Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Is It My "Attitude of Gratitude" That Saves Me EVERY DAY???

Anyone who's been to Rome, Italy (like I have been twice), has seen this statue of Romulus and Remus regarding the FOUNDING of Rome.

“Gratitude is the sweetest thing in a seeker's life- in all human life. If there is gratitude in your heart, then there will be tremendous sweetness in your eyes.”

― Sri Chinmoy, The Jewels of Happiness: Inspiration and Wisdom to Guide Your Life-Journey

A nice surprise that came to me via Facebook this morning, and what this woman claims is TRUE. I can't reply until 12/29 (I'm still banned by Facebook), but Sheree Gay Griffin -- until recently -- was a paralegal in the office of lawyer Jim Weeks in Greensboro, NC.
Here is an article she posted:

This link by Donna Anderson is only to educate men & women about Narcissism & Sociopathic behavior relationships.

Many Lovefraud readers experience the phenomenon of "losing yourself" in the sociopathic relationship. Before meeting the sociopath, you may have been, for the (...)

A HUGE WIN not just for me -- but for DEMOCRACY -- in Court this morning!!!:

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Sheree Gay Griffin: There will not be a victory in 2018. January will be the beginning of a new year to get a white supremacist judge off the New Hanover County Court benchI plan on enlightening the voters of who Judge Lindsey Luther McKee really isShe couldn't go to an Ivy League Law School due to her LSAT scores, she went to NC Central!

THIS is one of the MOST HIT of my postings since I moved back to Wilmington: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2015/08/i-squeezed-judge-lindsey-luthers-pussy.html

And HERE is ANOTHER ABSOLUTE WHITE SUPREMACIST FACEBOOK POSTING of Lindsey's husband, Evan Luther, a Detective on Sheriff Ed McMahon's force:

Evan posted this immediately after the massacre in Las Vegas, NV -- to show "Christians" how to make guns fire FASTER than with a Bump Stock (that so far only Columbia, SC has banned).

When I gave this info in a letter I delivered to Sheriff Ed McMahon's Office by the jail, within three hours, THREE Sheriff's Detectives came to question me for half an hour -- and even tried to ENTRAP ME with marijuana one offered me!!!

Two days later, I called the Detectives' office, and was told that EVERYONE KNOWS I AM CRAZY and they NEVER will investigate Evan Luther!!!

I know Sheriff Ed "Pull My Finger" McMahon WELL -- he LIED TO ME July 3, 2011, claiming he did NOT KNOW his deputies protect the mini-subs unloading powder drugs under Snow's Cut Bridge -- and it CONTINUED!!!

Ed, rather than pull yer finger, I will CUT OFF YER CHRISTIAN DICK (metaphorically, only)!!!


1. This morning, "Pete" from upstairs, loaded his car making several trips with what appeared to be large back-packs and similar luggage. Then he was joined by and drove off with his girlfriend, Allie, who to MY knowledge always has lots of marijuana -- and sold me very small quantities three times since I moved in 12/1/2017. She said she uses it for her "baked goods", which I really don't care about (the product or the technical illegality of pot).

BUT, she, Pete, Allie's on-the-lease roommate Kelsey (and her Lesbian lover), all 22 or 23 according to them, bought TONS of alcohol for a WILD PARTY of under-aged UNCW students Sunday night a week ago, they kept me up until after 4:00 AM, they yelling at me that it was all their RIGHT, and I was an ASSHOLE!!!

Then property manager, Jonathan Deputy, came by the next day to INTIMIDATE ME into NEVER blogging about ANY of Gold Walker's tenants here -- or on 4th Street where I used to live. He said that I am NOT ALLOWED to speak to anyone in the young women's apartment, and that ANY infringement of this would be LEGAL REASON TO EVICT ME, and he had ALL those tenants as well as others of Allie's and Kelsey's friends who would testify under oath at an EVICTION hearing that I had broken many Laws, and force my eviction.

I asked him why he and Gold had moved me HERE -- instead of evicted me from 4th Street -- as Gold claimed she could and would do, and he said they thought that HERE, I would "play nice", and not interfere with the goings-on. AND THEN THEY HAD THAT WILD PARTY with illegal under-aged BINGE DRINKING

That made no sense.

Kelsey's Lexus SUV, Pete's car with dealer plates and a sign on the window that it is NOT for sale (Pete and Allie drove off in this vehicle this morning), and Allie's red SUV.

2. Today, I began doing my laundry here for the first time, and discovered that the REASON the light over my kitchen sink does NOT work, is that its breaker in the laundry room, accessed from outside, is TRIPPED and will NOT stay un-tripped. I had thought Jon Deputy had just neglected to buy a good florescent tube, which I had not gotten around to yet.

Another breaker next to it will not stay un-tripped, either, which probably explains why OTHER light switches don't work. When I inspected it with Andre Tyler Breton (who still thought he was moving in with me), before moving in, Tyler had a FIT that half the living room floor was covered in dust, one toilet was also very dusty -- with cat-paw dust-prints all over the seat, and the other toilet had clean water, but needed a brushing-out very badly.

I have moved into WORSE (in Mexico), so didn't worry about it or report it. I DOUBT landlady Gold Walker would have been PLEASED, had she known that.

3. In what I THINK is completely unrelated, the house at 1206 Spofford Circle:

Image from 2012 -- usually, two to five derelict cars are in the area to the left around the tree.

Now, I know that the FBI Special Task Force has interviewed AT LEAST Gray, who is rarely here, and lives above me, and Gray said that Police and Sheriff's Deputies have ALSO interviewed him -- about the hard-drug trafficking here.

Gray and I agreed to work together to complain about their car repair business, that is noisy and goes late into the night, but I am waiting for Gray to BE HERE, because Allie said if I do it ALONE, they will likely BURN OUR HOUSE DOWN!!!

The noise has actually quieted down, the last two weeks, but the small crowd hanging out most of the night around the cars continues. The last week, I was up past 2:00 AM four nights, and EVERY NIGHT (last night as late as 2:15 AM, the night before, as late as 4:15 AM, and there are FREQUENT trips to a derelict shack in back of the house against our fence -- the guys going there to get packages which they load into visiting cars.

I will get in touch with the FBI to let them know this!!!

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