Thursday, March 8, 2018

Sam Davies, Reporter for "The Guardian" (a top investigative newspaper from the UK), Contacted Me after Reading This Blog, and Wants to Interview Me by Phone!!!

Sam Davies (center), of The Guardian

We just BECAME Facebook Friends after he sent this -- all that Kenan/Trump/CIA/Vladimir Putin's FACEBOOK will allow me to do after kicking me off a week ago -- for another month.

Sam Davies
You're friends on Facebook
Studied at University of Nottingham
Lives in London, United Kingdom

Sam Davies
Hi Scott, Hope you don't mind me contacting you directly. I'm Sam Davies, a journalist writing for the Guardian in the UK about the legendary Continental Bathhouse. I noticed on your blog you mentioned going to the Baths back in the 70s - I was wondering if you would mind talking to me about your experience there? Super informal, over the phone, skype or via email if you'd prefer. If you think you could help me out it would be hugely appreciated. Thanks! Sam

And if any IGNORANT, "Christian Fool" thinks that a reporter from The Guardian wants to speak to me -- after reading even ONE posting of my blog -- simply about the Continental Baths in NYC in the 1970s -- which I only went to ONCE in my life -- that is NOT MY PROBLEM!!!

Since Sam gave no email address or phone number, it is clear he is unaware I cannot respond to him for three more weeks via Facebook, so I found The Guardian's UK (home), website, and THERE I could NOT find him listed in their correspondents, but he might be more loosely associated with them. My phone service does not allow calls outside the USA, so I called their NYC HQ, got voicemail from their Press contact, then the Washington, DC HQ's MAIN number -- ALSO only voicemail, so called back the Press number in NYC leaving a detailed message and am awaiting them calling me back.

But the websites DID say to contact a reporter in a specific format they use for email addresses, which I have the info to do, so will try that now.


This has NOT bounced back after OVER an hour from EITHER Guardian address -- so I guess Sam Davies REALLY IS one of their employees!!!: 

To: sam.davies
Cc: scott, guardian.readers

Hi Sam,

Thanks for asking about my experience in the Continental Baths in NYC in the 1970s, which you read about in my Political Blog (2008 - current), with (2014-current with WIDER graphics, its mirror). 

What you did not know is that I cannot use Facebook right now for communications, so while I ACCEPTED your FB Friendship, I could not respond and you gave me no email address, so I have gotten this one from The Guardian's website after NOT finding you among the listed reporters on the UK site. I am also copying the sort of "errors police" at the paper -- in the off chance you are not actually working for them, and to let them know I have TONS more info on far more important things about corruption of the US and other Governments by my Kenan Family that today controls Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, Donald Trump, Bank of America, the Ku Klux Klan, Republican Party, and "Clinton Democrats" -- and Narco-Traffics with many of them.

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' and Patricia Sinatra, who in 2011 told me how she sold Bank of America to my wealthy Kenan relatives' NationsBank could tell you something about me, and I will provide their cell numbers if asked -- or Gen. Honore' can be contacted through his website, Also, my memoir of working for playwright Tennessee Williams tells about my writing abilities and has both Professional and Customer Reviews from when it was published and available from

And I will publish THIS email on my blog, as I have found MANY people who contact me are just CROOKS trying to distract me from my work as a Political Blogger, but NOT our continuing correspondence, which can remain private:

And other than a simple introduction and how to check references on me -- and WHY I can't respond to you via Facebook -- I am GLAD that you can phone-call me, as my own service does NOT call outside the USA. I am NOT homeless now, like I was so much of 2010 and then 2011 into 2012, but am just scraping by at this time. I also -- if you haven't read it, it "nutshells" many important themes, I recommend you read the Letter I sent to Mayor Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans, Louisiana, and copied the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, and the Tennessee Williams/ New Orleans Literary Festival, both of which I have been associated with:

My complete contact information includes the two email addresses shown in this email. The rest:

Scott David Kenan
Wilmington, NC 28403

Cell: +1 (910) 200-XXXX

All best, and I hope to hear from you -- or perhaps others at The Guardian -- soon!!!



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