Saturday, March 10, 2018

EVICTION NOTICE that I Prepared to Give Seth Wayne George at DUSK TODAY -- if He Can't Come Up with at Least FIVE DOLLARS to Put Gas in My Car:

Seth Wayne George unloading scrap at a recycle-yard nearly two weeks ago.

>>> UPDATED @ 6:57 PM: Just after I published this posting, I got a text from Seth . . . (see below this document and discussion for that).

After Seth came home after trying to scrounge five dollars from friends today -- empty handed -- I told him he will need to "pack-out tonight", if he can't beg, borrow, or make $5.00 for gas so we can pick up two compressors to scrap.

After lying around in his room doing whatever, he quickly exited the front door -- while I was smoking a cig out the side door -- at 4:20 PM (might tell us somethings, huh???), and I have already printed and signed the following letter if he can't find $5.00 by dusk. If he DOES, that is also included in how it will be handled. And I can ALWAYS edit it, re-print, and serve later if bizarre circumstances demand ANOTHER approach!!!

Mr. Seth Wayne George
Wilmington, NC 28403

March 10, 2018

Dear Mr. George,


This document is to inform you that as of today, 3/10/2018, you are given 30-day notice of need to vacate the premises – because you have NOT paid a week’s rent plus a portion of the remaining $115.00 of the week ending last night, 3/9/2018 – as you promised, or you would move out.

You have claimed you LOST the $100.00 bill that remained from hocking your TV – which is believable – since you returned last night so drunk and stoned on SOMETHING, you constantly slurred your words and your “Personal Check” payment from your alleged employer, the U-Haul and Vehicle Detailing business on S. 16th Street did not convert to cash – nor did you ask your employer to give you something that would – although you CLAIM he bends over backward to help you out and encourage you.

You had said I would NEVER have to serve you Legally to Evict you, if things did not work out. They haven’t – and you’ve USED ME SHAMELESSLY, fooling me most of the way. I learned from that – and YOU are the BEST of the God-Hating LIARS I’ve ever dealt with. I thank you for the lessons!!!

Should you decide to remain here any time after getting this notice – which I will slide under your bedroom door if I do not run into you walking around at “too dark to pick up the two compressors” that you said we should do today – and I could take them to the scrap dealer Monday, if nothing is open this afternoon.

You have chosen NOT to do many of the things you promised when you first moved in – and that should have been done a long time ago. You have lost three of my good tablespoons – from a set of only four, to replace the set (since I have searched the internet for the pattern in vain), will cost me $35.00 approx. You have casually thrown out half my food-storage containers – after using them as dishes like a common YARD ANIMAL. You have little interest in any housework that involves common areas – DESPITE AND INCLUDING when you got off work most of the afternoons of the last two days – and you have laid around the house all but for an hour or so today.

Instead, you come home PLASTERED, claiming you have no money, but you ALWAYS manage to get DRUNK AND HIGH.

Should you remain after getting this notice for any time at all, you do NOT have permission to use my TV, but MAY use my cooking equipment, dishes, flatware, and utensils to cook and/or consume ONLY food that YOU have purchased – including coffee, etc.

All this said, if you remain under these conditions and pay your rent up all but $50.00 before this coming Friday 11:59 PM, March 16, 2018, I will allow you to use the TV, but ONLY when your rent is ENTIRELY caught up can we again share food, beer or other alcohol, etc.

Thank you for your understanding – I trust you will promptly, on receipt of this, let me know of your intentions. Please be sure to leave your keys with me when you go – if that is your decision.

Scott David Kenan                                           Date


Seth's brother -- whom I was thinking of emailing tomorrow if necessary (just to try to get a few bucks to cover what Seth cost me in his rent, never mind the food), is sending $20.00 after church tomorrow -- this the guy who oversaw the development to completion of a top strike-fighter jet at Lockheed Martin -- a Sr. VP. 

Anyway, Seth said he'd give me all of it, but I convinced him to keep five or ten. Then Monday when his paycheck clears, and can nearly catch completely up -- and he already ordered and paid for his Birth Certificate, so he's gotten HIS most important thing done.

The Notice is still in effect -- and will remain so until I decide to remove it -- but all the other terms are a lot nicer.

Someone gave HEART MEDS to my BACKBONE!!!


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