Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Getting It On with the New Hanover County, North Carolina, Democratic Party!!!

2015 - 17 New Hanover County North Carolina Democratic Party Officers

I signed up -- and Hope YOU will too, if LOCAL!!!

The Democratic Party of North Carolina
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FIRST, my last posting about my Legal Challenge by the owner and manager of the Kenan-Family-built Carolina Apartments has gone VIRAL in the last few hours -- more than any other since I reported the murder of Collin Stuart Hamilton, BBC radio and TV personality extraordinaire -- in Puerto Vallarta


Scott Kenan Looking forward to finally meeting Elizabeth Redenbaugh, who like me, has a STRONG Kennedy Family connection!!! 

Chapter of my memoir including meeting Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Original cover and title of my memoir.

Elizabeth Redenbaugh receiving JFK Profile in Courage Award from Caroline Kennedy, 2011.

Antebellum Wilmington

It is TIME for the LAST Port of the Confederacy to FALL, to be RE-CLAIMED for the United States Constitution!!!




  1. Viral because you are a like a virus. Putting in keywords to attract traffic.
    This blog will not stay up much longer. Your goose is going to be cooked.