Monday, August 3, 2015

Gift from "The Gods"??? George Cutter Just Called Me to Say He Is Taking Me to Court to EVICT ME!!! (It was a LONG conversation.)

This sort of vintage photo of the entrance to Carolina Apartments shows that previously, the bushes out front were CARED FOR!!!


1. My cell phone shows the call lasted ten minutes and seven seconds, so A LOT was said, before Mr. Cutter, without any warning at all, HUNG UP on me, which was a surprise to me -- he seeming more the "gentleman type".

2. The first thing I said after he identified himself -- because I've had the feeling he was unaware of my wanting to set up a TRUST to handle the renovation and "old building costs", that did NOT interfere with his property rights (meaning the OWNER would have final say about WHAT work of that nature was done), as the owner (or anyone he eventually sells to). He said the EXACT SAME THING manager Tomi Matheson had said, that he is NOT interested in some kind of Partnership -- the EXACT thing I have been careful to make certain I am clear I do NOT want!!!

I wish these people LISTENED more carefully -- but since Tomi lists that she is BOTH the manager and the landlord, use of Standard English Definitions of words is not important around here, I guess. 

3. The most SURPRISING thing Mr. Cutter said, was that Tomi and he are ONE LEGAL ENTITY!!! Now it is TRUE that she is his authorized representative in the management of these apartments, but they are LEGALLY separate individuals, often living in no way "connected as one".

And I STILL don't see how he can defend her distribution of her written notice that ALL CALLS and texts to her number will incur a $50.00 charge -- unless about fire or "excessive water leaks" -- NOT making an attempt to let us know what Tomi considers "excessive". Perhaps a Judge can decide that one.

Full text of Tomi's note to us all can be seen near bottom, here:

4. Mr. Cutter said he does not CARE if I go to the US Postal Inspector about the HATE NOTE I found in my mailbox, yesterday, so if Tomi put it there, he is UNAWARE of that. The hand-printing was careful so as not to give away the handwriting of the writer -- BUT it still has his or her DNA on it, and I have protected it from having more of mine. 

Mr. Cutter and I DISCUSSED the fact that I am allied with Generals Colin Powell and Russel Honore' to BUST the top narco-traffickers in Wilmington, but seems unaware that this HATE CRIME is -- by the United States Government -- elevated to a FAR more serious crime than simple harassment, and they WILL do DNA analysis to find out who wrote it (short a confession) -- if it comes to that.

I don't recall if I blogged this before, but one or two days after I moved in, so July 1 or 2, a US Postal Inspector observed and took notes as a Letter Carrier stuffed the boxes here. I did not feel it was my place to ASK if that was because of PREVIOUS mail-tampering -- or simple routine observation of routes.

And I HAVE blogged many times (and ALSO told that Inspector), that when I was in New Hanover County Jail the FIRST time (for about seven weeks, I think -- but the Jail Records online which had listed me -- were all SINCE THEN ERASED (but I still have all the paper evidence of it), TWO letters I mailed to Pastor Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian CAME BACK, the address being "unknown" -- and later I made certain it was in fact CORRECT!!! (I now possess at least one of those envelopes showing the computer-generated P.O. comment, which suggests someone went to the trouble to temporarily reprogram their computer's database of addresses.)

And then at least ONE of the checks Teri of Benefits Management mailed to Bank of America on Third Street, came back to her the SAME WAY!!!

5. Now, I'm not certain what Mr. Cutter was saying about a projected timeline of legal actions, which he acted COMPLETELY confident about -- or how organized his thoughts actually are, but when he initially told me he was going to Court to evict me for "disrupting the apartments community" (or very similar), he said he was "filing today" and we would be in Court Tuesday -- then later, he said I would probably be in Court, first, next WEDNESDAY!!!

It IS too soon to be in Court tomorrow (absent a violent crime), so he could have simply misspoken, but his later claim of it being a different day of the week, made him sound CONFUSED at best -- or SIMPLY TRYING TO SCARE ME!!!

It was immediately after I pointed this out (the changing day -- but NOT my speculation about WHY he didn't stick with ONE expected day), that without sound or hollering, he appears to have simply hung up. At least I have his direct phone number now -- although I will NOT publish it nor abuse him with unwarranted calls.

A simple search shows his number to be a cell in Statesville, NC, and Mr. Cutter's business info is easily found by anyone with a computer and internet: 

Cutter Limited

This is NOT the phone number Mr. Cutter called from, today.

According to Google Maps, this is George Cutter's BUSINESS ADDRESS. I'm surprised to see that ANY town in North Carolina has zoned this Commercial or Industrial!!!

Or perhaps Mr. Cutter actually does SOMETHING ELSE, no???

>>> ADDED @ 11:55 AM. EDT: I've searched and searched, and CANNOT FIND a website for "Cutter Limited" -- HUGELY PECULIAR for a company distributing CLOTHING, and of course always looking to promote greater sales, the internet being MANDATORY for this for YEARS, now!!!

The only companies I know that don't do that -- run ILLEGAL operations. I'd like to hear from anyone who can explain this otherwise, please (including Mr. Cutter).

6. What was interesting to me also, is that I mentioned that the residents on the fifth and sixth floors have had a few "gripes sessions" -- when the elevator was out of service for nearly two weeks, and several claimed that Mr. Cutter can't get the elevator motor repaired quickly, because he is too cheap to pay for a maintenance agreement. They claimed it goes out SEVERAL times per year, and they are ready to go BACK to governmental authorities the next time it breaks (if "soon"), because the LAST time they got the Government to FORCE him to fix it properly (and then it ran for a YEAR), but NONE of that is MY concern, since I am NOT witness to that past, so could NOT join their action(s).

And Mr. Cutter made a very valid point, it seemed to me, that the motor is SO OLD (1930s model and maybe equipment -- which is what the Otis Elevator man told me), that Otis Elevator REFUSES to give him a contract -- and he offered that I could call them for validation of that. But THIS is not my focus.

The other thing the repairman told me is that it had been given a "modern computer brain", which old elevators don't work that well with, which is WHY, even when otherwise running well, we often find to punch the "call" button on the 6th floor, the elevator FIRST stops at the 5th floor -- but not all the time.

7. I DID feel it important that I tell him -- which I did -- that because I intend to sue or prosecute Judges Criner, Noecker, and Hogston, and have made many PUBLIC STATEMENTS on this blog about that, that they would all have to recuse themselves. And just checking to see the listing of District Court Judges, here, I see "The Hanging Judge" is now gone -- and Sandra Ray Criner, now divorced, is listed as "Sandra Ray"!!!

Sandra Ray's former husband, Sherman Lee Criner, is a Christian Snake Handler -- how EXOTIC, no???

8. Well, let me get going contacting the US Postal Inspector -- and THANK GOD, with Mr. Cutter's blessing. I don't know if I will physically go to this Post Office, downtown -- or contact them via call or email.

I'll be SURE to let you know -- if I'm not KILLED first by CRAZED CHRISTIANS!!!

>>> AND NOW AN UPDATE FROM PUERTO VALLARTA (unedited and I will NOT respond to it, either):

Re: Maybe those awful people shut your account again? 
Christine Hitchens to youshow details

So I guess you are upset. Are things not going well for you back in the united states? I'm sorry if that is the case. Your tourettes is acting up again. I thought you were gay? Aren't you? Why wouldn't you like that kind of thing? I'm confused. Something must have happened. I asked you about this before. Has a member of the clergy,Somebody hurt you? You seem very angry and that is not healthy to carry around inside of you Scott. You must find some way to work through this. A holistic way. Forget about god or religion for a minute. Something is going on that would make you scream so forcefully at me and others. Do you want to work through that or do you want to carry it around until it becomes unbearable and becomes something else. You have a choice Scott. You have to believe that. You do not have to be this angry and it upsets me to see you in pain. Really. 

So forget the church fuck the church and all the god, what did you say, hating people. Worry about yourself. Worry about the anger you have and finding a way to release it. A healthy way. I believe that everyone just wants to love and be loved. It is really very simple. I Stuart hurt you, let it go. Scream at me if you like but let it go once and for all. Seek love. Try to love yourself. I know self love is difficult we all struggle with that from time to time. But let go of the fucking hate and anger, let it go, free yourself and allow yourself to be happy for fucks sake.


FOR HER OWN REASONS, Christine Hitchens CANNOT GRASP that I am FIRM in how to "release my anger" -- by standing on the United States Constitution, and using her Body of Law to bring those who violated my Constitutional Rights (and other assorted crimes), to JUSTICE!!!


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