Tuesday, May 1, 2018

REVISED Letter to Mike Pompeo Is ON THE WAY / Possible-Roommate PREVENTED from Moving in by North Carolina Government / A Few Other Things:

My BIGGEST concerns about Secretary of State Pompeo come from when he headed the CIA.

Yesterday morning, I revised my letter to Mr. Pompeo (mostly minor edits, but some clarifications and softenings -- but not that many softenings), and published the FINALIZED document in the same blog place. Then I printed it, mailed it, and it is scheduled for delivery tomorrow at the US State Department

My INTENTION is to be able to prove that Mike Pompeo (or others top in the State Department and no doubt the CIA), GOT IT -- and if they don't ACT to correct what is ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL in the Trump Administration -- it can be PROVED that they knew about it from someone with incredible sources -- as well as STERLING INTEGRITY (although I'm human and make errors as well).
And you thought Nyquil knocked you out. Take a look at the ingredients in this old bottle of cough syrup. It might not cure your cough, but after a swig or two you won't even remember you have one.


An OLD blog posting that is getting hit more and more STEADILY by my Readers is my Letter to the HEAD of the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust:

Among other practical things I got accomplished yesterday, is that I called the Billing Office of the alleged "Emergency Room" at New Hanover Behavioral Health Hospital -- which is in Atlanta -- but got a "phone room" in Dallas, Texas that handles all their billing questions.

To begin with, I never visited any Emergency Room (just like Dewey Bridger III, MD never did a THING to earn $666.00 for a few-minute visit right after I was sprung from "The Oaks" -- here are the basics on all of THAThttp://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2018/04/my-mother-has-accepted-that-i-do-not.html), and here is what happened when I called the Hospital and their Doctors Group about my NOT paying their charges since I hadn't requested them, but I intend to force Jonathan Deputy who improperly committed me on false claims to pay them -- which might take a while: 

Anyway, the woman in Dallas, Texas CRACKED UP through all our discussion -- including how my Traitorous Kenan Relatives of "Chapel Hill, NC" control Texas's TOP EMPLOYER, Exxon-Mobil and put Trump into power to DESTROY DEMOCRACY with FULL BACKING of MANY Christian Churches

Also that I had FIRST visited Texas with Tennessee Williams and have ALWAYS LOVED TEXAS (including their conservatives who are TOO RICH to be fully UGLY like the conservatives in Wilmington, NC). 

"You brought up Busch. I met the most GORGEOUS woman somewhere near my age, at the Texas Welcome Center on I-10 on the boardwalk over wetlands, fall a year ago. I was just attracted to her invisible aura of self-knowing and assurance, and after talking a while (and dishing Kenans, which intrigued her), she turning out to be Nancy Busch, a friend of Betty Kenan's, and in the end flipped her gorgeous head of hair, saying she could NOT WAIT to get home to check my blog -- and off she marched with her three young charges, presumably grand-children."

MORE here: http://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2013/12/of-dagwood-sen-john-mccain-and-my.html

In the end, she said she had noted my Billing Account (but still send a letter), and that she couldn't WAIT to get home to FIND THIS BLOG!!!

Well, this photo of my mother winning "BEST DRIVER IN INDIANA" from Henry Ford (he sponsored one winner in each of the 48 states), when Ruth Anne Meyer was a high school senior, has been used to PROMOTE CHIVALRY on the internet in recent years:

This was originally published in the Indianapolis Star.

>>> I CALLED DISTRICT ATTORNEY BENJAMIN R. DAVID'S OFFICE, and I believe it was Samantha Dooies I spoke with -- we CRACKING UP through the whole thing!!! 

She found the Summons for Jonathan Deputy and said they have NO CONTROL over how long it takes the Sheriff's Deputies to serve it -- but it WILL BE SERVED!!!

The reason it was SO MUCH FUN is that I first met Ben David's Admin in 2011 -- and she KNOWS the complicated history of Ben and me. She ALSO knows that I've set my differences with Mr. David ASIDE to help "crack the nut" of the INTRANSIGENT major narco-trafficking and drug addiction in Wilmington!!!

Now BEFORE getting to "that strange roommate thing", I came across THIS today, and would like to remind ALL that I have been called a FAGGOT, a CHILD MOLESTER, and lesser false things -- ever since I began disclosing the CRIMES -- first of my NAZI parents, and later adding of my distant Kenan relatives (since about 1978 -- LONG after I came out GAY) -- and ONLY BY DEVOUT CHRISTIANS (with the exception of Jonathan Deputy, who claims only to be rock-ribbed Republican).

And NONE of this can affect me -- I KNOW who I am -- but people with mental or emotional infirmities can be HUGELY AFFECTED, so PLEASE everyone, THINK BEFORE YOU RIDICULE!!!

>>> THE THING ABOUT THAT PROSPECTIVE ROOMMATE is that when we first met -- and he said he was looking for a place to move to soon, and I said I had a room available -- after we had spoken for a short time and I realized he had the equivalent of a Doctorate Degree in Comparative Religion and Spiritual Traditions, but remained Catholic nonetheless, that we could have some of the BEST DISCUSSIONS -- especially since he MOST LIKED Science of Mind/Ernest Holmes, Sikhism, and Buddhism, which are MY FAVES too!!!

But he also quickly disclosed that he was released two years ago after serving EIGHTEEN YEARS in prison -- for at age 33, molesting a 15-year-old boy.

Well, he had kept his current job for 18 months -- and had other good references too -- so it seemed to me he had SERVED HIS DEBT TO SOCIETY, and he really did not seem to be that kind of threat now.

So I checked Google Maps which said the closest school to here is 0.4 miles, and even going by how the crow flies, it easily seemed more than 1,000 feet. But late yesterday afternoon, his Probation Officer called to say that it is NOT over the 1,000 feet -- so that was that.

And frankly, I was NOT looking forward to informing my friends across the street who have two early grade-school children -- something I felt MORALLY obliged to do. Those kids were probably too YOUNG to be attractive to him in any case, but if anything happened and I had NOT told them, I could NEVER have forgiven myself.

Also, I was beginning to believe I would NEVER complete this posting -- but NOW I believe I have.


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