Friday, October 20, 2017

My Former Marijuana Supplier, Gold Walker (also my landlady), Just Served Me 30-Day Notice to Move OUT -- LOL!!!

Gold Walker's house at Orange and 4th Streets

What a SURPRISE!!!

Gold has ALWAYS called me and treated me like her best tenant, for a variety of reasons. And she recently said that she would NOT allow my next door lawyer Oliver Carter III to try to INTIMIDATE HER with false claims against me to get her to throw me out.

I do NOT believe Mr. Carter had a THING to do with this action today. He's young and naive, his area of Law does not give him an "ear to the streets", and he was only trying to protect his own family, but had NOT enough info to understand the situations he was so upset by.

I have NO REASON to believe Oliver supports the illegal Drug Activities of this neighborhood. I believe Oliver Carter truly CARES about Wilmington and its spiritual and legal health -- and I got more "proof" of that this morning from Gold's words to me.

I will write a letter that I will hand-deliver to both the Sheriff's Office and to Wilmington Police Detectives -- and send by secured server to FBI in Washington, DC, but also hand-deliver to their local office downtown. Then I will paste it in below.

And also deliver to Oliver Carter's Office, since he is tangentially involved, here.

As I understand it, a landlord can terminate a lease that has run its course at any time and for any reason -- with 30-day notice. And I am TIRED of Gold Walker's on-and-off giving me her marijuana roaches and on-and-off loving me and hating me.

She REALLY should be committed for observation to see if she is BIPOLAR, but the first several days would be all about her withdrawal from smoking marijuana all through every day.

What was so odd is that this happened with NO WARNING, although last night I had stopped at Gold's apartment in her house next door to see how much she showed I still owed her on a debt. There, I found her in the living room, pot smoke in the air, and her worker on the garage apartment next door in one chair, and Denise Wood in another. CLEARLY, they were in some kind of intense discussion, and Gold said she couldn't talk then, and to see her later.

I said, "Well, it looks pretty intense, so whatever it is, I hope it is resolved easily and soon." I actually thought the two others had gotten into some kind of misunderstanding. Denise, then looked at me hard, and said to me very vehemently, "Oh, it will be!!!"

That felt like it had to do with me, but I've had months of good relations with both of them, now, so could not imagine how it COULD have anything to do with me.

And when Gold called then met me out back at the base of the stairs, she said that she's been told that I've told "everyone in town" that she smokes pot from the moment she gets up, until the moment she goes to bed at night, so she is FORCED to evict me. I replied, well it is your TENANTS (Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. and former tenant Neal Duffy, who had worked under my friend Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' as well as directly with Bill Clinton on Middle East projects), who told me that, and it's no secret. Also, her long-time employee Thomas.

The same people told me how Police once came to Gold's door to ask about a tenant, and she came to the door smoking pot, offered them a hit of her joint (which they refused), and they did NOT cite her for it. About nine months ago, she had a HUGE problem with drug dealers in her Spofford Circle property, she losing at least THREE tenants over it, and when Police came to rescue a person illegally held there, they REFUSED to cite anyone for many little baggies of Heroin, seen in plain view. Gold STILL complains to me about this LACK OF ACTION by Police.

So, dumbfounded, because I had been very careful NOT to blog about Gold's supplying me with pot -- as she had told me about 45 days ago would be cause for her to terminate my lease -- I asked what she referred to. She said I had put that in my letter to "that lawyer", and I scoured my memory of what I had sent to ANY lawyer about that (at least in recent months), and came up blank.

She tried to hand me the NOTICE, and I refused it. She pulled my shirt out of being tucked in and stuck it right up my shirt against my chest. I pulled it out and threw it at her, it sailing past her, and she placed it on the ground nearer me.

I was just trying to BUY TIME to get more info out of her, since I knew she could give me 30-day notice at any time, and last we conversed, she was SUPER FRIENDLY.

So I THINK Ben-the-Handyman and Denise -- for unknown reason to me -- had laid all this on her last night, and Oliver Carter had NOTHING to do with it.

The rest will be in my Letter to Various Law Enforcement, which I will get to after other obligations, so post it later.

In the MIDDLE of writing this, I got an email from TARBELL:

Tarbell has now LAUNCHED THEIR WEBSITE, and I am one of some number less than 1,000, who had been invited to help set them up, and eventually to advise, and spread their word via Facebook and this blog:

The democratic republic our founders envisioned and hoped would endure is being replaced with an oligarchy. That might sound like hyperbole. It’s not.

Be the first to join Tarbell's crowdfunding campaignand take back your power in our democracy.

Crowdfunding journalism to reveal who runs America — and take back our democracy.
Not affiliated with Facebook

And Readers -- and OTHERS -- know that Ida Tarbell was the Journalist most responsible for breaking up Standard Oil, two years before my Kenan Family inherited more of it than even John D. Rockefeller owned.

The US Government had REFUSED to take action -- until Ida Tarbell stirred up so much popular sentiment, and then the Government was FORCED to act.

I'm kind of like IDA TARBELL, in stirring up Government to INVESTIGATE the Power Structure of Wilmington -- and many FAKE CHRISTIAN Churches.

This is happening EXACTLY like my playwright friend Del Shores, whom I met in Puerto Vallarta about 2014 -- and have been in occasional email and other contact with since then -- said had happened to HIS Texas border town many years ago: The Top Politicians and the most (and least) respected Christian Churches were in charge of ALL THE NARCO-TRAFFICKING, and his town "BLEW UP" when that was revealed and they were all prosecuted.

Now, I think Del's "Sordid" franchise is played out of good ideas, but his recently released Very Sordid Wedding:

was PRODUCED by my Facebook friend, Mitchell Gold, who FREQUENTLY has meetings with North Carolina LAWMAKERS, and within the past week, had dinner with Governor Roy Cooper (and Attorney General Josh Stein)!!!

Gold Walker is still PROUD that she voted for DONALD TRUMP -- LOL!!!

. . . for NOW -- LOL!!!


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