Thursday, May 17, 2018

Before Writing Gina Haspel Who Is LIKELY to Be Confirmed as Director of the CIA, Today (mostly, OTHER THINGS):

Gina Haspel

I decided to let my Wilmington, NC battle with Jonathan Deputy go for a day or so -- so I can first write Gina Haspel, who is likely to be confirmed as Director of the CIA as soon as later today. Jon Deputy did NOT respond to my latest -- and most generous to him -- offer, so I will soon try to get his Real Estate Licence VOIDED for his crimes against me, I renting through him and his crimes against me were ALL committed in his capacity of Apartment Manager here:

I've had a LOT of experience with the CIA and those who at least claim to work for it -- the ones I have known were virtually ALL corrupted in support of International Narco-Trafficking.

But for now, I am letting my Mind settle out some organizational things about a Letter to Gina, so a few things of interest to report:

First, here is something of a MODEL of how I will approach writing Gina -- although to my knowledge, unlike Rex Tillerson, she NEVER worked (directly), for my Kenan Family -- that I know of:
Tillerson’s hands are hardly clean on the subject of “friends and allies.” He earned a fortune as CEO of Kenan-Family-controlled Exxon, the oil behemoth that made common cause with despots (and helped push the climate toward catastrophe)

He spent his tenure as secretary of state gutting America’s diplomatic corps.

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Gee, wonder who he's talking about.

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Wednesday fave - h/t: Jim Apple
Scott Kenan LOL!!! But I also have friends who have seen Barack Obama with Rahm Emanuel in Chicago's Men's Country Gay Baths when Obama was an Illinois State Senator. Fortunately, they also knew that Jesse Jackson and Rev. Jeremiah Wright arranged the Obama marriage with Michelle completely knowing. If THAT is what it took to elect a Gay Mulatto to the Presidency, I have no problem with it!!!Manage

Matthew HG McLaughlin Wooooh poppa tooney - we gotta looney!!!

ManageScott Kenan Thank you Matthew, we SURE DO!!! ONE of the witnesses of Barack and Rahm in Men's Country Gay Baths is now an exec of Ameriprise Financial, Jamie Lee Sutherland, and I suggest you call him directly at work and ask JAMIE about it, since I was not PERSONALLY a witness. Also I am a personal friend of John Waters, so THRILLED that you used a line from my FAVE of his movies, Hairspray 1988. While I worked for Tennessee Williams, I got to know all of JFK's sisters, both Reagans, but best, Jackie Kennedy Onassis. My last date was with a cousin of George Bush -- he and I up all night LAUGHING over the crimes my Kenan Family and the Bushes have committed over the decades -- since he and I are EXPOSING our families' crimes, Kenans controlling Exxon/Mobil (Rex Tillerson), Bank of America, the Republican Party, and Ku Klux Klan, so I have a LOT of good sources -- what are YOURS??? Jamie's number: 312-706-6811
With help of my NC Republican Senator Richard Burr, put into place by my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-MobilBank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, Republican Party and Clinton Democrats -- Rex Tillerson worked his entire life for my Kenan Family, and then DESTROYED the State Department!!! 

My family put Trump into the Presidency not only to destroy Democracy, but to make money off developing another Kenan Best Friend Vladimir Putin's OIL!!!

About this article

When he said he’d vote for the CIA nominee, he ensured that Americans will never get straight answers on torture.


Rev. Jim Everette and some MONEY!!!

From  Scott Kenan
To JEverette
Cc scott

Hi Jim -- I will be happy to remove you, which I must do the next time I mass-email, so if I FORGET, just hit "reply", send it back to remind me. I have several others in the leadership of your congregation who have NOT asked to be removed -- possibly because they know I stopped my your offices in 2015 to THANK your congregation for feeding me when I was homeless in 2011 and 12 -- after returning from Political Exile in Mexico with Colin Powell's help, returning to expose the Drug Corruption of Wilmington's Politicians of both Parties, as well as TOO MANY Christian Churches.

As most Wilmingtonians know, The Good Shepherd Center -- that most churches cut off of funds years ago for the staff having embezzled cars and boats, and also for being a Heroin Distribution Center. ONLY First Presbyterian (where I was a member in 2011), Mayor Saffo's St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox (yes, I know a guy who worked for Bill Saffo's Uncle who HEADS the Saffo Mafia in NYC and gives Bill his orders), and your FIRST BAPTIST congregation support this Drug Distribution Center, today.

And as you know, I am a member of the Kenan Family that put Trump into power to destroy Democracy with the help of "Christians" who SPIT on Jesus's Teachings. You even are located on Kenan Plaza at Kenan Fountain -- SURELY you have heard of us and our Narco-Trafficking Crimes, no??? We were the PRIMARY CAUSE behind the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898 -- for JESUS!!!

Well all best to you -- we have ALL been lied to by Politicians, the Press, our Government, and ESPECIALLY FAKE Christian Ministers!!!


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From: Jim Everette <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Thu, May 17, 2018 10:44 am
Subject: RE: Good News for CHRISTIANS!!! Jonathan Deputy always claimed he is NOT ONE!!! But I've made a "Scotty-Christian" Offer he really should accept (and Wilmington Authorities should, TOO)!!!

Please delete me from your distribution list.


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