Sunday, March 11, 2018

Call Me "Gumby", BUT . . .

"Boomer era animated icon Gumby has returned to comics for the first time in a decade, and, as per his previous comics engagement, what the stop-motion clay hero loses in the more static medium, he makes up for with pure weirdness."

I just had a twenty minute call with my mother in Raleigh -- and as I've explained, Mom has TOTALLY changed from when she was America's Top NAZI -- until Steve Bannon took her place, also as Liaison with the world's TRUE TOP NAZI, Pope Francis I. Mom DOES slip toward FEAR instinctively, still -- even knowing better than ANYONE ELSE ALIVE that I can't be defeated as long as I stay at least INTENDING to remain on the side of God's LAW and within GOD'S LOVE.

So I DID have to reassure her of my safety from violent Drug Mafia (including Police, Deputies, and FBI and CIA Agents -- not all of them but those who have been in control), and without any details at all, I have told her I put my Landlady and her Manager into LITERAL CHECKMATE (Legal, Mental, and Spiritual)!!!

As I have ALWAYS admitted (since 1969), I am a WHITE QUEEN (with a SMIDGE of Cherokee).

And I ran past Mom the idea I intend to follow through on -- to email and or call Seth George's brother -- who is VERY well-to-do, more so than anyone in MY immediate family -- let him know HONESTLY what Seth was up to while I knew him. I had forgiven him before the SCAM of me even was KNOWN to me -- and that is evidenced in my Notice of Eviction, and blog-postings the several days before that:

NO ONE in Seth's immediate family will have a THING TO DO WITH HIM -- because he has scammed and disrespected ALL of them, worse than he has me. But since Brother Eric worked for Lockheed Martin and then Dyn Corp as a TOP EXECUTIVE both places -- both sold by Patrick Stansbury's/Lee E. Gosney, Jr.'s Pentagon Publishing of Snellville, GA, HUGE AD SPACE in many Defense Department yearbooks -- and it was I who first sold then handled Dyn Corp's account -- I bet he LOVES hearing how Patrick, Lee and everyone there SUPPORT INTERNATIONAL NARCO-TRAFFICKING:

And that feeds money to Donald Trump, My Kenan Family, Republicans, Christians, and Clinton Democrats in their pursuit of ONLY White People living on this planet!!!

Ted Turner the HE-DEVIL of CABLE NEWS!!!

Erin Burnett -- Ted Turner's TOP DISCIPLE and a former actual high-end WHORE -- like that Fox News woman now working for NBC:

Megyn Kelly Sets Up a Rogue Fox News State at NBC. First Victim: Jane Fonda (recent Mrs. Ted Turner -- fancy THAT!!!)

So, I will list some things that Seth cost me -- no more than a few hundred -- and while it was MY RESPONSIBILITY that I allowed Seth in based on his near-perfect lies -- and I can't blame his family that is TOTALLY over him, too -- he having so much wealth, he might help me out a little (so I don't have to ask my brother to send about as much).

And of course, John Gray Hunter had something to say about that: "Be real SWEET with them, remember, no matter how BAD Seth is -- he IS their blood family!!!"

And I will TRY to keep that in mind, but I'm too tired after today's events and writing to concentrate before tomorrow.

Eric George had a different mother.

Now I DID see Pete (confirmed now as his REAL first name by Kelsey Holmes), and Allie come down the stairs, Pete (who looks FAR OLDER than his presumed 23 years, like Allie, and has the pallor of a CAVE FISH so COULD HAVE a pre-mature HEART ATTACK!!!) . . . 

Anyway, Pete raced out into his car and closed the door before Allie even descended the stairs, and when I greeted her, she sounded MORE CALM and FRIENDLY than ever before, saying she is having a GREAT DAY and hoping I am too. I told her that I believe I have worked things out so that the Landlady, her Manager, and I have a MUCH better relationship going forward. She said that was FANTASTIC to hear, and COMPLETELY AGREED that it will be better for ALL remaining residents here -- AS WELL!!!

What I have not reported is that Seth George and I twice witnessed Allie TOTALLY CUSSING OUT PETE in every expletive imaginable, in the last five days -- when they NEVER fought in the parking lot like that EVER before.

Seth and I agreed, that she will SOON cut ties with the HARD-DRUG TRAFFICKER, and their relationship is now BEYOND SICK, and she knows it's time to BAIL (BALE???)

Allie goes total POTTY MOUTH -- now fancy THATnumber 2!!!

As my READERS have likely noticed, I am NOT NAMING either my Landlady nor her Manager (other than the GOOD ONE: Thomas), as although I sent them BOTH this text, simultaneously SEVERAL HOURS AGO:

"See email for my "LEGAL NOTICE" TO YOU BOTH -- plus Oliver Carter. Scott"

I have been monitoring email accounts and my phone, but NO RESPONSE, so I will take it as TACIT AGREEMENT to my proposal to ALL STAND DOWN, and will NOT report further on them using their REAL NAMES -- until they make ANY legal, bullying, or other harassment against me.

THAT'S WHY I could be called "GUMBY" -- I even BEND OVER BACKWARDS for my ADVERSARIES!!!

Better than letting them TIE ME UP like a bunch of small-minded, ignorant, God-Hating Wilmington MUGGLE-CHRISTIANS -- which is WHY William Rand Kenan, Jr. FLED Wilmington after giving the City Kenan Fountain -- to live primarily in the most expensive apartment then in Manhattan, overlooking Central Park, Palm Beach, and upstate New York, where he conducted FARMING EXPERIMENTS.

When William R. Kenan, Jr.'s horsey wife died early, he moved in for LIFE with his life-long male secretary, Schuyler Beatty!!!

Obama was TOTAL "Johnny-Come-Lately" to ANY KIND of GAY RIGHTS!!!

And NOW, he's STUCK IN HELL -- because he was BLACKMAILED by Trump and Putin into NOT looking into Trump's RUSSIAN BACKING with Kenan Employee Rex Tillerson with SATAN'S CHRISTIAN-BITCH MICHELLE:


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