Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Scandals, Scandals -- EVERYWHERE (as Christians fall into HELL) / An ODD DAY Which Includes My RE-VISITING First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, NC (which with my Kenan Family and other Christian Churches Caused the ONLY Successful Coup d' Etat in US History)!!!

"The evolution of sense is, in a sense, the evolution of nonsense."

Vladimir Nabokov

"It’s scary as hell ... but none of us are getting out of this world alive," the man said of his journey. (And all of our journeys, if you really think about it.)

“It’s hilarious. It’s absolutely hilarious,” a local artist, Driller Jet Armstrong, told 7 News Adelaide. “I love it. I love an art scandal.” 

He was not involved in the design of the statue.

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Jonathan Connor
Jonathan Connor You are the ones projecting. You are the ones that practice every degenerate practice under the sun. It is a loaf of bread (???) you Philistine pigs.

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Scott Kenan LOL!!! Jonathan Connor (ERASED his Facebook page (in cahoots with the CIA and HUGE support for Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin), RIGHT AFTER POSTING HIS CHRISTIAN HATE on this thread)!!! 

Two days ago the TOP CHRISTIAN THEOLOGIANS in the USA declared that Donald Trump and his Republican Allies are AGENTS OF THE DEVIL and need to REPENT

>>> FIRST THE ASTOUNDING NEWS (before today's odd events):

Just now (7:49 PM), I checked to see blog hits, and t
his blog has ALREADY been hit 457 times in the hour not yet competed!!! This has ONLY happened a greater number of times ONCE before -- and THAT right after I emailed it out to my list of 230 Political Contacts. I'm so astounded (and Law Enforcement, Press, and "Privacy Buffs" all use software to NOT leave tracks and THEY DON'T REGISTER HITS)!!!

In HONOR of this Popularity Achievement, I'll list all my Political Contacts in the NEXT posting (as I do from time to time -- so ALL can see who gets this blog by email, NONE of them blocking me, although a FEW block me occasionally).

Today began with a run to Benefits Management, where I learned the EMPLOYEES plan to cut at home with SPECTRUM CABLE, due to its CONTINUING ABUSE of all of their clients, and just find decent internet service and get TV over that -- plus Broadcast -- like so many people are now doing in Wilmington. 

I got a letter via B.M. from Social Security, stating that they are looking into the claim and settlement from the Utility Truck knocking me 12 feet out of the crosswalk in front the the Court House/City Hall (to see if they can recoup what they paid my medical providers). Now I signed a GAG ORDER not to give any but the basic story without identifying then (but NOT to erase previous blogging naming them and telling details -- googling "Scott Kenan" plus the date, February 13, 2017, should bring several accounts up), but their lawyer assured me that the mini-settlement I got included consideration for a small number of the bills that were for damages -- that because my original Lawyer, Bruce Mason, REFUSED to handle my case further -- QUITTING on me after he had had SEVERAL written communications with the insurance company -- and I got tired of fighting as a Lay Person, and gave up, after seven months, since Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. -- my benefactor of over $70.000.00 including dental, STOPPED helping me financially, as he COORDINATED with them, leaving me HIGH AND DRY -- until my brother Mike and Mother stepped in to help.

It was my Second Cousin, a lawyer in Burgaw, NC, Robert C. Kenan, Jr.'s office admin who told me that after I got in BAD with Lawyer David Nash and District Attorney Benjamin R. David, that NO LAWYER short of Charlotte -- but more likely none short of Asheville -- nearly to Tennessee, would take ANY case of mine, and Bruce Mason had been LEVERAGED, because after promising to tell me how to deal with them best, instead, Bruce RAN out of the office, yelling back to me and his Admin, Hannah, "I have NO CONSCIENCE!!!" 

As a result, I got the mini-award, the lawyer's firm is actually OWNED by close relatives of Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan of the Chapel Hill area, whose financial support -- and that of the companies they control -- put Donald Trump into power to favor Klan Robes and Swastikas.

In any case, the settlement being only based on those FEW payments, they all fall within the amount that Law Firm promised their client would pay -- and I have that in writing -- so should have no problem. But I suppose I should drop that lawyer a note to let him know this is happening -- if he is NOT still reading this blog

And returning from Benefits Management, I saw my most recent former roommate, "Warden"/Warren, who is so NEGATIVE ALWAYS that he has not a single friend or family member who communicates with him -- NOT ONE -- but he is NOT a criminal -- just TOO LOW OF IQ to understand the first thing about human relationships. He was on the corner of Second and Walnut Streets, and I called out my open window asking Warren how he's doing, and he replied, shaking his wild, thick, hair -- looking like a Scrooge-scowling Ludwig van Beethoven:

Warren in not NEARLY as handsome as Beethoven.

And Warren replied, "Terrible -- just TERRIBLE!!!" And I said, "How NICE FOR YOU!!!", and then drove on.

It was Warren's HELL-CONSCIOUSNESS that drove Lawyer Oliver Carter III to try to get Gold Walker to evict me the SECOND (and last time for him), TIME.

I got home and gave Steven, next-door, both my GIANT and smaller Night-Blooming Cereuses -- they the ONLY TWO that never bloomed the second or third year, so maybe I'm CURSED with these two plants (and he AGAIN complained of all the TRASH that has the last several days picked up one thing or another at either Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr.'s or Chris Millikan's BACK DOOR).

I then went to give Gold Walker my November $100.00 installment on the debt I've now paid off seven of twelve monthly installments, and she was in a business pow-wow with her handyman Robert (who actually lives with her son Allen at Allen's, and Gold chose to come outside and shut the door so that Thomas could NOT hear.

I THANKED GOLD for setting this move up for me in a BENEFICIAL WAY, and told her that EVERYTHING is going to be OK. She gave me a big hug -- after a look of knowing there is "impending doom" for her only son, and I kissed her on the forehead, she saying she will come out often to visit me.

Then roommate Tyler and I got a lot of errands run, some things moved to the new house, and then he took my back driver's-side wheel off to change the brake pads, and the caliper seized up and would NOT release, so it -- like the assembly already replaced on the other side, needs replacing after 105,000 miles, entirely reasonable, but UNEXPECTED.

Tyler called every parts store within twenty miles of Wilmington, none having it in stock, but finally one who was finalizing a list of parts for first-thing tomorrow delivery (all the auto-parts stores are open Thanksgiving Day to help travelers), and was able to add it. We got the car together -- but it couldn't be moved, so had to leave it in First Presbyterian's back parking lot, where I had pulled in so Tyler could work on flat, even pavement -- without traffic.

So tonight, I called First Prez and left a message for Office Manager Lorene Walsh, who's known me for years now, I a member there back in 2011 (and I STILL find Presbyterian Theology to be the BEST of the Christian Churches -- if not followed by too many of that congregation's Leadership and Members), so they knew that I should get the car out of their lot before noon, tomorrow.

Then I decided to look at their list of Elders and Deacons again, for the first time in nearly a month -- to see if the Narco-Trafficking Elder, Benjamin R. David, is STILL an Elder (he is, despite my writing the new Pastor about Ben's Crimes which I will PROVE IN COURT one day -- sooner than Ben wants to believe). 

Also, Republican Judge Lindsey McKee Luther is STILL ON THE LIST, Lindsey having a Sheriff's Deputy GUARD ME IN COURT  (ME -- who has NEVER in my life been in any way violent or un-cooperative with Law Enforcement and Courts), because she has read this TOO MANY TIMES:

ONE recent Elder at First Presbyterian, was Republican New Hanover County Commissioner -- and HEAD of that -- Beth Dawson -- until her husband, Daniel, was caught, and Beth seems to have ENTIRELY DISAPPEARED after being PRIMARIED (for voting mostly with the Democrats), and she had to RESIGN as an ELDER:

And of COURSE Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther's husband Sheriff's Detective Evan Luther -- under AUSPICES of First Presbyterian -- has posted the following MEMEs in support of White Supremacy and Christian Violence on Facebook. I sent the info to Sheriff Ed McMahon (whom I know well), and ONLY ended up with THREE Sheriff's Detectives coming almost immediately to my apartment to MOLLIFY ME, then try UNSUCCESSFULLY to supply me with marijuana in an ENTRAPMENT SCHEME.

I sent ALL THE DETAILS to the FBI in Washington, DC, and then called the Sheriff's Detectives two days later to see if they were looking into it, and they RIDICULED ME, claiming EVERYONE IN WILMINGTON knows I'm CRAZY. BUT . . . 

Jesus, a LIFELONG adherent of Judaism was NEVER a "Christian"!!!


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