Wednesday, September 13, 2017

JUST FOUND: My Email to David Alan Young (I told my 230 email recipients I had LOST MY MIND by losing what was always in Word, as a .docx file) -- LOL!!!

Dave Young purchasing his FIFTH Chevy truck.

September 13, 2017

Dear Mr. Young,

I trust that your lawyer – whom I briefly had on my email list – told you in advance that I intended to DISMISS my charge of Communicating Threats, and that was for several reasons. I had researched and found that you are a very prosperous businessman, who could easily afford to pay me monetary compensation, but who was NOT the real problem, and District Attorney Ben David, whose narco-trafficking I know LOTS about – as well as his boyfriends, he an Elder at Kenan-Family-endowed First Presbyterian, that with my family was the biggest force behind one of the greatest crimes in US History, the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection.

Whatever you and your parents and sister thought of my previous altercation with them – which you did NOT witness -- we began very friendly, agreeing that we ALL have to find a way to live together in Peace. Neither the stated views of your Dad that the Bible declares Christians MUST KILL every Muslim on earth, nor yours, that the Bible declares Christians must murder ALL liberals and “Faggots”, can be found in ANY translation of the Bible, which I’ve taken several college-level courses on, and I hope you have too. I found that HIGHLY offensive to my SOLID Christian roots (and the belief of every actual Christian I know), so YES, I hollered at your Dad, but we all left peacefully, and without any of us trying to convince anyone else there that we were right and the other wrong.

Your decision to threaten my life in a way that I BELIEVED YOU, literally, and basically hid in my apartment for two months, is one that I doubt you would make again, so I forgive you for it, and hope if we cross paths again, we can say “Hello”, and maybe even shake hands.

I also hope that in your prosperity, you can give charities some money to help rebuild communities after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. There but for the Grace of God, would we be. Unfortunately, I’m too broke to know how I will pay for my heart meds in a week or so, but I always seem to find a way, and Spectrum Cable HAS TO settle with me for hitting me out of a crosswalk exactly seven months ago today.

May the Peace of the Christ always be with you!!!

Scott D. Kenan


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