Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Are YOU Ready for This??? I'M NOT!!!

Chris Cuomo of CNN, a few years ago.

As luscious as hairless Chris "Fish-Eater" Cuomo -- but more handsome and young, to boot. THIS describes the young man of about 32 that I just met by chance -- who is the ROOMMATE of my recently found Friend-With-Benefits, who continues to deliver.

BOTH of them, as of this meeting of a few minutes ago, have said they want to come see me for SEX tonight, the new one in an hour, and the other in about a half hour more. They LIVE TOGETHER, but both claim to be totally STRAIGHT, and both have girlfriends as well. I met ONE of those girlfriends about TWO hours ago, and she and I see EYE-TO-EYE on Politics, both in Wilmington and far BEYOND!!!

She's ALSO a STUDENT of Tennessee Williams and his work!!!

Both are afraid the other will find out their secret, and FRANKLY this new one said he charges at least $50.00, which I told him he should DOUBLE, since everyone who asks, then willingly pays (and he's WORTH IT by temperament and body), but I don't pay more than five dollars, and ONLY if I'm homeless, but he INSISTED I call him later tonight, ANYWAY!!!
Whadaya make of THAT???

Imagine a fun or wild scenario this could become, and tomorrow I'll report back on the REALITY of it (which might be that it becomes an ABSOLUTE DUD!!!),

D.A. Benjamin R. David's boyfriend Lee looked MUCH like this (and I'm STILL a little envious).


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