Saturday, August 15, 2015

Miss "Christine Hitchens" Went A-Drinkin' Last Night (with Ryan Lee Burris at Costello's Gay Piano Bar???), and THEN Sent Me Comments, Meant for This Blog!!!

Jennifer McCracken's photo I got from her Facebook Page while we were "Friended", showed she had labelled it "Tamira Blakeman", INEXPLICABLY!!!

>>> I FOUND OUT HOW TO CONTACT GEN. COLIN POWELL, so will write to Generals Russel Honore' and Colin Powell, together, then post the email below.

But just to show ONE of her alcohol-besotted comments to keep readers waiting with BAITED BREATH (OK, "bated breath"):


An important message for Russell Honore, Colin 
Powell, and the US Justice Department -- from the 
last assistant to playwright Tennessee Williams: 
Scott Kenan to you + 9 moreshow details
Dear Generals Honore' and Powell:

I am assuming Gen. Powell's org will forward this to him -- since it was his Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman (while he was Secretary of State), who warned me in 2010, that if I did NOT flee the USA after Republicans tried unsuccessfully FIVE TIMES IN ONE MONTH -- with help of my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan; and my sisters, Jane Ann Kenan and Julia Ruth (Kenan) Duffy -- to commit me to a mental institution, that Republicans, with the CIA, would MURDER ME.

May I also say that Delta Airlines REPEATEDLY kept me safe during that time. Please see 2/3 the way down this posting:, as well as my "Thanks Email to Delta":

I will keep this message brief, as I know you BOTH have your own projects, but trust you will forward it to those PATRIOTS you are connected to in the US Justice Department.

This is the LATEST abuse by Narco-Traffickers in Wilmington, NC, that I have had to deal with -- which I believe I am doing with APLOMB!!!

Check these comments I received overnight -- presumably from Jennifer McCracken, in concert with lawyer David Nash, who I am preparing to SUE for his corruption of New Hanover County Judges Sandra Ray, Jeffery Noecker -- but MOSTLY Chad Hogston (all Republicans):

WELL, I am having difficulty pasting into this new email, via Microsoft Outlook, so just take a look at how I post all of this on my blog, where I will easily add them, momentarily:

Also, my greetings to Alma Powell, as Dottie Newman told me several times how she had sat with both Gen. and Mrs. Powell around the Powell kitchen table, the three of them eventually deciding it was NOT safe enough for the General to run for President in 2008.

And since my blog is actually protected by Freedom of the Press, I just added the Press contact at the US Justice Department -- to give them a "Heads-UP"!!!

I thank all of you for your extraordinary Love Of -- and Service To -- the United States of America!!!

Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, North Carolina

* * *


Refers to this: 

My comment on DEL SHORES's Facebook Page -- after getting his INVITE to see his show in Chapel Hill, NC, later this month!!!

Del apparently ERASED the link from his page, but here it is (after the FIRE REPORT)

Report on my MEETING DEL SHORES IN PUERTO VALLARTA (about a year ago)


The response I have gotten ALL AROUND Wilmington, NC -- from BOTH Democrats and Republicans!!!
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