Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Email to My Siblings -- and the DISAPPEARANCE of CNN Online's Atlanta News Room (according to my friend):

WHOOPS!!! Not THIS, but this:

Moni Basu with Sean Penn

Dear Jane, Mike, and Julie,

I am sorry to have to report that the roommate I thought I had when I spoke to Mom and then left message for Mike a few days ago, cannot work out -- another episode of "Scott's Unfortunate Roommate Adventures" -- that at least never got too far.

ADDED: His Fave Churches the NEXT TIME he told me -- even above Catholic -- were First Presbyterian, Billy Graham's Church, St. Jude's MCC -- but BEST he liked the Mor(m)on Church (and like Dad was -- is a Southern Baptist who turned Catholic).

That entire posting is rather entertaining, should you have time to read it, but here is about the roommate:

>>> THE THING ABOUT THAT PROSPECTIVE ROOMMATE is that when we first met -- and he said he was looking for a place to move to soon, and I said I had a room available -- after we had spoken for a short time and I realized he had the equivalent of a Doctorate Degree in Comparative Religion and Spiritual Traditions, but remained Catholic nonetheless, that we could have some of the BEST DISCUSSIONS -- especially since he MOST LIKED Science of Mind/Ernest HolmesSikhism, and Buddhism, which are MY FAVES too!!!

But he also quickly disclosed that he was released two years ago after serving EIGHTEEN YEARS in prison -- for at age 33, molesting a 15-year-old boy.

Well, he had kept his current job for 18 months -- and had other good references too -- so it seemed to me he had SERVED HIS DEBT TO SOCIETY, and he really did not seem to be that kind of threat now.

So I checked Google Maps which said the closest school to here is 0.4 miles, and even going by how the crow flies, it easily seemed more than 1,000 feet. But late yesterday afternoon, his Probation Officer called to say that it is NOT over the 1,000 feet -- so that was that.

And frankly, I was NOT looking forward to informing my friends across the street who have two early grade-school children -- something I felt MORALLY obliged to do. Those kids were probably too YOUNG to be attractive to him in any case, but if anything happened and I had NOT told them, I could NEVER have forgiven myself.

Anyway, I really believed I was going to have income so I no longer needed your assistance -- but soon something will work out.

And I thank you for your help.

And NOW, I have gotten the SECOND strange message from my Facebook Friend Moni Basu in under a week -- about the DISAPPEARED CNN.com newsroom in Atlanta that EXPLAINS why CNN online has gotten so SLOW the last several days in posting new stuff. I haven't seen this reported on by ANY OTHER MEDIA. I wonder what's up.

I will use THIS email as an intro to a posting about that, and hope you don't mind my multitasking to save typing.


I wonder what to make of THIS . . .

Moni Basu is at CNN Center.
The end of a glorious era. CNN.com is dead. At least in the atrium. A small group of us hung out here for months. But now, we finally have to move to less desirable digs, separated from one another. No like.
I am the ONLY person sitting in the atrium newsroom today. VERY DEPRESSING. Why does it have to be this way, CNN


Rich Bryant is with Philip Michael O'Hara.
Miracles do happen. 
We used tons of drugs and did a lot of crazy things together but always had each other's back (except the one time I got arrested was your fault)
Today we work together in helping others overcome addiction and it's a true blessing
Sobriety is worth it!!!!


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