Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Has Ms. Jennifer McCracken Finally STOPPED Sending Comments to This Blog -- Now That She Knows I'm Going to Visit the US Attorney in Raleigh (and NC Democratic Party HQ as well), Tomorrow???

Although this is one that I left for the son of Colombia's TOP cocaine exporter, then in Puerto Vallarta, who got me to sign a contract with the CIA for LIFE (which I laughed at and walked away), then a few months later in late December 2011 when my parents SOMEHOW got Raleigh Police to evict me from their house because I REFUSED to see a psychiatrist whose assistant told me he (the assistant and initial interviewer), was NOT legally allowed to diagnose DID SO, stating FLATLY that I was Bipolar (only after speaking privately with my parents), and I had NOT yet had evaluation by a shrink since my own had said I was NOT Bipolar, for the two weeks that I lived in my car in Raleigh, I delivered LOTS of these cards for my book with similar messages under the doors of TOP Raleigh Republican Officials!!!

Yes, I STILL want to know how the Raleigh Police told me that Mom and Dad got a ONE YEAR restraining Order against me -- WITHOUT EVER GOING TO COURT!!! (Answer: As top Atlanta Jewish business leaders told me in 1990, my parents were -- Dad now deceased -- America's top literal NAZIS!!!)

But the BEST thing was that the Republican State Headquarters is DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from the YMCA -- and we ALL know what THAT is for, no???


Today, Cowboy/Leader Randy Jones is my good Facebook Friend -- he and I meeting in Key West in 1981 (first time), when the Biker (Glenn Hughes) stole my best bartender at the restaurant I managed before working for Tennessee Williams -- and they were together until Glenn died of cancer not too many years ago.

Here is the strange result I keep getting on emails I send to Mayor Saffo of Wilmington -- but NOT those I send to City Council, whose address is the SAME after the "@"!!! WHY is Saffo not getting them???

TITLE: Today, the Judge recommended I file CRIMINAL charges (but I have declined -- so far). Mayor Saffo's copies keep coming back BLOCKED, days late -- meaning a HACKER is interfering with his emails!!!

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In this career overview, Barry Walters details how one of the most transgressive stars of the 1980s, Grace Jones, gave ...
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