Monday, October 16, 2017

VICTORY in New Hanover County Court This Morning -- and Judge Lindsey McKee/Luther Was SO SCARED OF ME, She Had a Sheriff's Deputy (a very sympathetic-to-me one), Stand By Me in Court, Then Escort Me Out, Afterward!!!

Judge Lindsey Luther (now styled McKee), with her Sheriff's Detective husband Evan Luther

Evan Luther's Facebook posting two days after the HORROR in Las Vegas, that Sheriff McMahon REFUSES to investigate, but all my info is now in the hands of the FBI.

I'd RATHER pull something OTHER than Sheriff Ed McMahon's FINGER (because THAT just causes farts).

How Jesus farts.

Sheriff McMahon is JUST LIKE DONALD TRUMP, no???

My case was taken FIRST by Judge Lindsey McKee, she not talking to me at all, but my attorney Dawn Oxendine -- working with a DIFFERENT Assistant D.A./Prosecutor than Alexandria Palombo, who as of Friday was scheduled for this Court.

When I saw they swapped them out, I KNEW the criminals from the D.A.'s office -- and Judge McKee -- were SCARED OF ME TO DEATH (political death, not physical death).

Dustin Goldsmith's case against me of "Communicating Threats" was DISMISSED IMMEDIATELY -- HA!!!

And I have to compliment the Deputy who was assigned to be my "handler" -- even though she and I talked a long time outside the Courtroom before it opened, I had NO IDEA then that she had been assigned to do that -- until I asked her just before I left the building, and she admitted to it.

It was great seeing my former attorney, Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo, and get a chance to trade KNOWING SMILES, but sadly, I was unable to make eye contact with Lawyer Bruce Mason or my old friend Julia Boseman, who were also in Court.

Oh, and THEN I ran into Kenan-Protected (sits on the Board of UNC System), Narco-Trafficking Christian disgraced former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby at the corner of 4th and Market:

Thom IMMEDIATELY reached and placed an ear-piece in one ear -- and PRETENDED he was busy talking on his phone as I passed within two feet of him and said most cheerily, "Good Morning, Counselor!!!", he pretending he was unaware of me -- just like the time he was so bad STRUNG OUT ON METH (or similar), in summer 2015, when I passed him at the corner of Walnut and 2nd Street, he in his cute little LIME GREEN tennis outfit, and wearing a matching head-band VISOR

At least former Democratic Party 3rd Vice Chair Ryan Lee Burris ADMITTED to me that Thom Goolsby often partied at his "Gay House" on Fifth Avenue near the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge -- LOL!!!

And then after crossing Market Street, I landed here, and spoke with some members of the Temple of Israel:

And explained to them a NUTSHELL of my findings about Det. Evan Luther with D.A.s Ben and Jon David, Sheriff McMahon, Police Chief Ralph Evangelous -- but REALLY led by my wealthy Kenan Family centered around Chapel Hill, who had put Donald Trump into power to DESTROY the Constitution and replace it with Klan Robes and Swastikas.

They had little more than a few minutes to talk, but were AWARE of much of that already, and THANKED ME for my work, I even mentioning that I have Rob Reiner's Admin's phone number on SPEED DIAL -- if I need to get back in touch with him and David Frum, quickly.

My earlier letter to them:

I expect to have more to blog about this LATER.

And as SOON as I got back from my OVERWHELMING COURT VICTORY, I got another INSULT from SPECTRUM lawyer Brian M. Williams, entirely ignoring FACTS.

I was back and forth a few times with him, and finally told him I need to hear DIRECTLY by phone from my Kenan cousin Bonnie Weyher -- or her partner and husband Dan McLamb -- to assure me Brian is actually representing their firm appropriately -- because I have lost ALL CONFIDENCE that Brian knows what the hell he is doing.

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