Wednesday, December 20, 2017

"A Word to the Wise Is Sufficient." ~ Plautus / A District Attorney Benjamin R. David VICTORY (that I actually CELEBRATE)!!! / My Residence Was TERRORIZED by Under-Aged UNCW Alcoholics -- ALL NIGHT!!!

Mother Mary Austin, my 7th grade teacher at Sts. Philip & James in Exton, PA, gave me a LOVE of mathematics and ALWAYS wrote an inspirational quote on the blackboard every day. 

Her favorite was the one in the TITLE above, and this was her SECOND favorite:

TODAY'S "Christian"/Republicans serve us THIS in the Name of Jesus Christ!!!:

And Mother Mary Austin -- a BRILLIANT, CARING woman -- in the BEST WAY had to announce the Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy to all eight grades over the intercom, and then led us in praying a Rosary (Catholic comfort-praying, sometimes called "Mumbly Beads").

Sister Mary Issac Koenig, now retired from St. Mary's Basilica Church, Wilmington, NC, was such a BLESSING to Wilmington, that Pope Benedict presented her with a Special Honor, and even while I was HOMELESS in 2011 and 12, I tithed MORE than 10% of my Royalties to her Tileson Charities from when my memoir was sold on -- BECAUSE I was so good at panhandling, I could make more money than I needed.

One of MANY BIZARRITIES of today -- from the NEWS:

My OWN experience is that Windows 10 CONTINUES TO DETERIORATE compared to previous versions of Microsoft's Operating System, and even with SPECTRUM CABLE helping to keep this blog from being CHOKED by the Christian NAZIs led by my Kenan Family of North Carolina, I have had to FORCE REBOOT FIVE TIMES the last two days to temporarily clear the CIA/Russian HACKERS from freezing Windows.

AT THIS POINT -- and in REAL TIME -- I went to COPY several images and paragraphs, highlighted and hit "Control C", but the work was ERASED. I hit "Control Z" -- which ALWAYS undoes the last action, and a lower-case "c" was added, instead. I erased that, then hit "Control Z" again, and again, a small c was added, making NO SENSE!!! (OK, it did, but I could NOT get the erased material from my "clipboard".)

NAZIS in my COMPUTER!!! (I will reconstruct what they erased.)

I SUPPORT District Attorney Benjamin R. David in THIS -- because FREEDOM is only ANARCHY, but LIBERTY is Freedom limited so that it does NOT infringe on the Rights of Others!!!


I don't even feel like reporting this -- it is STOMACH-TURNING to anyone who CARES about EDUCATION or the Principles taught by Jesus, Muhammad, the Buddha -- and ALL SPIRITUAL TEACHERS, but . . .

The FACT is, that both Allie (the straight one), and Kelsey (the lesbian one), roommates, and both with stable sexual/romantic partners, who are also often here -- APPEAR to be of legal age to drink in North Carolina -- but one of them JUST GRADUATED last week, and the other has another year to get her undergraduate degree.

The TWO of them were part of a GANG of about eight -- most of the others looking like sophomores or juniors -- AT BEST -- DROVE IN DRUNK ALREADY, about midnight, and continued to drink until they were all BEYOND STUPID.

ADDED: Some of their actions were to drop on the ground empty beer cans -- opened on the SIDE in a way that could easily cut a person DEEPLY

Everyone knows that for an emergency marijuana pipe, one cuts a hole in the side of a roller-core from toilet paper or paper towel, and makes a bowl from aluminum foil, etc.

Two of those beer cans and a security light they kicked off its base. I placed them at the bottom of the stair case this morning, where they have to see them -- and even pointed them out to them -- and although all of them have been coming and going since mid-afternoon, at 6:30 PM, no one has tossed the cans or replaced the light on its short post. The light is now SHINING after dark, so no real damage to it.

At one point, one of the younger guys FELL DOWN THE STAIRS (but into his friends, so he hit nothing), and was kept from falling OUT to the ground by the solid wood on both sides of the stairs. He held his grasp on a liter bottle of what appeared to be liquor in a dark bottle, but when I saw the screw-thread-opening, it might have been beer.

The "TERROR" only slowly quieted down after 4:30 AM.

I say that because when I first confronted them at about 2:00 AM -- after they had made it IMPOSSIBLE TO SLEEP -- they ALL RIDICULED ME, despite my 6' 11" height, 66 years of age -- in MY DAY, we all KNEW to at least pretend to respect our more experienced ELDERS, but they were raised by GOD-HATING CHRISTIANS, spoiled with RICHES that they don't appreciate at all.

JUST NOW, as Kelsey and a friend were coming to enter the stairs to her apartment, I went out and told them that NOTHING LIKE LAST NIGHT would ever happen again, and they could RUIN THEIR LIVES AND CAREERS by being arrested for providing minors with alcohol and going TOTALLY OUT OF CONTROL.

Several students came out of their apartment (they still too hungover for most to go home, and that was AFTER 4:00 PM), and I TOLD THEM that I would speak to the Dean at UNCW about this -- and call the Police on them from now on -- if it did.

They said they were NOT AFRAID OF MY ASSHOLE ASS, didn't CARE if my Kenan relatives were the BIGGEST SUPPORT OF THEIR SCHOOL, and I had NO RIGHT to confront them over TERRORISM (they called it "FUN").

Several claimed they were calling the Police on ME -- while making motions of calling on cell phones, and Allie's boyfriend, Pete, stormed down the stairs (he's about 6' 3", heavyset, and could EASILY beat the crap out of me), claiming he would NOT technically be "Communicating Threats" -- a North Carolina Law he must be USED to having charged against him to say that at his young age -- but if I ever talked to them ever again for anything, he would TEACH (ME) A GOD-DAMNED LESSON!!!

I stood my ground, and replied, "I hope you DO call the Police -- as I know TONS of Wilmington Police, Sheriff's Deputies, their bosses, all the Judges, the Mayor, City Council, etc. -- so have a RECORD of telling truth to Power. Besides, when the people move in beneath you 1/1/2018, you won't be ABLE to get away with this crap anymore."

Wilmington Hierarchy has LEARNED to RESPECT ME.

Then as I was closing my front door, Kelsey called to me reasonably -- as the others yelled at her not to speak with me -- and she said she had not been here last night (although her car was here until early afternoon, today), and that we need to come to an understanding, she proposing a meeting of all residents on Christmas Day (none of us having family that wants us for Christmas), at 2:00 PM, I AGREED, we shook hands, smiling and continuing to be ABOVE the consciousnesses of all the others.

I'm STILL going to find some DEANS at UNCW to send this to via email.

At UNCW41.78% of students report binge drinking in the last two weeks and 15.38% of students have binged three or more times in the last two weeks
Students who drink more per occasion or more often per week increase their risk of experiencing consequences related to their alcohol use.

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