Monday, August 24, 2015

Scott Kenan Files for Restraining Order Against Anthony Humphrey -- and the Judge Recommends I File CRIMINAL Charges!!!

Carolina Apartments also showing one of the Kenan benches


In late July 2015, Anthony Humphrey asked that I stop blogging about activities in Carolina Apartments (admitting he never reads my blog, so someone was telling him this), and using his first and last name, because it was "interfering with (his) pussy", which he explained meant he was having problems with his many girlfriends asking about his involvements, he being a close friend of Jennifer McCracken, so my blogging about her lies and marijuana sales to me -- and offer to sell opiate pills and harder drugs, which I refused. Since then, have completely stopped buying marijuana. I agreed to stop using Anthony's name in my blog and did stop -- until I had further trouble from him.

I accepted "consent" in Jennifer McCracken's Restraining Order against me on 8/21/15, and our first hearing on my Restraining Order against her is scheduled 8/28/15. Additionally, both of these individuals as well as apartments manager Tomi Matheson and building owner George Cutter were made aware that I currently work as a volunteer sending information to Gen. Russel Honore', whom I had two meetings with in New Orleans this past March, as well as Gen. Colin Powell, indirectly, on narco-trafficking in Wilmington, Atlanta, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

On about August 1, Anthony had heard I was buying marijuana from Ms. McCracken, and called to harangue me that she charged far too much, and that he could sell it to me for less. Since he had claimed this before, but never delivered, I told him that at least she always had it on hand or could get in within an hour or two, so I would buy from her. I had to hang up on him, as he would not shut up. Jennifer had actually been eavesdropping on the conversation without my knowledge from the outside of my door, immediately knocked, sold me the marijuana, then claimed it was OK if I bought from someone else, but I had "hurt her". She filed for a Restraining Order against me the next day, which was continued once, for two weeks.

Anthony then came out of his apartment and a ridiculous shouted conversation ensued between us all -- everyone arguing nonsensically -- so I soon told them "enough", closed and locked my door, and decided that although no one in Mexico cared about pot -- I had even bought it once in full view of Puerto Vallarta Police -- it is taken seriously here, so now I meditate to relieve my "PTSD" from five years of being chased in Wilmington, but mostly in Mexico, by Drug Dealers and Mafia.

About 6:00 PM, Friday August 21, 2015,  I finally returned to the Carolina Apartments after the hearing on Jennifer's order against me, and Anthony, waiting for the elevator with laundry chemicals in jugs and speaking on cell phone, kindly held it for me, then cut the phone and began yelling at me all the LIES Jenny, apparently, had told him about my words in Court a short time before (no one else was there except Court officials), saying he would "BEAT THE SHIT" out of me for it -- but not putting up dukes, the two laundry jugs in his hands.

My raincoat was wet from the rain, and as I flipped the hood back off my head, a couple of drops must have hit his face and arms. He IMMEDIATELY got more aggressive in words than anyone I've known before, screaming, "YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!!! YOU'RE DELIBERATELY TRYING TO GIVE ME AIDS!!! YOU JUST GRABBED AIDS OUR OF YOUR FAGGOT ASS AND FLUNG AIDS ON MY FACE!!!" 

Anthony kept repeating this, if in differing words, getting angrier, and claimed that that gave him a legal right of self-defense to kill me. He began to set down his jugs to free his fists when the door opened on the 6th floor, I fled, telling him I'd put him in JAIL -- quickly locking my door behind me.

Twenty seconds later, Anthony tried to call me on the phone, but I ignored it, and he left no message.

The night before -- as I prepared for court in the morning with Jennifer -- Anthony knocked on my door, I allowed him in, and he began haranguing me again about using his name in my blog, which I had resumed doing, since he was going back and forth between friendliness and hostility toward me. And again, he admitted he never reads my blog, so someone was telling him lies -- based on what someone claimed I had written. He would NOT stop, so I demanded he leave, and on my third demand he finally did.

A couple of hours later, he called to say that "his friend" had arrived, and could he come over to sell me what I wanted. I explained that if he had READ my blog, he would know I no longer smoked marijuana, so no, I had no interest. He said, "Oh!" and hung up. That night someone kept knocking, occasionally, on the side wall of my apartment until 2:00 AM, when I turned out the light and went to bed. The knocking then stopped.

Anthony is of average height, but very muscularly developed, and is in his late thirties or early forties, while I am sixty-four years old, and am certain he could “take me down” very quickly if he tried to do so.


Once again, I got Judge Faisson, and once again he denied "ex parte". What was different, is that as I remember, we discussed everything when I took out the Restraining Order against Jennifer McCracken before he decided, but as you can see in the above complaint, I was thorough enough we didn't NEED to discuss it -- except that I did NOT get into detail about other problems related to it, but in the end, I have to admit I am better able to handle things without violence than I realized, and as I've thought of that -- I've relaxed.

When he called me up, he announced his denial of it, and I told him I was sorry to hear that because I felt I would have to stay in a motel somewhere until the hearing, and I can ill afford that. He looked genuinely half-shocked, and I explained how the many times I really WAS beaten in Mexico -- a few times taking 6 - 8 weeks to get over the pain of the bruising to my ribs, three of those times were by Americans, who got LESS in my face or abusive of language before they began beating me.

That was when he said I should take out Criminal Charges, rather than Civil. But I explained that I actually felt that Jennifer had been somehow "controlling" Anthony, and he was not the REAL culprit, so I did not want to escalate things with him (although I would be happy to with Jenny, but do not have as good a reason at this time). He seemed to really respect me for that.

Then what TRULY surprised me, is that he scheduled the hearing the same day (this Friday, Rm 302), as I am already scheduled for the hearing with Jenny. I thought he would give more than just four days notice to Anthony, but at least we can get it over with quickly and together.

Then, in the Sheriff's office, the EXACT OPPOSITE happened as happened while I took the service of Jennifer to them. THEN, the Deputy said they would IMMEDIATELY try to serve her -- and to my knowledge they did. The Deputy today, after I told him I thought Anthony worked normal eight hour day -- possibly longer, which he had complained of when I first met him -- and the Deputy said he thought he would go over at 8:00 AM tomorrow morning!!! Any reasonable person would assume Anthony would have to BE at work to start then, and he has no car (which I reported), so it takes him LONGER to get there.

Now, I had not seen this Deputy since returning to Wilmington, but remembered him from 2010 -- without remembered opinion about him. I told him what I was doing with Generals Horore' and Powell, and that it appears that at least Jenny is connected to international narco-trafficking, we all on the same floor of Carolina Apartments

And then came the kicker. He said, "You're still THERE??? I heard they evicted you!!!" I said that I guess he just "hears" things (without including "from liars or people with agendas against me"), but doesn't read my blog, and he replied that he HAS read a lot of my blog -- but not for a long time.

So I asked him if he thought it was a little crazy (COMPLETELY understandable to me -- given how crazy everyone had me -- jail times without REAL charges, nut-house commitments when I was sane -- but under too much pressure to "act or speak" in a way people understood my points), so I recommended he read some more recent postings.

He was FAR more reasonable than Mr. Humphrey has been -- but suffered the same WILMINGTON CHRISTIAN PROBLEM!!! Listen to rumor, but check nothing out -- and therefore susceptible to believing TONS of lies by "perfectly respectable citizens"!!!

I have come to realize that is THESE EXACT PEOPLE I need to be patient and understanding with -- because HALF the job is clearly stating one's points -- the OTHER HALF is understanding the audience well enough to CRAFT WORDS THAT THEY ARE RECEPTIVE TO UNDERSTANDING.

This is EXACTLY why I have worked to get away from profanities and passionate delivery.

Much more today, which I will blog shortly after getting this out and taking a break.


THIS is how I see ALL intelligent, professional, and caring Law Officers (but with some chest hair) -- even those most might think are ugly or old!!!

But, for some strange reason, I don't see Judges that way -- PRAISE THE LORD!!!


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