Thursday, November 30, 2017

JOY to the WORLD: I'll Be Moved Out of the Christian-Churches' Narco-Trafficking of Downtown Wilmington, NC by End of Today (theoretically)!!!

This photo from my Facebook Friend, writer Michael Goff, was taken recently in Provincetown, MA

For one thing, Andre Tyler Breton never returned home last night -- the first time he's stayed out all night. And the threatening text he sent me, he LATER claimed was meant for someone else (a texted claim).

I spoke with Psychologist Ben yesterday afternoon, and he was EXTREMELY empathetic about my being terrorized by Tyler, and I don't know if it is from drugs he's doing or a psychotic episode, but Ben said to tell the Police, "I don't feel safe, here, with Tyler," and BY LAW they have to do SOMETHING. 

But I haven't seen him.

The net result of all of it is that Tyler had BLOWN every attempt I've made to organize and get moved -- with help of the Probation System, Wilmington Police Department, etc., but I'm confident that the landlady will allow me an extra day to complete things. Jon Deputy has a pick-up truck to carry the few furniture pieces I can't take in my car, and will have a helper work too.

I was so STRESSED, I discovered yesterday I had NOT taken heart meds in three days by forgetting, but I'm back on them now. No WONDER I've felt faint and dizzy carrying all this heavy stuff down 1.5 flights of stairs, and have gotten easily exhausted.

A REAL LIVE PERSON called from SPECTRUM CABLE this morning to ask how my install went. It's scheduled for late this morning, but she listened to all my complaints about their service, and understood that the tech who came out last told me how the Christians working for them in Wilmington had been DELIBERATELY SABOTAGING people's equipment and programming, and that their Customer Service reps JUST DON'T LISTEN AT ALL and read back from inappropriate-to-the-situation scripts.

She was GREAT, and gave me HOPE that their monopoly will be abused less and less by the Christian-NAZI aspect of the US and NC Governments.

I have heard NOTHING from the Leadership of the county Democratic Party and as far as i'm concerned, they can ALL GO TO HELL!!!

The GOOD NEWS about the Republicans is that they are PROUD to serve HATE, FEAR, and GREED, being led by my wealthy Kenan relatives around Chapel Hill, and "Kenan" -- in the Bible Dictionary -- means "The Sadness" of "Unbridled Greed and Acquisitiveness", WHY Kenans put Donald Trump and Mike Pence into office.

Anyway, I have TONS to do, and need to get back to it!!!


My most recent photo, Thanksgiving 2017, with Tyler Breton to the left.

The Devil wears CHRISTIANITY!!!


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