Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mid-Week MADNESS -- Welcome ABOARD!!! / COMPLETE Mental Breakdown of Some JESUS-WORSHIPERS (serves them RIGHT)!!! / My Letter to Mike Pompeo is now DELIVERED:

Health Care in America. This person was bitten by a snake and would have been cheaper had he died.

In FAIRNESS, this DOES seem to be INSANE. So does the USA, today.


And just now, my former prospective roommate, a long-ago-convicted child-molester, called. He has FOUND a place to live that the North Carolina Government has APPROVED, and I have agreed to cart his stuff in about four trips in my car -- which I am happy to do.

EVERYONE deserves a chance to HEAL and live a BETTER LIFE!!!

MORE on him, here:
I'll be back soon.


So the guy called me at 11:15 AM, it took me ten minutes to get ready and then leave to help him move, and HERE is the NON-SENSE that followed -- and it took me until 2:15 PM to get home, so I WASTED three hours (but DID get some good exercise).

I will call this individual "Robert" -- a common enough name. I got to his place he was moving OUT of on 2nd Street -- and it was a WORSE HOVEL than anything I've seen Mexico-Mexicans living in -- in poverty (not counting SOME Mexican Hard-Drug Addicts), but it was FAR WORSE than anywhere I was held hostage by the CIA/US State Department Drug Mafia the five times they held me in the Puerto Vallarta area -- and as of TODAY both water and electricity have been cut off.

Robert is 13 years younger than me -- and NOT on heart meds, like me, that mean I have to pace myself so I don't get dizzy or nearly pass out in any strenuous effort. He had estimated we would need to make 3 - 4 trips with my car, but in fact, had he been CLEAR about what all had to be transported, it could all EASILY have been carried in ONE load.

And had I done all the toting and packing into the car, I'd have been FASTER, as he carried only one small thing at a time, and had to stop to "think" frequently. I asked him to pay me a few bucks for gas and buy us a cheap lunch, and he gave me $7.00, which is all he said he had. He had had to pay $325.00 already just to get in, and BORROWED that from his employer.

When we got there (only about 2.25 miles distance), the neighborhood -- near Unity Wilmington -- was mostly renovated 1950s ranch houses, and very neat and a HUGE upgrade, but the house he was moving into had torn screens, ratty lawn where they park on the grass rather than on the drive, and although spacious inside, a foul smell, next to no furniture, and NO decoration (except for a strange Cross of Jesus made of metalized plastic FUR of "significant length" -- and other Christian Kitsch)

The only resident there then was an obese white guy in his early 20s, and then another -- an obese white woman in her late 40s, pulled up in a taxi-cab that she drives.

She had a BABY who lives there with her -- something the NOT living-there owner had NOT DISCLOSED (and maybe did not know about).


Nearly everything was by then unloaded -- 3/4 of it by me -- and I waited as Robert was unable to get his Probation Officer on the phone. But we decided that since they would NOT allow him to live with me, even though it was only a few feet short of 1,000 from a school, because "THE LAW IS THE LAW", there was NO POINT in his thinking he could get an exception, so we loaded it all back up and drove back to his utilities-less place on 2nd Street.

En route, he got a call back from the owner of the house, who agreed to ONLY refund $100.00 of the $325.00 he had paid her -- because she spent the rest buying him a BED (not yet delivered), and she said she couldn't pay even THAT for several days.

Robert felt LUCKY to get that much -- and THANKED GOD -- rather than asking to take possession of the bed she had spent his money on, or if she could get a REFUND since it had not yet been delivered. He owes his employer all that money, and has none to pay for another place. And his employer is LEAVING THE COUNTRY TOMORROW on a buying trip for two weeks to a distant continent, and Robert will be working opening to close all that time, so can't even look. 

Although Robert seemed to go into a TRANCE when we got back to 2nd Street (so I did MOST of the unloading -- no longer caring that he was LUNCH-MEAT and not much help), and then I insisted he take the $7.00 -- it had only taken my TIME and less than a gallon of gas -- and at least we had not come back to get the rest of his things on a SECOND trip.

I told him NOT to call me if he needed moving help again.

That said, I really think it was NOT HIS FAULT that a "surprise baby" lived there -- but the landlady should have known that, and he not only is a LOUSY WORKER, but a FOOL in thinking he's lucky to get back $100.00 (which is ONLY a promise, anyway).

Kenan Family employee Rex Tillerson's successor, Mike Pompeo is NOW SWORN IN as Secretary of State -- and is showing GOOD SIGNS of taking his job SERIOUSLY!!!

And at 12:59 PM, the Post Office reported that my Letter to Mike Pompeo was DELIVERED to be "Picked Up" by the State Department -- presumably at their Post Office Box

And NONE OF THAT really MATTERS, since I sent it via Secured State-Department-Server, anyway.

I HOPE my missive puts some WIND BENEATH POMPEO'S WINGS. 

Well the BUTTERCUPS in my back/side yard have GROWN BACK UP since the last lawn-mowing -- and they are mixed with a lot of blooming clover!!!

For the last few days, both Allie and her roommate Kelsey have been takin' turns sunning in it on a blanket -- and BOTH of them talking with me MOST CIVILLY -- as if there had NEVER BEEN A PROBLEM!!!

Even Allie's boyfriend Pete pulled his car right in next to me just after I pulled in -- and it was COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE.

I think that we have ALL gotten used to the fact that NONE of us intend to move anywhere else -- and with Jonathan Deputy no longer SOWING FEAR, LIES, and HATE, PEACE has returned to the PROPERTY -- YAY!!!


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