Tuesday, October 24, 2017

This Morning, I Woke Up LAUGHING -- and almost FELL OUT OF BED!!!

This is a SALUTE to my brother, Michael William Kenan, who years ago, loaded me up with his music files, FEATURING the music of Robert Palmer!!!

Simply Irresistible

I woke up laughing in the early morning, God was speaking with me while I slept. He filled my heart with so much joy that I woke myself laughing aloud.

And YES, given all the CRAP I've endured from Wilmington's INVERTED (God-Hating), CHRISTIANS, I have LONG had a great affinity for the Book of Job.

I doubt this applies to ME -- just last night I examined the tactics of NARCISSISTS like my mother, and other FEMALE FATTIES, like my Landlady and former International Drug Mule Denise Wood, who did NOT come to her apartment downstairs last night to sleep.

So Denise Wood has LIKELY moved out for good.

But the REASON I examined it is that I grew up ALWAYS BULLIED by my hateful, angry, fat mother (who raises us with Catholic Swastikas on the dinner plates and daily beatings), and I have unconsciously taken on those tactics and MUST scour them from my consciousness.

For NOW, I can only mumble a heartfelt APOLOGY, to ALL those I have used these techniques against, and my WORDS and ACTIONS will prove whether I DESERVE FORGIVENESS or NOT from my Victims.

I just stepped out on my back porch for a cig, and Gold Walker's two top handymen, Thomas and Ben are BACK AT WORK, after not working here, inexplicably, yesterday -- there being so much they are working on here. I could hear my landlady talking, just out of sight, with Thomas, and figured she will get my letter, http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/10/my-new-roommate-sadly-straight-looks.html, today, and WAIT until she's had a day or two to DIGEST IT, before trying to speak with her.


1. Republican Judge Lindsey McKee Luther's New Hanover County Sheriff's Detective husband, Evan Luther's, FACEBOOK LISTING has been ENTIRELY DELETED!!!

Detective Evan Luther (from his FORMER Facebook Page).



Top Search Keywords that found this blog, yesterday

My sister Jane made it TWICE (she works as a Disability Benefits Determination Clerk for the state of North Carolina in Raleigh), and although "Renee Saffo restraining order" (that she got SECRETLY against Mayor Bill Saffo), is listed, I've ALSO gotten in previous days TONS OF HITS from "Mayor (or Bill) Saffo gay".

Renee Saffo is now looking for a STRAIGHT "Secret Santa", no???

Democrat Bill Saffo's RE-ELECTION against his only opponent, Todd Zola (an Independent and a HALF-WIT), is coming up SOON!!!

And that is IT . . . for now . . .

LOOK!!! Jesus is FARTING, again!!!


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