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Democrat or Demoncrat -- Mayor Bill Saffo of Wilmington, North Carolina MUST, NOW, Make a STAND -- the Citizens or the CASH-RICH Drug Mafia!!!

Artist's rendering of Mayor Bill Saffo, makes him look like a FENCE-SITTING Decide-O-Phobic!!!

In "Christian-Family-Happier-Days" (Mayor Saffo is Greek Orthodox, a Cannibal-Communion Christian denomination -- like my own birth religion, Roman Catholic, and Anglican/Episcopal Churches). Mayor Saffo with his wife, Rene. They are NOW DIVORCED, and Rene took out a RESTRAINING ORDER against Bill Saffo -- something SUPPRESSED and not reported in the press.

Since the Saffos divorced, one of the top "search terms" leading people to this blog is "Rene Saffo Restraining Order". In the last half year, that has transitioned to "Bill Saffo gay".

Tonight, I watched on TV, the following:

This photo from the Wilmington Star News, with Mayor Saffo having NO ENERGY at the Press Conference (due to personal shame of NOT firing Ralph Evangelous), District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- ELECTED, who shared cocks we've both sucked of not just Dewain Joseph Hall -- but Robert Arnold Trahan as well:

And the FIRST thing that happened when I joined First Presbyterian in 2011, was that Ben David and his whore-wife Stephanie, who with their children sat in the pulpit-facing pews in the front of Kenan Chapel -- only them -- like God's Gift to Narco-Trafficking, LEFT, and moved to the main worship, later in the main church -- LOL!!!

Police Chief Ralph Evangelous smoked crack daily in the crack-house owned by the uncle of a friend of mine in 2011 - 12. Mayor Saffo (perhaps needing City Council approval), could have FIRED HIM, but loves the money they make off his narco-trafficking.

Evan Fish

And Chief Evangelous -- with Wilmington cops (unlike most of those I've met recently -- but the ones in 2011), murdered my friend Evan Fish -- who knew too much about my former employer, Patrick Stansbury's NARCO-TRAFFICKING GRANDE:

Until recently -- Carlos Salim "Slim" Helu of Mexico-controlled the Wilmington Star News.

Carlos Slim, until recently the wealthiest man on earth -- due to narco-trafficking with Presidents Bush I & II, Bill Clinton -- and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (both, especially), and George W. Bush -- but his wealth has WANED under President Obama (since Hillary left her office, only).

And as I have reported many, many times, the Star News was actually owned by the New York Times, until recently sold off. Carlos Slim had owned only about 20% or the NYTimes -- but controlled it through BUYING UP ALL ITS DEBT!!!

Times reporters and editors finally got fed up with its NAZI, FAKE LIBERAL OWNERS, and I had provided them with much DEEP BACKGROUND, so when the Times BOUGHT OUT Carlos Slim, they sent an emissary to Wilmington -- while I was still homeless here in 2011 or 12 (I forget), to tell me Carlos had their check, but they could not announce it to the Press until it cleared.




Read your Bible -- it says to expect the "Church" to be the "Anti-Christ" in the "End Days".

That said, Bill Saffo also seems to have BALANCED the Evil and the Citizens better than anyone else could, so ONLY IF HE RECOGNIZES PUBLICLY my contribution toward cleaning out the DRUG MAFIA within a week, will I spare him more embarrassment.

Now, this in late today, from the SELF-KILLING LEMMING, Ms. Jennifer McCracken/Christine Hitchens:

Jennifer McCracken was once younger -- and without all those CHIN HAIRS. Did she MURDER her husband???

She at least murdered her nicer self.

Jennifer McCracken
Planner/Estimator Sustainable Building Design and Construction
Wilmington, North Carolina Area
Program Development
  1. North Gulf Coast Chapter USGBC
  2. Lowe's
  3. Cottage Carpets
  1. Cape Fear Community College

Co-Chair Advocacy Council

North Gulf Coast Chapter USGBC

 –  (3 years)pensacola area, florida
USGBC is committed to advancing green building and we marshal the collective voice of our members and stakeholders to do just that.

Advocy Committee of The US Green Building Council of the Northern Gulf Coast of Florida acts to advance green building throughout the Panhandle and to further the USGBC's intiatives on, first, a local level. We work to keep up to date on green building advocacy issues, capaign and coalitions for the latest developments and try to affect a change locally. We then take our voices from here in the Panhandle to a state and federal level to further the US Green Building Councils voice on the following issues:

To Support Green Policy
Build Better Buildings
Incentives and Financing
Green Schools
Green Affordable Housing
Sustainable Communities
Code Adoption
Green Jobs

>>> Jenny's latest comments:

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We're not accepting any consent, for nothing. We consent, the next thing you know we'll be in VIOLATION for bumping into you, in your god damned imagination. After that who knows? Maybe you'll have us evicted and take over the building too. You fucking weirdo, where the hell did you come from? You're are in effect bullying everyone you meet. You're threatening to have people outside your landlords house. Investigators crawling over everyone's business but you're own. You take money from the state, every month? For what pinhead? Why don't you turn that high powered microscope on yourself? Let everyone know why it is you are able to PAY rent? How is it you have Joseph give you money and yet you're trying to extort more? If you were to end up dead, the list of suspects with a motive would be virtually endless. So for everyones protection, we will do our part to stand up for ourselves, report openly and honestly to the judge. If there is any Justice at all, you will find yourself once again committed. You got off what, three times now. You keep getting another chance and yet you keep ending up right back in the crosshairs. Do you really think that will continue for ever? 

The State has given you every benefit of the doubt at the detriment of all those around you. 

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Morning Prick! See ya in Court. 

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