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My Windows 10 Computer STILL Totally Corrupted by the CIA, Republican Party, Russian Hackers, or Just Regular Old Christian Narco-Traffickers/NAZIs:

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She was there to help Tillerson slash budgets and push out diplomats.

NOTHING could be clearer than that my Klan-Robe wearing/supporting wealthy Kenan relatives who corrupt nearly EVERY ASPECT of North Carolina government -- ESPECIALLY -- the Democrats in Wilmington, put Donald Trump into power as the TOP PROTESTANT CHRISTIAN in America, while my BIG-ASSED Catholic mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, now of Raleigh, got Mike Pence into the Vice Presidency on orders of a LONG LINE of Catholic Popes, concluding Francis.

Me with Mom in her home 1.5 years ago. With LUCK she will soon die -- and I hope SUDDENLY without more suffering than in her fetid DEVIL-POSSESSED Christian conscience.

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His wife (Jill Rhodes Hannity), was college roommates with a close friend of mine, who told me Jill told her that the Sean is GAY AS A GOOSE

WE didn't follow him ten or so years ago when he had a thing for SPONSORING all kinds of SHIRTLESS-BOY Bands (so this might be SURPRISING to you) -- and my Political Blog (now well on its way to 2,000,000 REGISTERED hits), one of it's TOP TEN "Search Keywords" is "Jill Rhodes Hannity" (because I've blogged rather deeply about that crowd -- when I knew so many of them in Atlanta 2008 - 2010)

“For although the act condemns the doer, the end may justify him…” - Niccolò Machiavelli

If Machiavelli believed the ends justify the means, that should truly tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about this philosophy.

"The Fox News host is willing to defend Trump at all costs — and is reaching more than 13 million people a day."

The Fox News host is willing to defend Trump at all costs — and is reaching more than 13 million people a day.
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Welcome to the Age of the Artist!!!

The Staff at WSB radio in Atlanta that was the CENTER of the NAZI/Republican/Christian takeover of Atlanta -- at the time the 1996 Olympics was brought to town:

Marc LaFont of Santa Ana, California and I were CLOSEST to the bomb at the Atlanta Olympics, but LEFT a few minutes before it exploded, and the HEAD of the CIA watching Atlanta at that time from a nearby rooftop CONFIRMED TO ME that it had been meant to KILL ME -- as well as cause mayhem, in the name of JESUS CHRIST their LORD, but when we LEFT, they had to detonate anyway, as retrieving the pack that held the bomb, was TOO RISKY!!!

YES, that was "Scully", who worked Wilmington in winter of 2011 - 12 and was here PROTECTED by the Christian Churches, D.A. Ben David, the Mayor, Police Chief, and Sheriff -- and he was BEST FRIENDS with "Jersey" (Michel Keogh), who had once cut steaks for Richard Nixon, and when I returned to Wilmington in 2015, Jersey was then PROTECTED by Presbyterian Charities for his BRAVE having given D.A, Ben David (an Elder at First Presbyterian) -- with Robby Trahan, so much into to Ben David while he was having me ARRESTED frequently on MANY false charges, and Nut-House-committed to the Oaks Mental Ward (with help of my Swastika-loving Catholic mother and my sisters Jane and Julie). And Ben David paid "Fairy-Tails" mobile WHORE HOUSE -- that plied Wilmington's Downtown Streets the whole time I lived here in 2011 - 12 -- BY EXPRESS PERMISSION OF MAYOR BILL SAFFO AND THE DEMOCRATS ON CITY COUNCIL, and they are nearly ALL STILL IN POWER to continue to SERVE JESUS CHRIST their LORD, with WHORING, NARCOTICS-SALES, and RAPES of Women (mostly), as well as MEN.

Michael "Jersey" Keogh -- REWARDED for his work by the Presbyterian Church Charities. that BLOCKED ME when I tried to communicate with them about this!!!

Robert Arnold Trahan was ALSO very close friends with D.A. Benjamin R. David's long-term MALE LOVER, LEE -- through Robbie, I got to know Ben's lover Lee SO WELL!!!


1. I actually shocked myself by how much moving I got done yesterday, and it no longer seems like such a HUGE CHORE to get moved out by the end of the month.

2. Andre Tyler Breton actually asked Gold Walker if she had any other apartments available that he could move into. She did not, so Tyler asked ME if he could move into the apartment #2 beneath the north side of this full-floor apartment. It SEEMS PERFECT for him: the lease is held by Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr., who had the HUGE LSD Lab and regularly gets so high he slurs his words. 

Gold mistakenly though he was DRUNK, recently, Sam not a drinker, but he works with ANOTHER apparently narcotic-distributing business, Slice of Life Pizza: 

WHOOPS wrong logo!!!:

So I told Tyler he would have to ask Sam, who told me that Chris Millikan (The Cherokee -- who LOVED having sex with me), still lives there, but he's not been here for nearly a week, and ONLY the gun-toting "Denise the Perfect Painter" (Denise Renee Wood -- who has 43 Felony Convictions for her former career as an International Drug Mule, and now works locally for Democrat Mayor Bill Saffo's Drug Mafia), has entered it as far as I know -- to get a big armload of her still-remaining clothes.

Steven and Maddy, next door, downstairs, claim that LOTS OF TRASH are still coming to Sam Celia's backdoor to buy drugs, but I have seen little of this, and my ACTUAL SUSPICION is that Maddy does NOT KNOW that Steven is DEEPLY INVOLVED in BIG-TIME Narco-Trafficking, himself, not only because he's become more and more RUDE to me that last several weeks (unlike Maddy), but because he was NEXT to Bill Clinton when he campaigned for Hillary a year+ ago here in Wilmington -- and SHOOK BILL'S HAND FIRST, after the speech:

Steven on the right (he now wears a "man bun" and is UNRECOGNIZABLE compared to this photo), has ALSO teased me by showing not only his bare chest with shorts pulled down to reveal his ENTIRE HAPPY TRAIL (and his bare ASS once as well) -- when Maddy was not around -- ALSO bragging about his GIANT ITALIAN DICK!!!

2. Yesterday, a very CHEERFUL Lawyer Oliver Carter III, greeted me as he returned on foot from work. I told him I was nearly moved into a BETTER Gold Walker apartment that costs less, and ALL WILL IMPROVE in this neighborhood once Gold Walker gets the NARCO-TRAFFICKERS out of some of her other apartments here.

3. Jon Deputy, Gold Walker, and I are now working as a TEAM to complete this transition, communicating INTUITIVELY more than in words spoken, and Jon said that Gold Walker will deal with removing Tyler HERSELF, if necessary, which it still appears will need to be done via the Courts.

4. For TWO WEEKS, I have to put in my Windows password TWICE every single time I boot up Windows 10. The first time, it looks like it is moving forward, not showing I put it in incorrectly, and then collapses back and I do it AGAIN, and it then ALWAYS loads properly, never requiring a third attempt.

5. And for the last FIVE DAYS ONLY, I have to hit the "publish" or "update" button five to THIRTY TIMES before it works -- but ONLY while I'm writing the first third of any posting, so I ASSUME the CIA (or others), GIVE UP, realizing I do NOT GIVE UP -- HA!!!


And it APPEARS they have kicked me off AGAIN for criticizing the CIA/Christian NAZIS, who used Facebook, Twitter, and OTHERS with Vladimir Putin and my Kenan Family to put Trump into power to DESTROY DEMOCRACY, but I have PRACTICAL MATTERS to attend to, so I won't even investigate, now.




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