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Call Me Sia, but DESPITE the CIA, Their "Partner in Narco-Christ" Sheriff Ed McMahon, and All the Other CHRISTIAN TURDS in Wilmington, North Carolina -- I'm Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!! I'm Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!


Well, despite concerns that the CIA might send a drone or use another method after I sent this SECURED SERVER to CIA Director Gina Haspel -- with CONFIRMATION of RECEIPT number also posted, I have NOT been murdered overnight -- or TODAY!!!

Faggot Democrat -- and until recently First Presbyterian Elder -- District Attorney Benjamin R. David on left, with CIA Christian Narco-Trafficking Democrat Sheriff Ed McMahon

The Jesus that both Ben David and Ed McMahon BELIEVE ON -- because he makes SO MUCH MONEY for them and their CHRISTIAN CHURCHES.

Two photos showing Rev. Jim Everette of First Baptist Church on Kenan Plaza, one with his bitch.

Not only did First Baptist Church try to by BOGUS COURT LAWSUIT  STEAL my friends Bob and Jean Pugh's half-million-dollar house at 4th and Dock Streets a few years ago -- and the Judge LAUGHED First Baptist's claim of ownership RIGHT OUT OF COURT!!!

As Readers know, just YESTERDAY, Rev. Jim Everette emailed me asking to be taken OFF my emailing list of 230 contacts -- which he and the OTHER ministers at First Baptist have been on for about two years -- and I COMPLIED. See halfway down here

And whether you checked that -- or simply remember from one day ago -- I told Jim ALL ABOUT my Kenan Family setting up the Christian Drug Mafia with Christian Clergy who still run it with Wilmington's ENTIRE POLITICAL ESTABLISHMENT (both Parties, but MOSTLY Democrats, but PROFITING mostly the Republican Party and my wealthy Kenan relatives associated with Chapel Hill -- and the Bush, Cheney, and Clinton Families).



Thank you for your quick reply and for removing me from your distribution list. I’m sorry family relationships have been so difficult for you and that you have been disappointed by the efforts of some people to provide care and leadership to people in our area. 

I want you to be assured that First Baptist Church is always a people and place that will provide food, clothing, gospel hospitality, the opportunity to worship Christ and grow in discipleship with Jesus to you and all people. Our mission is to become and help others become fully devoted followers of Jesus. We would be happy for you to journey with us.


Jim Everette
Associate Pastor
First Baptist Church
411 Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28401

I just KNEW that the God-Hating Christian Republicans would FINALLY arrive at the REAL CAUSE!!!

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“Had there been one single entrance possibly for every student, maybe he would have been stopped,” Dan Patrick said.

Oh LOOK!!! It is Eric who with his wife Lara Yunaska Trump -- native of Wilmington, NC which NURTURED Lara's CHRISTIAN HATREDS that she shares with Eric -- how APPROPRIATE that Lara had her BABY BOY SHOWER downtown high above Front and Market Streets planned by a FRIGGIN' FAGGOT!!! 

They MAINTAIN a huge home on Wrightsville Beach, and I have been BUZZED by Air Force One coming in to land here while driving the Martin Luther King, Jr. Bypass.

His photo is below in comments:

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Eric Trump, son of President Trump and co-head of the Trump Organ, attacked Democrats on Tuesday night for obstructing his father's agenda, saying he hasn't "hatred like this" and calling Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez a…

Scott Kenan Jesse Davis (whom I know personally and who is AFRAID OF ME NOW), threw Lara's shower at his

>>> OK, TODAY, I SLEPT IN FOR 9.5 HOURS STRAIGHT . . .  (my last posting having WORN ME OUT to write:

 . . . and when I got to COSTCO, I learned I had JUST MISSED Sheriff Ed McMahon, whom I have NOT spoken with in person since the Fall 2015 Democrats Unity Dinner, where instead of ATTENDING (and Mayor Bill Saffo was a SURPRISE NO SHOW -- because I'd let him know I would attend), ducked into a private meeting room with one of his TOP MINISTERIAL NARCO-TRAFFICKING PARTNERS:

Pastor Robert Campbell of New Beginning Christian (MEGA) Church -- and here is his BITCH -- neither a female Pastor nor a Pastor's wife are EVER celebrated as a "FIRST LADY" like common STREET TRASH love -- they BOTH coming up from Street Trash and have LITTLE actual EDUCATION.

That there gal's got some CLEAVAGE, no???

But TODAY, I was unable to ask Sheriff McMahon WHY he still REFUSES to serve Jonathan Deputy my Summons of him to stand TRIAL for Cyberstalking me.

I got home, and discovered that Pete and Allie in apartment 2 here (they have a HUGE Marijuana Edibles business), unlike up until the last few weeks, NO LONGER pick up the poop of Allie's little fluffy Leo -- or Pete's medium-sized German Shepherd mix

My 95-year-old mother couldn't get out of her car without re-parking a month ago -- because POOP was there -- and today, I found POOP that my Moon Vine seeds had to BURST THROUGH as they germinated over the last 24 hours:

Arrows show seedlings, just up.

NOW, let's just focus on the more PLEASANT aspect of this -- the MOON part:

The day I caught Jennifer McCracken's MOON on her fire-escape balcony of Apartment 67 of the Carolina Apartments.

Readers all know that Jennifer McCracken -- who offered me EVERY DRUG IMAGINABLE and SOLD ME marijuana several times in 2015 -- always claimed she was PROTECTED by her brother-of-a-different-surname, although I believe they are BOTH members of the MOR(M)ON CHURCH, who is HIGH on Sheriff McMahon's Deputies -- and Jenny ALSO CLAIMED he works for the CIA.

The licence plate (2015) of Jenny's mother's car -- and Jennifer claimed to me that she gets ALL HER MARCHING ORDERS from the Mor(m)on Church -- via her mother.

Jennifer McCracken who had a HUGE CRUSH on Republican Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther

REMEMBER: It was Jennifer McCracken who knew ALL THE DETAILS of how the CIA in summer of 2015 murdered retired BBC Radio and TV Star Colin Stuart Hamilton, head of my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group.

And she ALSO claimed CREDIT for having gotten Google to CANCEL my three Gmail accounts, so NEVER underestimate the power of the CIA partnered with Mitt Romney/Harry Reid's MORON CHURCH!!!


Scott Kenan shared a link.
8 hrs

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SANTA FE, TX—In the hours following a violent rampage in Texas in which a lone attacker killed eight individuals and seriously injured several others, citizens living in…

Beth Grant -- also a Democratic Party Activist from North Carolina -- played the part of Sissy Hickey in the MOVIE and also the TV SERIES that played for two years.

Now THAT is another STORY -- I KNOWING Aiden Shaw in 2010!!!

Aiden Shaw in 2015

Me, 1976, at my parents' SECOND HOUSE in West Chester, Pennsylvania -- two years BEFORE my NAZI mother falsely committed me and got me on 31 YEARS of Lithium for a false diagnosis of MANIC-DEPRESSION (now called BIPOLAR).


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