Thursday, August 24, 2017

Slouching Toward CONFRONTING the Christian/NAZI, "DEMOCRATIC", New Hanover County District Attorney Benjamin R. David -- LOL!!!

My first act this morning was to comment on Pearl Cleage's Facebook comment:
I am proud to call Hank Aaron my southwest Atlanta neighbor and my friend

It was good to hear him speaking out on Colin Kaepernick. A lot of folks don't know that Mr. Aaron got hate mail and death threats as he was closing in on Babe Ruth's home run record. He didn't talk about it then. 

He just kept hitting home runs.

As supporters of Colin Kaepernick prepare to rally in front of NFL headquarters in Manhattan on Wednesday, a sports legend also is rushing to the…

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50 mins
Scott Kenan Hi Pearl Cleage: We never met in person, but I dined at a table in Watershed restaurant, Decatur, GA, next to you and Jane Fonda and a couple of others about eight years ago. 

I was the last assistant to Tennessee Williams, and my Kenan Family based around Chapel Hill, NC put Trump into power to get Russia's Oil and to replace the Constitution with Klan robes. My Meyer mother has been a friend to Catholic Popes since Pius XII, and I was raised with Swastikas on the dinner plates, and Mom, close friend to Nixon's Aide John Ehlichman (whom I also knew), Coach Lou Holtz and his honcho John Boehner, was most responsible for putting Pence in office to promote Catholic Swastikas, but Mom (now 94, and clear of mind), has JUMPED SHIP and now supports me for Liberty and Justice for ALL. 

I knew most of JFK's family and Jackie Onassis better (and currently Joe Kennedy III), and met the Reagans at a White house party in 1981. I know Frank Sinatra's heirs who sold my Kenan Family Bank of America, and HATE the Kenans for turning it "NAZI". General Colin L. Powell's Chief Protocol Officer Col. Dottie Newman got me to Political Exile in Mexico in 2010, after the Republican Party of GA tried to commit me to a mental hospital FIVE TIMES in one month -- with my Swastika-loving parents and siblings and Patrick Stansbury of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, GA, my employer of twenty years, discovered I knew he distributed all the illegal drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but mostly in Atlanta/Stone Mountain and Wilmington, NC where I now live. 

I used my blog to SHUT HIM DOWN and he has lost all his Defense Contracts, but I assume still distributes the drugs. Perhaps you know Gen. Russel Honore', who when I had two meetings with him in 2015, knew ALL ABOUT that my Kenan Family that also controls Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, the Klan, most Republicans and narco-traffics with ALL of them plus the "Clinton Democrats". 

While these protests are important, more important is people CONFRONTING these criminals, so I hope you do that too. Atlanta people I have known that you might know (or did know), include Bill Campbell, Bernie Marcus, my Congresswoman of many years Cynthia McKinney, PhD, Julian Bond, and in 1990, I had a snail-mailed conversation with Coretta Scott King. 

You can read my Political Blog here:

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Scott Kenan Linda Gresham: It's OK, on my 66th birthday, 6/16/2017, a Christian assaulted me outside the restaurant where I had just had lunch, and claimed he would get his GUN and shoot 6' 11" me DEAD on the street because the Bible and God Demand that Christians murder ALL Liberals and Faggots (like me) -- a week or so before at the same restaurant, his father had declared the Bible and God DEMAND that Christians KILL EVERY MUSLIM ON EARTH -- and NOW the Democratic District Attorney REFUSES to help me prosecute this HATE CRIME, as Ben David (the D.A.) is an Elder of First Presbyterian which with my relative William Rand Kenan, Sr., caused the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection -- and his wife is a TOP Republican Strategist and Fundraiser for both Lamar Alexander and Mitt Romney -- and I knew WELL Ben David's MALE LOVER LEE in 2011, Ben buying him a slightly used pick-up truck with NARCO-DOLLARS cash, and sending him away permanently after I BLOGGED ABOUT THAT after Lee TOLD ME that before hitting the road. 

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>>> My Letter to Ben David

Benjamin Randall David, District Attorney
316 Princess Street, Suite 543
Wilmington, NC 28401

August 24, 2017

Dear Mr. David (although I CERTAINLY know you well enough to address you with the familiar “Ben”),

I suppose I should let you know up front that I will hand-deliver copies of this to your office both for you and for Assistant Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo, as well as to the NEW Pastor at First Presbyterian, Dan Lewis, after emailing it to you and my list of 220 or so Political Contacts – as you WELL KNOW I always do, so KNEW this was coming if you kept up your persecution of me for not being a White Supremacist or Narco-Trafficker like you are (and your First Prez Congregation, Judge Lindsey McKee – formerly Lindsey Luther – also an ELDER there, like you).

It is my greatest hope that this can END my prosecution of David Alan Young, as your office – rather than SUPPORT this prosecution of a HATE CRIME against “ALL LIBERALS” as well as “ALL FAGGOTS”, which as we both – and more and more Wilmingtonians – KNOW, includes YOU!!! I trust Ms. Palombo’s husband Mike is not cheatin’ with guys like you do to Stephanie David, whom I also know and whose physical appearance has gone to HELL in recent years.

I also want to make clear that I can’t say that Ms. Palombo did anything inappropriate this past Monday when we were in Court – although she did NOT say a THING about how she and I would meet to discuss strategy in prosecuting Mr. David Alan Young, and the two employees of your office who claimed that the old, stale, and bogus Summons for me with charge of Communicating Threats brought by Dustin Goldsmith a few days before he was ARRESTED out of my apartment, and convicted of crimes by your office, I having called the Police to show them his stash of stolen property on the side of my house when I discovered it, was actually an ARREST WARRANT and that I DEFINITELY would go to jail after Court.

Now one of those was the rather generic-looking, sort of handsome young man of mid to late twenties, who interacted frequently with those waiting in Court, while the other was an attractive young woman of about the same stature and age as Ms. Palombo, and MIGHT have been her, but I am not sure. EVERYONE knows that old summonses come up and usually amount to nothing, and their FALSE DELIBERATE CLAIM is evidence of the HATRED of the Constitution and Laws of your Office, sir!!!

I have ENTIRELY lost confidence that your office does anything but PROTECT Christian Hate Mongers, like Mr. Young – as well as Narco-Traffickers like my former roommate Haston Lavern Caulder II, who NEVER gets “The Book” thrown at him since he is so important to Wilmington Narco-Trafficking.

And I have NO IDEA how you can claim to be a Democrat, when your identical twin brother, Jon David is the Republican District Attorney across the river, and you and he had Dr. Carrie Menke (known on the street as “Pussy Galore”), claim in Court via a long letter, that my telling her if she did NOT write up a truthful report I would contact the Credentials Authority over psychologists to try to get her license removed – like former Republican NC State Senator Thom Goolsby’s Lawyer License should have been removed when he was CAUGHT in financial frauds and had to RESIGN IN DISGRACE, but he is protected by my Kenan Family, so now sits on the BOARD of UNC System, and prances about Courtroom 317 in his new NAZI haircut and SERIOUSLY aging face.

And let me say that it was Judge Richard Russell Davis who in 2011 or 12 THREW OUT Ms. Menke's report that my words were a PHYSICAL THREAT to her PERSON, and she recommended I IMMEDIATELY be committed to Cherry Hospital, put in a STRAIGHT JACKET, and be DRUGGED until I was able to appear in Court -- that after I'd been in Court AT LEAST 18 times by then (late 2011 or early 2012), and I NEVER was a problem.

Indeed, because I ALWAYS cooperated with Law Enforcement and the Courts, I was soon allowed out of jail – repeatedly, since so many of the “Drug Mafia” kept filing bogus charges against me in 2011 and 12, on my own recognizance, to await trials. And THEN, my Public Defender Jennifer Harjo got you to AGREE to a totally illegal – yet PRACTICAL – deal that if I left North Carolina for a YEAR, you would wipe my local Record CLEAN, which you claimed you would ERASE of convictions and charges, which you DID in fact do.

And you and I have had at least FIVE personal run-ins since I returned late June 2015, and TWO of those times, you said you would get ERASED or otherwise voided, the Conviction of me in Cook County Court, Illinois, that your intern Jeffrey Duncan while the false charges were brought here in Wilmington back then, got his FIRST lawyer job with Daliah Saper in Chicago, ALSO a Fox News, Chicago, Talking Head, with Jamie Lee Sutherland, then an exec of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago, who told me of his $24 Million/month average narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo – and that he’d seen both Barack Obama (when he was an Illinois State Senator), an Rahm Emanuel in his Man’s Country private gay baths many times.

As I’m certain you know, I was NEVER legally served in Puerto Vallarta (easy to prove and kicks it right out – but the Cook County Courts Inspector sid I had to come to Chicago to FILE THAT, which I cannot afford to do, yet), and then tried In Absentia and convicted of LIBEL. Jamie only asked for $50,000.00 – because he said he knew I was just getting over homelessness, but that is a LOT for a person with about $600.00 to his name then, but he was awarded HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, copyright to my Tennessee Williams memoir, that Scott Rudin and the producers of all the Harry Potter films were looking to possibly make a movie of, and EVERY blog post, email, and letter I write until I DIE!!!

Also, I’m certain you know that Amazon, where I had self-published my memoir, did NOT believe the Court Order which was NEVER signed by a Judge, so SUSPENDED sales for a half year, waiting of CLARIFICATION, which Jamie never provided, then shut that page down – but sent ME all the royalties, NOT JAMIE.

Google/Blogger REFUSED to hand over control of my blog, but Bank of America DID freeze my account, and eventually sent Jamie about $800.00 (all that was in it), DESPITE their knowing it was nearly ENTIRELY Disability money that is PROTECTED from this type of judgement by Federal Law.

Here is the record of that, and while it shows Nair Law as serving it at top, Rishi Nair was only subcontracted to get the judgment, and the lawyers filing all the motions or whatever, where from Daliah Saper’s firm, including Andrew Emerson Cook, a Duke grad:

Can you tell me exactly what “CITATION DEFENDANT DISMISSED” means??? I ASSUME Jamie can re-open this to raid my bank account for more money if he finds I HAVE SOME – or does it mean that is ALL of the monetary judgement he is/was able to get, and I no longer need worry about that???

The point I want to make about Judge R. Russell Davis – and here are links to the two blog postings of this week that go into detail – that I emailed YOU and about 220 others – but you MIGHT not have bothered reading them like MANY in your Office and the Court do:

And here is where I wrote about WHY I think Mr. Young has suffered enough (and I DON’T trust your office to prosecute CHRISTIAN WHITE SUPREMACISTS – I seriously doubt Mr. Young is also involved in your Narco-Trafficking):

But when I entered Court Monday morning, and throughout the day Judge Davis did not ONCE look me in the eye – even after I’d moved to a front and center position – and THEN when I had reason to cross within 18” of his actual desk, he LEANED BACK, turning WAY away from me and looked over his far shoulder as if his kitty cat were back there, but there was nothing but a wall, I KNEW he was signaling that he was SORRY that my Rights were being trampled on in what is supposed to be HIS COURT, but he had NOTHING to do with it.

My reasons for wanting to HALT this prosecution are in the posting that last link is to my blog, and I assume you would need to approve ending it. If it is ended, are there any Legal Complication I should be aware of??? I am NOT opposed to going ahead, and it just being my word against Mr. Young’s word – or we could subpoena the witness, so he can claim he had NO CHOICE but to testify when the Christian Drug Mafia moves in to try to destroy his life, like they keep trying to destroy mine.

I’d rather just avoid all of that, and of course I will be in Court to answer Dustin Goldsmith’s charge – scheduled for the same Judge and Prosecutor, who would have to both PROSECUTE ME for “Communication Threats”, as well as prosecute David Alan Young on MY CHARGE of Communicating Threats, which your office seems DETERMINED to let Mr. Young get away with SCOT FREE.

MERCY!!! It will be a ZOO, and I HOPE someone has invited the Press to film it for the Entertainment of Wilmington News Viewers – and of even those FARTHER AWAY!!!

Please respond ASAP (at least to tell me you are thinking about it and when you expect to decide).

All best – and GOOD LUCK!!!

Scott D. Kenan

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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