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Whooooo Are You -- Who-Who, Who-Who??? The BEST Rock Concert in HISTORY (mine, anyway) -- The Raccoon Creek Rock Festival at Denison University, Fall 1969!!!

The first thing today is THANK GOD that MOST of my blog postings of the last week have "gone viral" in the last 24 hours, the top ones being:



And while I did NOT mention it on blog, I DID send the New Hanover County Christian/NAZI Sheriff's Detectives a note with link to the second letter I sent FBI Director McCabe -- also stating I would NOT care to ever talk to ANY Sheriff's employee, except Sheriff Ed McMahon, but he's as corrupted as the rest of them, so let the FBI and similar deal with ALL of them, and I include Cpl. Duffy Baker who a few months ago told me the Bible says Christians must KILL ALL MUSLIMS.

Good thing Wilmington's Muslims almost never get into Legal Trouble, and have to go to our CHRISTIAN Civil Courts!!!

The SECOND most important thing is that I suspect that my nephew Maxwell Andrew Kenan at CBRE Clarion Securities probably got connected to Christal Presley the same way my sister Jane was duped by Christal into buying a stone globe (world map), for my parents paying TWICE the common price for it. Christal just KNEW I would go ballistic when I found out. Max would have been WISE to disconnect from Christal after our EARLIER incident over this, but he's young and not yet wise in the ways of the world. So after THIS posting, I'll take the other employee of his company OFF my email list.

I was up til 3:30 AM last night -- watching my postings going viral and LAUGHING at Wilmington's White Supremacist, Narco-Trafficking, God-Hating INVERTED Christians -- and being thirsty, finished off 3/4 of a large bottle of cabernet. 

Perhaps I was visited by the Spirit of Frank Sinatra, no???

So I woke up at 9:30, a bit befuddled. But before even watching the news, called my mother to give her a LOAD OF LOVE. As I told her, whether it was her emphasis on Education, Scientific Thinking, and taking Personal Responsibility -- or her being my TOP Adversary in both Political and Spiritual Things (which we actually AGREE ON, now), she's been my BEST teacher, with Tennessee Williams and Dr. J. Kennedy Schultz (Science of Mind).

Then I listed some Catholic Clergy (first telling her to just FORGET she ever knew Father Robert J. Kus here in Wilmington -- he's one of the WORST).

Sister Mary Isaac Koenig retired from St. Mary's Catholic, Wilmington, nearly a year ago (and Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management TOTALLY AGREES with me on this).

Mother Mary Austin of Saints Philip & James, Exton, PA, my 7th grade teacher who got us through the Assassination of President Kennedy with her very sensitive breaking of the news over the school's intercom, then leading the school in a rosary (mumbly-beads, Catholic Comfort Praying).

AND it was at Sts. P&J that I first met Linda Leboutilier. Spell-Checker suggests "Rototiller", which is FUNNY because Linda's family (more Italian than French), developed the BEST Garden Shop/Nursery chain in S.E. Pennsylvania, Waterloo Gardens, now gone due to a FAMILY FEUD and the influence of Home Depot and Lowe's massive sales of plants.

Linda has actually completed her book, tentatively titled The Waterloo Gardens Story, and it is in the editing/find a publisher phase, now. And the ABOVE title would be PERFECT if my mother wrote a memoir!!!

I continued in school with Linda through my junior year in high school, after which we moved to Columbus, Ohio, to live across the street from Coach Lou Holtz in 1968 -- for my parents' work promoting Catholic Swastikas through the Republican Party.

And Linda came BACK into my life about 1976, when cold-calling in Cape May, NJ, she SOLD us jewelry at WHALE'S TALE.

Sen. Cory Booker is NOT the only famous person to be a customer of Whale's Tale, -- in 1981, Tennessee Williams bought a CHRYSTAL PRISM there for his sister Rose.

Tennessee and Rose, photo taken the night we attended the Broadway play Barnum

Tennessee Williams and I visit Cape May and Whale's Tale

And this brings us back to the Racoon Creek Rock Festival at Denison University -- that I THINK my high school girl friend from West Chester, PA, Marlowe Schaeffer, came out to attend (she definitely visited that 1969 fall).

Brad Wernle, at his desk at Crain Publications, from which he recently retired.

Last night, Brad posted a "memory piece" on Facebook about that rock festival, claiming it was the BEST he attended in his entire life -- and Brad was BIG on going to rock festivals (he never married, so could always pick up and go).

And several people I knew from Denison chimed in quickly to AGREE and add stories about it -- including Hilary Russell-Pritchard, one of my Whale's Tale co-founders. I had NOT seen Hilary on Facebook (she's refused to Friend me there for ten years, now), in AGES, so being "in my cups", I hello-ed her, then published that I'd pretty much sorted out my entire life, and now work with the FBI, Rex Tillerson, and others to FIX THINGS, but that she and my other co-founder (not counting Irish Mafia backer William Earl Johnson, Jr. -- how we actually had to sell HOT MERCHANDISE from "Back-Door Don" for two years), Chuck Pritchard, would likely NOT be prosecuted for their CHRISTIAN CRIMES against me in league with my mother, but they SHOULD BE, and also Hilary's mother, the biggest BITCH PRESBYTERIAN I ever met in my life (includes those at First Presbyterian, Wilmington)!!!

A fairly recent photo of Hilary and her family, Hil in center, Chuck in blue, and Ken and Barbie Russell at the ends -- they HATE being compared to Mattel dolls (Hilary's parents brought her up to call them "Mother Image" and "Father Image").

Barbara's mother had abandoned her husband and young children and fled from the East Coast to California, where without divorcing, she started a SECOND marriage and family, from which Barbara sprang. While I was at Whale's Tale, old "Nanna", then in a California nursing home, FREQUENTLY ran away BUCK NAKED in her wheel chair -- LOL!!!

In 1976, my mother and Hilary's mother had a meeting, and decided that Hilary and I -- EVERYONE knowing I am gay and OUT since 1969 about Christmas -- would get MARRIED, buy out Chuck from Whale's Tale, and he could GO TO HELL!!!

It was ABSURD, and we all had a BIG LAUGH about it, when we heard it from the owner of the Guest house where my parents were staying, two doors from Hilary's parents. It was only MUCH LATER that I realized how much they had been working to put us together, Ken Russell still the Special Assistant to the President of Sterling Drugs, and my mother's GOAL has always been to get as many of her descendants into either the OIL or PHARMACEUTICALS business -- she knowing they BOTH would be ascendant in the NAZI WORLD she worked with Catholic Popes to build.

And JUST FOR THE RECORD, all the OTHER people and friends of ours when we began Whale's Tale thought that Chuck and Brad Wernle would be PERFECT GAY LOVERS!!! (Sue and Pam Hobbs, Phil Dietz, John Sproesser, Ellie Nowicki, etc,).

Well, overnight, both Hilary and Brad BLOCKED ME on Facebook -- LOL!!!


1. It turned out that in changing their system, AT&T Prepaid cell-phone service BUNGLED the order in which messages are texted OUT, so all was OK, but it CONTINUES to be very CONFUSING -- HA!!!

2. I still have not heard back from lawyer Brian Williams regarding SPECTRUM cable's truck running me down, and he sent all the proper request materials to my doctor Monday morning. I ASSUME all that is going well, and it is taking a little time to decide HOW MUCH to offer.

Those lawyers will remain on my email list until they make that offer.

One of the results of huge numbers of students CLOSING DENISON DOWN for Black Demands (only about 25 black students then), in early 1970, was to get this organization RECOGNIZED!!!

This Bible passage was EMBLAZONED on one of the gates to Denison University, and when we shut the school down, we chanted it REPEATEDLY!!!

BUT . . . 


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