Monday, November 27, 2017

Well I SCREWED UP on the Date of the "Meet and Greet" with Dr. Kyle Horton -- BUT I Ran into One of My FAVORITE PEOPLE in Wilmington, Terry Espy (and her husband)!!!

When I was homeless (2011 - 12) in Wilmington, Diane Espy and her husband were usually in their Art Gallery on NORTH Front Street, but now are relocated to SOUTH Front Street. And while Terry and I had a LOT OF LAUGHS over the corruption of the local Democratic Party, tonight, we BOTH AGREE that it has to REFORM itself, but she's not putting as much energy into that -- and I am trying to get back to WRITING BOOKS!!!

One thing I learned about Terry while I was viewing her Linked-In profile while I lived in Political Exile in Mexico the SECOND TIME (due to Democrat District Attorney Benjamin R. David, and his Narco-Trafficking with First Presbyterian Church as well as his WHITE SUPREMACY there), is that Democrat Judge Robin Wicks Robinson is a friend of hers. 

We did NOT discuss this tonight, but it was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT to realize that even Judge Robinson SOLD HER SOUL TO THE DEVIL, working as the PRESIDENT of the "Saffo Law Firm" -- Mayor Bill Saffo and his local Family are ALL part of the NYC Saffo Drug Mafia run by Bill Saffo's Uncle the last 40 years -- and giving Bill his orders. 

AND Judge Robinson is a DEACON at first Prez, so she is PROUD to associate with Christian Cunts like Republican Judge Lindsey Luther,

Lindsey's husband, Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther, posts HATE MEMES all over his Facebook Page, and when I tried to get NAZI/Narco-Trafficking Democrat Sheriff Ed McMahon to INVESTIGATE THAT, THREE Sheriff's Detectives came out to LIE TO ME, MOLLIFY ME, and then tried to ENTRAP ME WITH MARIJUANA, that one of them offered me -- LOL!!!

And Evan Luther was FORCED to delete his Facebook Page:

Evan Luther posted THIS right after the recent slaughter in Las Vegas, Nevada -- to show WHITE SUPREMACISTS and NEO-NAZIS how to have the EFFECT of a "BUMP STOCK" (without the expense, time, or trouble of that), and earlier posted how WHITE CHRISTIANS are to arm themselves and KILL ALL WHO DISAGREE WITH THEM -- in the name of JESUS CHRIST, their LORD!!!

So, at First Presbyterian, they are (STILL LILY WHITE, except for two employees) -- still PROUD to have caused the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection -- actually led by their Elder then, William Rand Kenan, Sr., and OTHER White Christian Churches -- and EVERYONE WHO ATTENDS SERVICES THERE is HOPING to do it AGAIN with the help of Thomas S. Kenan III of Chapel Hill, Betty (Price) Kenan of Durham, Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson (both TOTALLY in the pockets of the Kenans -- who are EPISCOPALIANS now).

THIS is the JESUS of First Presbyterian FULLY SUPPORTED by Dem. Judge Robin Robinson, Dem Judge Jeffrey Noecker (HATED for breaking up Families, unnecessarily)Rep. Judge Lindsey McKee Luther, and Dem. District Attorney Benjamin R. David,, whose REVERSE-CUCKOLD wife Stephanie is a TOP REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST AND FUNDRAISER -- working very HIGH in organizations for both Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney!!!

Stephanie David on right -- with "JAWS"!!! If Stephanie gets MAD ENOUGH, I bet she sends JAWS to bite the DICK off her husband Ben -- since Ben likes sex with MEN -- LOL!!!

Here is what I wrote about finding out that Judge Robin Robinson is a DEVIL IN DISGUISE!!!: See halfway down here

But one more thing about Terry Espy, is that her FIRST JOB was working for my FAVE AIRLINE that saved my life MORE THAN ONCE -- by help of Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer Army Col. Dottie Newman:

ANYWAY, since Probation Officer Amy Cleary (ext. 267), NEVER got back to me -- nor did she call her charge Andre Tyler Breton -- KNOWING he's been HALLUCINATING and worse -- and that Landlady Gold Walker is prepared to PROSECUTE HIM if he doesn't vacate promptly by the end of this month (and he can't move with me for MANY reasons), I have to ASSUME that she actually works for the Christian Drug Mafia and tomorrow if she has not called by early morning, I'll go RIGHT UP THE CHAIN OF COMMAND to what I ASSUME is Democrat Attorney General Josh Stein (or even Gov. Roy Cooper -- Roy OWES ME ONE!!!).

I DID speak with Tyler's mother again tonight, and she said she NEVER saw Tyler DELUSIONAL and HALLUCINATING -- but knows he is VERY CAPABLE of that after his past history as a DRUG ADDICT and CRIMINAL, that even Tyler finally admitted to me (which is ONE REASON he can't move with me -- I promising Gold Walker I would NEVER AGAIN allow a convicted criminal to live in one of her properties -- and Tyler lied to me repeatedly, saying he only had "open container" charges in the past which does NOT COUNT, so it is IMPOSSIBLE in any case -- the little LYING ASSHOLE!!!). 

And TONIGHT, Tyler has imagined there are SECRET PASSAGES within the walls of this house, and has been checking all around, inside and out to find the entrances and exits.



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