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How Queer Is THAT??? / And I ALMOST Ask That of Steven Rose's WIFE, Madison "Maddy" (Holland) Rose -- but Tease a Roman Catholic INSTEAD (or TOO):

Well, my car passed Inspection and Registration is paid for the next year too -- YIPPEE!!!

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But since my parents set up the Christian Drug Mafia in Wilmington with not just Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, but Father Bob Kus of St. Mary's Catholic now -- both of whom I know or knew well -- (and got orders in person in Rome from Pope John Paul II, and even from Pope Francis), I say TO HELL with the Catholic Upper Clergy, but I LOVE the Catholic People -- at St. Mary's the Lay Staff said they are EMBARRASSED that Coach Lou Holtz, Newt Gingrich, Justice Clarence Thomas, and Sean Hannity -- ALL (except Clara-Belle) friends of my parents -- claim to be Catholic!!!

MAKERS is with Nadia Bolz-Weber.
Life lesson for the day: The bigger the asshole, the better to forgive and forget them. 👏
Amidst our hectic lives and headlines, we could ALL use a little faith every once in a while. Full series:

And you see, the above I got from Beth Kline-Markesino's Facebook Page, and Beth seen more here:, is a DEVOUT ROMAN CATHOLIC, and the TRUTH IS that while Praying is nearly ALWAYS A COMFORT to the one Praying -- it is just a JOKE TO GOD (if you pray like Christians are taught to do)!!!

Readers will RECALL, that not so long ago, I had a SIMILAR PROBLEM with Sheree Gay Griffin.

But AT LEAST Ms. Gay Griffin sent all the EVIDENCE of Wilmington, NC Republican Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther's attending a WHITE SUPREMACY CONFERENCE in Catholic Ireland!!!:

But getting back to Beth Kline-Markesino -- I JUST DISCOVERED she is a FRIEND of Madison "Maddy" (Holland) Rose. And Beth picked up my message to her at 9:34 AM today, and has had NINE HOURS to send some kind of response. Instead, she's been playing on Facebook, not giving a DAMN about GENX pollution -- or any other things she claims to care about.

And she PROBABLY wants NOTHING to do with me after what I've written about Steven and Maddy.

Which REMINDS ME, I need to write Maddy, so hold on.

Madison "Maddy" (Holland) Rose -- April 2018

Hi Maddy,

Since Steven has ENTIRELY lost his sense of humor – mostly over his having teased me sexually several times, and the time he stripped naked and bent over exposing his little butt, it was likely an ACCIDENT, he in your kitchen with blinds open after dark. He stood there for two or three minutes but never turned around to show me his HUGE ITALIAN BAT that he likes to brag about. Also, I NEVER heard of or saw him in anyway actually having sex with anyone but you (silhouetted against the shade in your bedroom).

So NATURALLY, I have teased Steven back, as well.

Anyway, he does NOT take seriously my warnings that Jonathan Deputy, Gold Walker, and ESPECIALLY Walker World and Allen Walker are suspected of being HUGE narco-traffickers – and probably not just of pot (which NO ONE CARES ABOUT), so BEST to stay AWAY from them!!! Sherry Hall Spivey’s house next door to me now – and one of the LARGEST distribution spots in Wilmington for Hard Drugs (and Sherry got a LOT of lies about me from Jon Deputy), had a MAJOR DRUG BUST last week, so TAKE CARE!!!

And don’t forget that Sa’ant Samuel Celia, Jr. had -- and maybe still HAS -- a HUGE LSD lab in his apartment – and the 6’ 11” WHOOPS!!! That's ME -- the 6' 3" Denise Renee Wood, also in Gold’s building next-door to you, has 43 Felonies and 13 Misdemeanor Convictions from her career as an International Drug Mule – but NOW claims she works with Mayor Bill Saffo’s “Mafia”.

Also, for a WEEK now, Steven has been jousting with me verbally on Facebook – most of which I have PUBLISHED on my blog that has had over 1.3 MILLION hits, now, and every posting is emailed to 230, largely in Law Enforcement, Politicians, Judges, the Press, and my hits have ZOOMED the last three days to over 1,000 per day – because of Steven’s WORDS (and some evidence I got from a former US Marine), so I SUGGEST you READ IT going back about a week:

I hope your job with Easter Seals is going well, and since Steven QUIT his job there right about the time you got married, I HOPE he has since found suitable employment – in a LEGITIMATE JOB!!!

All best,

Scott Kenan


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