Thursday, November 30, 2017

What District Attorney Ben David, Donald Trump, My Kenan Family, and the Christian Churches Hath Wrought!!!

As I write this, the SPECTRUM cable tech is off somewhere unknown his truck is not on my street, and although he DID tell me he would get it set up, after looking at what is showing inside, he went outside and without telling me A SINGLE THING, he drove off in his truck about an hour ago. You would THINK they would be trained to tell you if they are leaving for lunch-break, but he said nothing.

I’ve unpacked everything I can for now, picked up the trash on the walking/bicycling trail that runs along one side of the property, met another neighbor who sort of cares for the stray cats in the neighborhood, and lives alone in a totally cool bungalow, WONDERFULLY landscaped, who has known my landlady for years (and said, “Gold has a Heart of Gold – but she is SOMETHING ELSE!!!”).

And I got a call from Jon Deputy, and he can’t meet me today or help move a few larger things in his truck – but can do so tomorrow, which is actually better. He said that not only had Andre Tyler Breton asked Gold if she has another place he can move to, but also Gold’s manager/handyman Thomas, had yesterday asked Tyler if he planned to be out today, like I am to be, and he said YES, so tomorrow I’ll move out the rest of my furniture that Tyler is using – whether he has moved out yet or not.

I found a 10-inch rubber chicken with its beak torn off, placed by the Christian Drug Mafia on my deck between some planters I placed there. I’m used to this, and it’s a warning that the Christians intend to shut me up VIOLENTLY – same symbols are used here in the USA as are used in Mexico – so I know what it means.

As my Readers know, El Chapo Guzman’s TOP HQ in the USA is Chicago with Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama, and the identifying characteristic of that Drug Mafia Group is “Rooster”, so that Jamie Lee Sutherland – -- then an exec with Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago (now with Ameriprize Financial, Chicago), with Daliah Saper’s Law Firm (she also a Talking Head on Fox News), won a lawsuit for LIBEL against me in Cook County, Illinois Court in 2013, because I blogged about Jamie bragging about doing $24,000,000.00/month average Narco-Trafficking for Wells Fargo – stealing not only my copyright to my book on Tennessee Williams – and that Jamie had seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in Man’s Country gay baths many times.

I was NEVER legally served, and then tried in absentia – so ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL – and Jamie got half a million dollars, and had only asked for $50,000.00, admitting they knew I was all but homeless then – and Jamie said he would DROP IT if I removed the part about his Narco-Trafficking. He didn’t CARE what I blogged about his seeing Obama and Emanuel in the gay baths.

Well, I did remove all that from my blog, but they continued to sue me, and without Jamie suffering ANYTHING from it – in fact he was soon PROMOTED – he was awarded the HALF MILLION DOLLARS, plus copyright to my book which has NOTHING to do with that, to every blog post I write, as well as email – until I DIE!!!

So YES, I have FREQUENTLY used this graphic of Obama in this blog, and at least 8 – 10 times on Facebook as well:

A “nigger” is a black person with NO SELF RESPECT, and a “faggot” is a homosexual with NO SELF RESPECT, and given what this homo politician has done while blackmailed by the Bush/Cheney/CIA/Kenan crowd because they KNOW all the details of his male lovers (as does Michelle – and she knew it BEFORE they married – I think it is almost a COMPLIMENT to call him these things).

But Facebook CONFIRMED that they have kicked me off for a month for the SIXTH TIME since I returned to the USA in 2015, for posting it – although they never had a problem with me posting it before.


And I consider it a BADGE OF HONOR to be kicked off. It is like all the LIBERTY FIGHTERS in the USA and elsewhere who have been jailed by CHRISTIAN NAZIS: Philip Berrigan (a Catholic priest, no less), Nelson Mandela, etc.

Readers know too, that the ONLY crime my mother admits to – and she BRAGGED TO ME at the time she was involved in it – was to work with the Duplicate Bridge Club at St. Mark’s Catholic in Wilmington under auspices of Father Robert J. Kus to smuggle the wealth of WHITE PEOPLE out of South Africa when apartheid fell – the Pope in Rome deciding that was TOTALLY UNFAIR TO WHITEYS!!!

It was Father Bob’s 30-year partner in Narco-Trafficking and Whore-House-Running, my roommate in fall 2015, Philip Rosario, who told me about Father Bob’s running those things.

Anyway, being kicked off Facebook in a Christian/Republican/CIA attempt STRANGLE FREE SPEECH is the easier experience to being locked up in jail. I guess I’m LUCKY, but then D.A. Ben David DID lock me up in jail many times, cooperated with the Republican/Christian Judge Sandra Ray (Criner), in committing me, and was instrumental in the LIBEL lawsuit and IN ABSENTIA CONVICTION in Chicago, via his Legal Intern Jeffrey Duncan while Ben was screwing me in New Hanover County Courts, who got his FIRST JOB working for Daliah Saper in Chicago – during the time of that bogus lawsuit.

AT LEAST Ben David has ADMITTED HIS PARTICIPATION to me in person and to my face more than once, although he has NOT gotten that judgement VOIDED, like he promised me he would do.

I TRUSTED HIM, because he DID get voided the false convictions in New Hanover County Court from 2011 – 12 including of Cyber-Stalking (brought by fellow First Presbyterian member Lawyer David Nash). But he is just a GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN who ADDICTS children and adults to hard drugs – like virtually EVERY Wilmington Politician – and too many of the Christian Clergy and Churches.

And now the SPECTRUM cable tech has been gone for 90 minutes without saying a thing about where he was going or when he would return. I guess I will soon call the company to complain about this ULTRA-RUDE bunch of SHIT that company has done to me – although I am literally GAG-ORDERED not to blog about it again (google about the incident from February 13, 2017 to see what I mean – they did NOT ask me to remove my past writing).

When I called SPECTRUM, they reported that the tech had CANCELLED THE JOB -- claiming that my floor was far to dangerous for an installation. BOTH Spectrum and I were SHOCKED over that (but I had told him I work giving the FBI and others info on the CRIMES of my Kenan Family who put TRUMP into power to destroy Democracy -- and it seems that was enough for him to decide NOT to do his job, LIE to me that he would get it connected).

SPECTRUM's Customer Service person could see that given the Politics of it, that tech might have put SPECTRUM into SERIOUS LEGAL JEOPARDY, and super-pronto, got someone to call me back about two minutes later to reschedule for tomorrow

Then the Gas Company guy showed up, and although he only had to read the meter to change the service, I figured I'd better ask him if he had any plans to SABOTAGE MY SERVICE, too. He LAUGHED and said no, and when he heard what had happened -- and that I am a Kenan fighting BOTH the Republican and Democratic Parties, said that EVERYONE in Wilmington knows that the Kenan Family runs all the Narco-Trafficking here -- with ALL Politicians of BOTH PARTIES, but especially with the Christian Churches -- I felt better, that SOME Public Utilities not only SERVE THE CUSTOMERS -- but don't hold payments only so they can add LATE CHARGES before depositing checks/crediting accounts (like Spectrum ALSO does), and don't SCREW YOU, instead of install services.

And NOW -- after a 3.5 hour delay -- I'm back to working on my move.


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