Friday, December 15, 2017

“Just tell yourself, Duckie, you're really quite lucky.” ― Dr. Seuss

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“Destiny is what you are supposed to do in life. Fate is what kicks you in the ass to make you do it.”

― Henry Miller


I just got my auto insurance bill for the next six months, and EVEN THOUGH my agency, Superior Insurance, had checked after I kissed the bumper of the car in front of me two weeks after the Time Warner Cable truck knocked me TWELVE FEET out of the crosswalk in front of City Hall and New Hanover County Court House, WHILE ACCELERATING, and unable to see 6' 11" me, SERIOUSLY hurting my muscles and requiring several scans of my arteries and veins, because of the swelling and the valves were temporarily damaged (it has all healed, now) -- the point being that I was still NERVOUS about driving, and in creeping forward while waiting for a light to change, when I hit the break to stop, my WIDE FOOT caught both the brake and accelerator, and I continued at very slow speed to hit the woman's bumper.

While most men (both cars having scratched and scraped bumpers, and were both dimpled), would have simply used a hair dryer or similar to heat the bumpers and just push them out, this woman wanted a Police Report -- the cop who arrived was mystified why she had insisted, but filed it, charging NO ONE.

Then, months later, Superior checked and told me that since I'd NOT been charged and the damage had been so minimal, my rates would NOT GO UP AT ALL (from the accident, anyway). Today, my insurance company, Integon National Insurance Company, had slightly more than DOUBLED my insurance, and CLAIMS it is only because of a new NC Law: "Provisions of Article 36, Chapter 58 of the North Carolina General Statutes".

I don't understand that, but was STRUCK by the fact that elsewhere, the bill shows that I have TWO DRIVER POINTS -- which I could NOT HAVE, since I have not been cited with a moving violation since 1978!!!

But then, I had been on foot to Mayor Bill Saffo's office to DEMAND he release the FULL POLICE REPORT on the MURDER of EVAN FISH by Wilmington Police September 5, 2011 (and covered up by the Wilmington Star News) -- which I had sent him email notice I was about to do -- when this NON-accident happened, with the Time-Warner truck hitting me.

Later, City Councilman Charlie Rivenbark -- KNOWING I was deliberately hit by the truck -- told me to my FACE in front of Mayor Saffo's secretary, Dawn Grants, that he HOPED that I got a DOG, and it was RUN OVER BY A CAR!!!

I even wrote to the PRINCIPALS of the firm where Charlie Rivenbark works to let them know what a GOD-HATING "CHRISTIAN" (and Narco-Traffikcer), Charlie is, but THEY LOVE THAT!!! 

He's in REAL ESTATE -- the BIGGEST WAY to launder DRUG MONEY, so they VALUE Charlie's "Christian Narco-Trafficking", and so do the CHRISTIAN VOTERS of Wilmington, who RE-ELECTED Charlie to City Council this fall -- by a WIDE MARGIN!!!

Well, I will get to the bottom of this -- and HOW I have 2 points on my record with no charge since 1978. SOMEONE made a mistake -- and I BET they are CORRUPTED by Christians on staff -- just like SPECTRUM CABLE admits to having a problem from here in Wilmington, and they are ACTIVELY PURGING CHRISTIANS (for their crimes in the name of Jesus), from their payroll.

I will ADD those principals at Maus, Warwick, Matthews, and Co. BACK to my list of 240+ Political Contacts who get ALL of my blog postings by email -- UNTIL CHARLIE RIVENBARK IS REMOVED FROM ANY AND ALL POLITICAL POSITIONS!!!



1. This morning, I discovered that yesterday's posting,, had gone VIRAL -- thank GOD!!!

But the later one, detailing how I'd called both Patrick and Gloria Stansbury -- as well as Michael Massicott -- the TOP PEOPLE at (notice how the "client login" is ACTIVE), whom I had worked for 1990 - 2010, selling ad space in all the Military and Maritime Academy -- and War Colleges -- yearbooks, that ALSO DISTRIBUTED most of the hard drugs flown into Maxwell AFB to Wilmington and Atlanta/Stone Mountain, to the Politicians of BOTH Parties -- and the Christian Clergy and Churches here -- has not YET gone viral -- but it WILL!!!

2. My recent letter -- and following posting adding more -- that I first emailed and yesterday printed and SNAIL-MAILED (my emails are FREQUENTLY intercepted by the CIA or other CHRISTIAN HACKERS, so I sent it Tracked Priority), are WELL ON THEIR WAY for Monday delivery at ROBERT F. KENNEDY HUMAN RIGHTS.

Here is link to them if YOU have not yet read them:

3. Gold Walker told me that when she filed charge of TRESPASS against Andre Tyler Breton, who is STILL squatting in my old apartment on 4th Street, the Magistrate gave her the number to try to get Wilmington Police to at least SERVE HIM -- and hopefully ARREST HIM, and she planned to do that early afternoon, today.

Tyler in front of Bourbon Street restaurant, where he works and he claimed to ME he could get ANY DRUG HE WANTS from the staff there. Just now I discovered that their Facebook page (a partnership of the CIA and Russian Government that ADMITS helping put Donald Trump into the Presidency), is WORKING.

But their WEBSITE has been ABANDONED and is now up for SALE!!!:

Gold also told me that the UNHELPFUL Probation Officer, Amy Cleary, told Gold that the REASON Tyler is on Probation is for POSSESSION OF DRUG PARAPHERNALIA -- a SURPRISE to me!!!

4. The straight guy dating the straight young woman upstairs, came down first thing this morning wearing red, white, and two shades of gray BROAD plaid sweat-pants -- and a faded full-color tie-dyed T-shirt, and I declared, "OK -- I GOT IT, you CANNOT BE GAY!!!"

5. And I counted eight species of birds eating like PIGS at the feeder off my deck hung from one of several huge Sycamore trees in this yard (four egrets perched atop a pine tree on the next property) -- and the squirrels could NOT get at the food, and were resigned to eating what the birds dropped on the ground

Apparently, the gay guy upstairs from me, had filled it -- Readers will remember that he works in the Film and Theater industry, and like me, has MANY TOP POLITICAL CONTACTS -- both KNOWING and HATING George HW Bush and Barbara Bush, being ONE First Couple he personally knows.

ALL HAIL the New Pope!!!


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