Friday, October 27, 2017

Follow-Up Letter Already Emailed to Gold Walker:

October 27, 2017

Dear Gold,

I trust you got my letter emailed October 21, and then snail-mailed to you as well,, but I have received no reply. So, I have no idea if you expect me to pay you $66.66 in addition to the $600.00 for the next partial month’s rent – and if you AGREE that is the correct amount to take me through October 20 – or a full month’s rent, and you have relented on wanting me out.

You DID relent the two times Oliver Carter III pressured you to get me out, on incomplete understanding, but tensions being high with all the Drug Corruption in Wilmington, EVERYONE is a bit on edge, and I was not harmed by Oliver. I also have not gotten an accounting on moneys I still owe you for the exterminator. I suppose if your silence continues, I’ll drop a check for $66.66 with you and put the rest into “escrow” with records for Court Hearing/Jury Trial.

Before I get into more considerations, I forgot to tell you that my roommate, Tyler, is fully trained in First Aid and CPR – always nice to have in the neighborhood -- and is licenced as a boat Captain on boats up to 40 feet – he also being certified by the Homeland Security Department to run boats out to deep and even International waters, so is a VERY responsible person.

I reconnected with Sister Mary Isaac Koenig two days ago, she here in town just this week, and she was THRILLED that I’m sending the FBI so much info on HARD DRUG corruption. As you probably know from the news this week, 64% of ALL Americans now favor legalizing marijuana, and the for the FIRST TIME a majority of Republicans agree!!! I know you said you voted for Donald Trump because Barack Obama had RAISED your property taxes, but asked me NOT to tell your friend and computer guru, Ron Shackleford. I HATED voting for Hillary Clinton, but thought she’d have been better at running government. I still do, but there is no point thinking about what has already been decided.

I tell everything to anyone, including about my former sex addiction, my HUGE intake of alcohol and pot in Mexico, and my past smoking here. I’m neither proud nor ashamed of it – it is simply the past, and I have tried to learn from it. All my doctors in Mexico and the USA recommend I smoke pot for my temperament (and possibly my heart), so at least I have THEIR support (but meditation is the tool I mostly use now). 

I very recently had occasion to be given a sample of herbal material – and shown it was sold in the same size and price that Denise used to sell me. I learned that Denise sold me low-quality JUNK, I suppose because she knew I was not buying elsewhere too, so I was “captive audience”.

Business decision, not friendship, there. In the Bible dictionary, my name “Kenan” means “unbridled greed and acquisitiveness”, which suits my wealthy relatives well, and I know how these people who pretend to be Christians often behave. And then there are the majority of Wilmingtonians who are very decent, loving people, and MANY of those are Christians, like Sister Mary Isaac. I will ALWAYS stand with True Christians, and fight the “fraud Christians” who corrupt our Governments!!!

We had no problem until – and I’m assuming this, you can clarify it in the hearing and Jury Trial if we go that far – Denise, and possibly Handyman Ben, got your ear that night. The letter had been sent some time before that, and if Mr. Carter gave you it, or out-of-context quotes from it, he would have done that rather promptly, he being a lawyer. If they got it from my blog, legally Press in the USA, then the proper thing would have been to ask me to correct any errors, or to charge me with LIBEL. Probably the proper thing to do if they had just the letter FROM Oliver, as well.

And the last time we argued, you told me I had to be “CRAZY” to criticize ANY Christians (meaning you would not allow criticism of Adolph Hitler, etc.), and therefore should be locked up. There are laws in this country protecting Freedom of Religion and Religious Philosophy (and from it), and landlords violate the law when they say such things and then swiftly give Notice to Vacate without cause. That is one of several matters we can discuss in Court.

Now, Denise and I (and everyone else as well), have gotten along GREAT the last months, I even telling her the last time we conversed (a day or two before you gave me the notice), that while I’m still surprised that she got those 43 Felonies some years ago as an International Drug Mule, that her gun rights were never taken away. Also, that it quickly became clear that she would never use a gun inappropriately, so I had no problem with her keeping first two, now only one, six-shooter guns loaded and by her bed.

And the quick visits to her back door by people Steven and Maddy describe as “skanky” and say they fear, have dropped to none, so I have no problem with her continuing tenancy, but that is controlled by Sa’ant Samuel Celia, Jr. – not you, anyway, she subletting from him.

Sam told me a few days ago that Denise had told him she would be in “limbo” for a couple of months, mostly living elsewhere, but keeping her apartment, and then moving back in fully about the first of the year. Denice has been on my email list for each blog posting since you gave me the notice, so knows that if you finally prevail in Jury Trial, it will be about then. I have to assume she is staying where her more suspicious “friends” can come and go without scrutiny by me.

That being the case -- and Wilmington in the THROWS of this horrible corruption – and me sending so much info and evidence to the FBI, Sheriff’s Detectives, etc. -- that if Denise does NOT move back while I am here, I must assume she intends to continue her activities here, FAR CLOSER to two schools than 1,000 feet. In Georgia (by US Law), that DOUBLED punishments for selling drugs, and the property could be seized if the owner/dealer or the dealer’s landlord was aware of the selling and did NOT act to stop it -- like D.A. Ben David has been “strong-arming” several Market Street hotels to clean up the drug scene on their properties. I’d be careful of that one -- or maybe the Republicans have rescinded it.

But to have this so close to those schools, if it continues (not Denise’s tenancy, which I have no problem with if it doesn’t), I will be certain to put these matters on paper to distribute to EVERY house on all sides of this block – and more, like the couple living cater-corner to you, so SUPPORTIVE of me in reporting these things to the FBI, who wondered if the local break-in a couple of weeks ago was AGAIN your house. But most important is that I get it to the Heads of both St. Mary’s Catholic Grade School and First Presbyterian Pre-School.

You and I have ALWAYS gotten along extremely well, you discounting the rent and deposit, helping me with dental and colonoscopy operations, even a few gifts, and I was FINE when you sold me a bowl recently for $3.00, and I having nothing but a five, you simply pocketed it saying, “You are ALWAYS a good tipper,” without asking first – and you were right. I am.

You were afraid of Denise, and told me that several times – as well as her former sugar-daddy, the big older black guy from Georgia, who normally lives with his wife, there. And Sam’s track record with tenants is abysmal, first his daughter and her boyfriend Bird, his DESIRED tenants, the couple with the one in the wheel-chair (and apartment requirements for the disabled was a handy way to say no), so this is really for Sam to resolve.

My proposal to you is this: That you and I never again even discuss “herbal matter”, as the subject is causing too much stress. I’m meditating now, and know where I could find it, should I ever follow doctor’s recommendations about that. Denise living here is FINE with me, as described above – we have been getting along. I DO appreciate all your generosities, but this one is best continuing ended.

I propose that we use this 30-day period, ending November 20, as a “cooling off” period, and then if you and I continue to not be able to “stay out of each other’s hair”, I will immediately begin looking for another place. You would rescind the Notice as well. When your former employer George Cutter of Kenan-built Carolina Apartments wanted me out for blogging about the drug dealing on my floor -- and some whoring as well -- we went through a similar thing, and ended up with BOTH parties satisfied.

Because I’d expected to have the Settlement from the truck hitting me by now, I did NOT ask my family for financial help, BUT the lawyer said he’d let me know as soon as he sends me the check, which he is waiting to receive, but no word yet, I will get with my family, but instead of paying the whole rent early, pay it on time this month – or possibly a day or two late.

So please let me know what to pay you in addition to the $600.00 you should have already received.

In a “side matter” your son’s email address at Walker World still does not show to exist, but they DID pick up my Facebook Message of a copy of my first letter to you – sent last Saturday – but not until Wednesday, so I guess they are not very active on Facebook.

All Best, as ALWAYS – and please answer my questions about practicalities very soon.

Scott D. Kenan


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