. What you have been doing for so long, "abusing the kindness of strangers" as Blanche so aptly put it, is beyond the pale. You are worse than Stanley by a country mile. He at least would not threaten and abuse and tarnish everything in his grasp, then claim he was doing God's work. Tennessee Williams was no doubt as generous and trusting as your abused acquaintance's are. Mentally unstable people are not easily identifiable and for that
    you have put us all on guard. Some one in the future who might need a hand or an ear to listen may not get it because of the vitriol you have hurled upon unsuspecting strangers. You should do the right thing. Leave those poor folks alone in the apartment building and be strong enough to seek out help. This is not a joke Scott. I doubt many people seriously mean you harm. They simply want you to stop hurting people, including yourself.
  5. Oh, and fuck you and your god bullshit, that and your moronic, idiotic patriotism are the last refuge of incorrigible scoundrels.

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  1. Quite the sleuth aren't you Sparky?
    Some skills acquired whilst working with the CIA. or was that the FBI when you were undercover investigating your Mom. Thank goodness you unearthed her surreptitious involvement with the Nazi party. To think that a virtual saint would be responsible for heading up the KKK? I think the national security service must be dithering over what medal to bestow upon you. For you to do this all out of your own sense of right and wrong with no thought to your own personal safety is beyond altruistic, it's downright canonizable. I'n not sure that's a word but the regular dictionary just doesn't do you justice I'm afraid. Wait...... Oh sociopath seems kind of appropriate. I like retard, but you can't really say that these days. Woops I just did. HMM. I guess god will get me later for that one. Good luck at Court. I'm sure many people will be wishing you in cuffs. Do be a dear and resist, there is nothing quite like an unjustly accused martyr to bring out the press. Hoping to see you on the front page.
    Your's truly.

  2. You don't SAY!!! Here is what I just sent Generals Russel Honore' and Colin Powell -- what did YOU do??? Stuff yer Christian SHIT in yer dried up pussy, light it -- and BLOW YER BOX OFF!!!