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Spectrum Cable PURELY Serves Satan / NAZI-Christian David Alan Young to Stand Trial in Judge R. Russell Davis's Court (as the sun goes into TOTAL ECLIPSE) -- PERFECT for this "Drama Queen", NO???

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Anthony Hopkins was my father's BEST FRIEND in Wilmington, NC Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1990s!!!
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"Anthony Hopkins, he is one who had composed this sonata while he was 19 years old, and he concealed it for more than 50 years . It is a great sonata."

So, at 9:01 AM, I got a robo-call from Spectrum Cable, stating that my account is NOW "in good standing", with NO previous notice that it was NOT in good standing. I Immediately called them -- and for the FIRST TIME EVER, they could NOT find my account using my phone number, so after I gave my zip code (so they could get it to the right region of their service), a Jodi (female), found my account, but said she had NO authority to DO ANYTHING I requested, which was to CREDIT BACK all the $9 Late Fees they charged me this year -- this an ON-GOING PROBLEM because Spectrum Cable is HOLDING THE CHECKS of all they identify as UNABLE (financially), to use any other cable or internet service.

Teri Motsinger, owner of Benefits Management, Inc. here in Wilmington and her employees have been FIGHTING Spectrum Cable for doing this to their mostly near-destitute clients for MONTHS NOW, and I have even complained to Richard DykHouse (pronounced "DEEK-house"), General Council to Spectrum Communications/Charter in Connecticut TWICE, but have not YET received a reply.

"Rick" (no Dick here), Dykhouse

Here is ONE of those letters: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/07/befuddlement-nation-my-letters-to.html

And then Jodi took SEVEN MINUTES to transfer me to Lynn, a supervisor who HAD THE AUTHORITY (and I booted up my computer and checked my email, Facebook, and other accounts whilest waiting), and Lynn -- after a FULL EXPLANATION, including my connections to TOP ELECTED POLITICIANS in the US Senate and House -- but ESPECIALLY Jean Babette Stein, who was FORCED a few months ago to jump to her DEATH -- because of what she knew -- like my friend Evan Fish was forced by Wilmington Police to jump to his death in 2011 because he knew my former employer Patrick Lee Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc., Snellville, GA, distributed the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but especially to Wilmington and Atlanta Politicians of BOTH Parties and Christian Churches and Clergy.

Patrick Lee Stansbury in one of THREE mugshots for DRUG CRIMES that he got while I worked for him 1990 - 2010:

And getting back to Lynn of Spectrum Cable, I told her I would DOCUMENT ALL OF THIS ON BLOG -- and be BACK IN TOUCH with Mr. Dykhouse, who has NOT answered any of my previous letters -- that after she LAUGHED AT ME and said that all of Benefits Management's CLIENTS could just "SUE SPECTRUM IN COURTS" -- if we didn't like it!!!

A VERY interesting piece!!!

James Damore, the former Google engineer who was fired over his controversial diversity post, distances himself from the alt-right movement.

The elite paratrooper unit continues to battle fascism -- but now on American soil.

As you see, Wilmington will NOT QUITE get a FULL solar eclipse -- and I don't mind missing it because I have SEEN a total solar eclipse -- and many of the moon, before.

Now, Judge R. Russell Davis (a Democrat), is one of my TWO FAVES (with Robin Robinson, also a Dem.), and besides ruling ONCE most effectively in DISMISSING WITH LAUGHTER the report of Carrie Menke, chief Court Psychologist for D.A. Ben David's identical-twin brother, Republican Jon David, the D.A. from across the Cape Rear River:

The David brothers HIGH AS KITES, and Readers know that when I first lived in Wilmington in 2011, two guys who had a rock band that played in Carolina Beach on Pleasure Island, and during the summer before, Ben and Jon David came up to them DRUNK, DEMANDING to know where to get "cocaine and pussy".

And there is also thishttp://scottkenan.blogspot.com/2013/04/repost-da-ben-davids-boyfriend-lee.html

Carrie "Pussy Galore" Menke, PhD

And ACTUALLY, although Judge Davis made a little SPEECH in Court -- long before he got to my case -- saying that while New Hanover Courts USED TO always allow testimony like "He repeatedly used libelous statements against me", and they THEN were considered "Christian Truth" (all that's required in a CHRISTIAN Court, rather than Civil), they NO LONGER ACCEPT THAT -- unless LIBEL CHARGES were PROVEN IN COURT.

Nevertheless, he ruled AGAINST ME in that matter (and I later understood his wisdom, and it made NO PRACTICAL DIFFERENCE, anyway -- HA!!!).

The Prosecutor, Alexandria Palombo, is YOUNG, and a recent grad of Elon University -- with EVERY "BRAINIAC AWARD" -- Elon being like my Denison University, one of the BEST private universities that is NOT ALLIED with a RELIGION!!!

Alexandria was a "Tri-Delt", like so many BRAINY young women at Denison.

So even though I'm scheduled the LAST of 159 cases to be heard that day in that Court -- usually used for JUDGES to HIDE their CRIMINAL JUDGMENTS, like what happened to me in Dem. Judge Linda Warren Hunter's Court in Dekalb County, GA in 1990 -- and AGAIN in Rep. Judge Chad Hogston's Court in 2011 (the ROOT of all D.A. Ben David's FELONIOUS TROUBLES WITH ME), I fear no EVIL (since there's a SOLAR ECLIPSE, as well)!!!

"Can I come back out, yet???"


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