Monday, November 27, 2017

Andre Tyler Breton's Adderall-Prescribing Doctor, Probation Officer, Mother, and One Employer COULD NOT BE CONTACTED this Morning (and Tyler is GONE until dinner-time -- PRAISE JESUS!!!):

This is where Andre Tyler Breton CLAIMS he slept last night, but this was how his bed looked at 4:15 this morning, when I awoke to find him dancing around his room, singing nonsense, and letting out occasional "WHOOPS!!!" -- and how it still looks now. His pillows have all remained atop the dryer -- since his friend Jeremy slept over a few nights ago, and his recliner is gone, so WHERE did he sleep (if at all), last night???

Michael Obido, M.D. (in blue tie), and his Medical Group, as seen here:

This morning -- as I was transparent with roommate Andre Tyler Breton about my intentions today -- I FIRST arrived at 9:05 AM at the door of Obido Medical Group, and since Tyler said his doctor is "the black guy" -- and I've met him as well as MOST on staff, including a Roman Catholic woman who wears a crucifix but doesn't want to hear about Father Robert J. Kus of St. Mary's Catholic setting up the Christian Drug Mafia of Wilmington with my own parents in the 1980s and 90s (and Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, PPD Pharmaceuticals, etc.), but the doors were LOCKED, although hours said they are OPEN at 9:00 AM on Mondays.

THEN I got a call from Gold Walker's apartment manager of the NEW place I'm moving to -- no doubt to find out WHAT is happening with Tyler, Gold knowing I had tried to commit Tyler on Sunday (yesterday), but the Magistrate REFUSED my request. 

So I explained it all to Jon Deputy, and we had a good laugh over it -- although it is NOT funny at all -- but we might as well have more FUN as it all unfolds, and he said since Tyler INSISTS that he has right of residency at the 4th Street address, that we can EVICT HIM from there in only 17 days. He has NO right of residency at my new apartment.

And while that might be TRUE, the BEST THING is to get in touch with Tyler's Probation Officer, Amy Cleary (ext. 267), and without any "ado", SHE could take charge of his FATE (freedom or jail or nut-house), and it is her LEGAL RESPONSIBILITY to keep Tyler out of MORE TROUBLE.

That was the SECOND stop I was to make, so first I sat in the parking lot at Medical Center Drive and Wisteria, and called Dr. Obido's phone number, and a woman answered, saying they are actually closed this week for vacations, but I filled her in on Tyler claiming he has been OUT of prescribed Adderall that he gets there for several days, and MIGHT be why he's been acting MANIC -- not sleeping properly, hallucinating, etc. -- because Tyler has always claimed he is diagnosed BIPOLAR (first), then later ADHD, and he seems to have taken too much Adderall and it sent him into extreme MANIA.

Although he pops in and out of it -- depending on WHICH of the MANY prescribed psychoactive medications he has in the collection of about 18 bottles he showed me two days ago he might be taking -- he claiming NONE of them work for him, but he KEEPS THEM for EVIDENCE and in case of need.

She didn't really know what to say, but I told her I was next going to see Tyler's Probation Officer and try to get his Probation REVOKED -- since the neighbors are complaining and he's been destroying the PEACE of this neighborhood. ALSO, because he REFUSES to move ANYWHERE, and told me he will force Gold Walker to evict him.

I then drove to the Probation Office, but Officer Cleary was not in. So I called her, and left her a 3.5-minute voicemail explaining the situation, and that we NEED to deal with this ASAP -- hopefully today. It is now over three hours later, and I have NOT heard from Ms. Cleary.

I tried to call Tyler's mother, Andie, but got the man who keeps her a "Happy Drunk" and abuses her in his Florida trailer, but HE answered, saying that is his BUSINESS CELL PHONE and he is at work. The SOONEST I could reach her on it is after 4:00 PM, today.

Then I tried calling Tom or his wife Nicky, who own DDT Outlet, where Tyler took an Uber ride (about $35.00 each way, if Tom doesn't pick him up part-way there), to get work most of today -- to see if THEY know the number for Tyler's Aunt and Uncle whom I met Thanksgiving -- which was really why I had called Andie Breton, in hopes she could give me it -- since I had no new news for her since I told her what is up last night: halfway down here:

But first, a man who said he is NOT owner Tom -- and that Tom is out and his wife Nickie was not yet to work at DDT Outlet, so call back -- and then later, NO ONE is answering phones there. I'm not sure what to make of THAT, since it is the number for the business posted on their website.

MEANWHILE, I might as well get busy transferring utilities to the new place -- and then take nearly all of my furniture that Tyler has been using here, as it about ALL the furniture left that I can fit in my car.

I also found an appointment card for a Starr Rivenbark with Michael Obido all scrunched on the parking lot by my car -- and SHE was SHOT in an incident in 2014 -- according to Wilmington Starr (yuck!!!) News, but TODAY has this TWITTER FEED

I have NO IDEA if Starr Rivenbark is related to Narco-Trafficking City Councilman CHARLIE Rivenbark (who made FUN of my being hit out of a crosswalk by a utility truck, earlier this year):

Charlie Rivenbark

Or related to CELIA Rivenbark -- a FRUSTRATED Methodist who thinks Christianity is the same as Jesus's Teachings -- which it NEVER IS in Wilmington, North Carolina!!!

Celia Rivenbark has been DRIVEN TO DRINK by the HATRED of her fellow Methodists -- the SILLY GIRL!!!


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