Thursday, November 2, 2017

I've CHANGED MY VOTE in the Wilmington, NC City Council Race -- NOT Because Kevin O'Grady is SO BAD, but Because Caylan J. McKay Is BETTER (he's ENDORSED my posting on "Get the H OUT of Wilmington") / PEACE with My Landlady!!!

>>> ADDED @ 7:37 PM: I just now saw my landlady walking slowly in the pitch black to her storage door to TURN ON the security light in back that her Handyman Ben nearly ALWAYS turns OFF (the switch is inside her locked storage), so that "trash" can sneak to Denise Wood's back door, unseen, and she told me -- in the FRIENDLIEST WAY that Ben took her keys home today with him, so she can't turn it ON

I told her I slipped a check and a note through the letter slot in her Orange Street house door across the street this afternoon, but she had NOT YET gotten it, and I told her to expect to be PLEASED!!!

Happy Halloween! Isabelle and I dressed up as the Constitution and Bill of Rights -- because we work best as a team! — with Isabelle Shepherd in Wilmington, North Carolina.

>>> My posting that Caylan ENDORSED (as have MANY others)!!!:

Scott Kenan shared a link.

THANK GOD for this!!! 

And some of our elected officials who OVERSAW Wilmington WHILE the epidemic GREW to this proportion, are now DESPERATE to appear concerned -- PHOOEY!!! 

Our Wilmington City and New Hanover County Governments -- especially the Police and Sheriff's Departments -- have long PROTECTED the hard-drug trafficking and it's TOO BAD no one credible is running against Mayor Saffo (one of the WORST).

I KNOW, because my Kenan Family (centered around Chapel Hill), and their Republican Party allies are making the MOST PROFIT from it -- as are Wilmington's TOP and BOTTOM Christian Churches. 

My own parents with Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew well), and others set up the Wilmington Christian Drug Mafia in the 1980s and 90s, and my good friend Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' knows all about the Kenan Family Drug Crimes -- they also setting it up in Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA where I lived 1983 - 2010.


Officials say middle men between drug makers and physicians may have helped fuel the crisis

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Mark Marcley So when do we have a meeting and do something about it? There are so many drug dealers walking the streets that can and should be locked up; make em do hard labor until they give up there sources. I say torture the bastards! Let's get tough!

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18 hrsEdited
Scott Kenan I would like to THANK the person who approved my posting being allowed to show on this site -- and all those who have appreciated it, whether they showed that or not. 

I USED this in my blog-posting yesterday, that was emailed to my 230+ Political Contacts, including virtually EVERY high Public Official in Wilmington, Wilmington Press, and my national contacts including Joe Kennedy III (Congressman from MA), Mitt Romney, and three high in Security at Mar-a-Lago so that President Trump's people also got it. 

I'm going to post link to that blog posting with the reservation that I KNOW that "Faith in Jesus" is a help to many in recovery -- and I SUPPORT THAT, because if that is what one TRULY BELIEVES, it WILL WORK for YOU!!! 

So if you fall into that camp, please understand that as my favorite Minister often said, "If you go to Bongo-Bongo-Land, and a witch-doctor cures you of a cancer that all doctors said could not be cured, NO ONE is going to say, 'You didn't do it right, so GO BACK, get your cancer again, and then get rid of it in an APPROVED way!!!'" 

I support ANY WAY of Recovery that harms no one -- PERIOD. 

Best of luck to ALL reading this who are in Recovery!!! WARNING: This contains "irreverence" and off-color references and images:

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Mark Marcley on the Radio!!!

And THEN, Miss Mark Marcley of, who ALSO has some kind of RADIO SHOW in Wilmington, NC, posted comments beneath the above pasted-in Get the H OUT of Wilmington thread, PROVING she (a likely "closet queen" like D.A. Ben David and former NC state Senator Thom Goolsby), supports TOTALLY the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington -- founded by my Kenan Family, and DISRESPECTED all my FBI and Sheriff's Detectives contacts -- as well as my allies in this, the Kennedy Family, Mitt Romney, Generals Colin Powell and Russel Honore', etc., so I had to BLOCK HIM.


But I just put a CHRISTIAN STOPPER in it -- YAY!!!

SO, what happened with my landlady, is that I got a MOST GRACIOUS LETTER (and accounting of my debts with her), that showed she has APPLIED my $400.00 check of Oct. 31 entirely to the BALANCE OF RENT to November rent, legally CANCELLING her threat to evict me and Tyler!!!

And she made an ERROR in calculating what I owed her to get current with her, so I wrote her a note of thanks, including a check for $150.00 MORE than she would expect -- ALWAYS good news to a BUSINESSWOMAN, no???

I also DELETED the three blog postings she might find "too revealing" about our recent personal misunderstanding, and offered to delete or amend any others she has problems with -- something she had NOT asked for -- and sent a copy to her son, Allen Walker of And I copied my immediate family, two high school chums, lawyer Bruce Mason and his assistant Hannah, and a FEW press contacts of long-time standing.

BUT, I can paste in this small part of it, as it might be interesting to the FBI or Sheriff's Detectives:

As I’ve repeatedly said, I have no problem with Denise Wood living downstairs if she is not dealing hard drugs, and I have no reason to believe she does deal hard drugs.

And just an interesting observation, I just took a smoke break on the back porch, and hearing a loud clanging like dishes being packed, looked down and saw an empty packing box on the chair Denise always sat on to smoke that had nothing on it earlier today. What I am certain I saw was Maddy leaving either Denise or Sam Celia’s back door, then she went to the pick-up truck that Steven told me is owned by his brother and he sometimes uses, and then walked across the street as if going to your Orange Street front door.

I have NO IDEA what to make of that, since Steven and Maddy accuse Denise of selling drugs – and vice versa – LOL!!! And of course, it might be innocent, but I am NOT mistaken on Maddy’s identity.

As I've said, next-door neighbor Maddy was the TOP PAID campaign worker for successful Dem. Gubernatorial candidate Roy Cooper -- but also told me she KNOWS Roy Cooper protects narco-trafficking in North Carolina for my Kenan Family (Republicans).

And it was her boyfriend Steven (a perpetual student like so MANY drug dealers like Ryan Lee Burris was), stood next to Bill Clinton when he campaigned for Hillary in Wilmington, and SHOOK HIS HAND FIRST, after the speech.

Steven in on the right, and NOW wears his hairs in a cute little man-bun, and even once showed his BARE ASS to me while I salivated -- he already BRAGGING to me about his GIANT ITALIAN BAT!!!

The black guy lives/lived on the same 6th floor of Carolina Apartments with me -- and so many Narco-Traffickers like Jennifer McCracken, who knew ALL ABOUT the CIA MURDER of my friend Colin Stuart Hamilton of Puerto Vallarta Writers Group, and from HIS interactions with me, I suspect he is an EMBEDDED undercover FBI INFORMANT -- LOL!!!

Oh LOOK -- it's Republican Senator Thom Tillis with District Attorneys Jon and Ben David (Ben the "queenly-looking" one on right), they ALL Narco-Trafficking with my Kenan Family and the Christian Churches of Wilmington -- HA!!!

Readers will recall that it was after Bill Clinton spoke that I went up to Ben David and for the SECOND TIME, Ben PROMISED ME he would get the false conviction of me for LIBEL in Cook County Courts, summer of 2013, that he with Jamie Lee Sutherland (then of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago), Mr. David's former Wilmington legal intern Jeffrey Duncan, and Daliah Saper Law of Chicago (Daliah ALSO a Talking head on Fox News, then), ERASED -- like he was FORCED TO DO to all my false convictions in New Hanover County Courts from 2011 and 12!!!

But Ben David must be HUNG LIKE DONALD TRUMP:

  . . . and has NOT been able to do so, so I will SOON have him charged with FEDERAL CRIMES (interstate is always Federal), and hopefully sent to prison for LIFE!!!

ENOUGH (for now)!!!



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