Friday, October 27, 2017

Our Friday Situation Shows That CLARITY Is Overtaking the American Consciousness!!!

Is President Trump LOSING WEIGHT???

Donald Trump is using racism to swing the crucial statewide election happening in Virginia.

On Thursday, Trump let loose again on Twitter, praising Republican gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie because he would "save our great statues/heritage," in reference to the monuments to the Confederacy that white nationalists have been marching in Virginia to defend

And he alleged that Virginia Democrats would be "VERY weak on crime" -- a classic dog-whistle designed to scare and mobilize white GOP voters.

Queens-born president of America praises politician from New Jersey for celebrating Southern slaveholder treason.
Statistics from the Standard Media Index, which tracks media income, showed that Fox News took the biggest hit of any cable news operation, losing 17 PERCENT!!! 

CNN, which President Donald Trump frequently describes as “fake news,” lost just 1 percent in revenue, and MSNBC was up 2 percent.

MSNBC is up 2 percent and CNN is down just 1 percent.
I love this!!! 

Rex worked his ENTIRE LIFE for my Kenan Family that controls Exxon-Mobil, and he's a TOUGH and KNOWLEDGEABLE guy. 

I haven't known if he's on the side of Liberty or Klan Robes (my Kenan Family is the "Custodian of the Confederacy"), and I wrote him an encouraging letter a while back that I will link to in comments below:

"In this one instance, Rex Tillerson is all of us."

>>> OTHERWISE, I am continuing to support my new roommate, "Blondie", today, and taking a SHORT BREATHER from "heavy blogging", that break -- soon to end.


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