Friday, June 1, 2018

Well, "Beam Me Up, SCOTTY!!!" -- and Other Ideas both Silly and Real:

Rain Vortex: When complete, the Rain Vortex will be the world's tallest indoor waterfall. At night it will be transformed by a light and sound show.

Looks like they REFUSED to take Hillary Clinton, no???

The grants include a quarter of a million dollars for an outdoors group that combines Bible studies with hunting trips.

And THIS IS WHAT Gov. Cooper, Wilmington's Representative Deb Butler, and nearly EVERY DEMOCRAT is so upset about -- if Cooper Vetoes it, Republicans easily have the votes to OVERRIDE.

My reporting on Deb Butler's video she shared about it can be found 3/4 the way down here

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Republican legislators' state budget plan would send hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to religious groups, including more than $1 million to pro-life pregnancy clinics.
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SOUTHEASTERN, N.C.—For over 60 years, the LARGEST MILITARY TERMINAL IN THE WORLD has operated under the radar in southeastern North Carolina -- right next-door to Wilmington!!! 

Now, the Department of Defense wants a say in how the area gets developed.

SOUTHEASTERN, N.C.—For over 60 years, the largest military terminal in the world has operated under the radar in southeastern North Carolina. Now, the Department of Defense wants a say in how the

I got this this morning from Beth Kline-Markesino's Facebook page -- Beth the woman I got in contact with yesterday -- see:

I sent Beth a link to a recent posting that had links to Letters I've written Cabinet Officials of the Trump Administration -- so she could look over my OWN issues and how ASSERTIVE I can be when confronting POWER. She only saw that an hour or so ago, and has not yet responded.

And while my OWN local issue is primarily the DRUG CORRUPTION of Wilmington -- largely caused by my Kenan Family -- Beth and I can AT LEAST share what I know of which Politicians are in WHOSE POCKETS, and some tricks on how to get ATTENTION. I've done a LITTLE research on Beth and her org, and see that while THIS may have been Beth Markeson's GREATEST DISAPPOINTMENT (, she DID get two Politicians to send delegates to speak with her: Congressman David Rouzer and New Hanover County Commissioner Woody White -- both Republicans.

Woody White has LONG had my interest -- although I haven't researched him much at all. I know that Woody White in his last election raised MORE MONEY than all the other six-for-three-spots candidates COMBINED -- and that says something!!!

I also know that Woody TRIED to cut County Funds from the Heroin Distribution Center -- but the DEMOCRATS forced most of it back in:

The Good Shepherd in 2011 posted a "WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE" poster of me in the shelter, sat in their logo-ed van outside my S. 8th Street apartment and HACKED ME VIA MY WIFI, and employed my undocumented Ecuadorian roommate, David Escalante, until he and two others DEMANDED their back pay.

THEN, the supervisor from the Good Shepherd SHOT the other two in the face, and told David that if he EVER again expected to get paid, they would do the same to him. David IMMEDIATELY fled to Charlotte, never to be heard from again

When I lived in Mercy House Homeless Shelter, later in 2011, I not only caught "Whitey", a long-term Shepherd resident, cutting heroin in a bathroom stall of Pine Valley Church of God at their "King's Breakfast", I REPORTED it to the Pastor and the Deputy who guarded that breakfast. 

Me at the "King's Breakfast" February 4, 2012

Many Mercy House residents told me that at FIRST many churches supported the Shepherd, but after learning that top staff had EMBEZZLED enough to buy boats and cars, they all STOPPED -- except three.

Still supporting the Good Shepherd Center:

1. Mayor Bill Saffo's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox

2. First Baptist (the one on Kenan Plaza)

3. First Presbyterian, whose Deacons and Elders have or still do include District Attorney Ben David, Judges Robin Robinson, Jeffrey Noecker, and Lindsey McKee/Luther (the WORST of them all:

Also, until her husband was prosecuted for Soliciting Prostitution, Republican then HEAD of the NHC Commissioners Beth Dawson was an ELDER!!!

Beth Dawson

Well, I have a lot of PRACTICAL THINGS to do now -- so will save most for later, and close with Steven Rose's Facebook answer to me from last night, that I saw first thing this morning:


Steven Rose

your full of shit, stop harassing me. i do not want to speak with you

Seen by Steven Rose at 1:30am




We'll SEE how well that works!!!


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