Wednesday, August 23, 2017

After Winning in Court in EVERY WAY -- Except Final Resolution -- I've Had a TON to Consider Before Going FORWARD:

While I might DISPUTE the words "Today you will be with me in paradise," presumably from the mouth of "God the Father" (but more likely a figment of the author's imagination), I find all these OTHER words TOTALLY BELIEVABLE!!!

CORRECTION: Those words were reportedly what Jesus said to at least the "Good Thief" -- but NO PROOF AT ALL of where the dude actually landed has been presented.

But GOD never, ever "forsook" me -- not for ONE MOMENT -- so while ONE Battle might be completed, it (my work), is NOT yet "finished", it being in FULL SUPPORT of the inevitable evolution of Humankind toward a greater alliance with and appreciation of this thing we call "God".

This morning, after making my decision (that I will soon get to), I found this PERFECT IMAGE to represent David Alan Young going forward in this blog. Mr. Young, himself, is NOT the problem but a SAD SYMBOL of a Spiritual Sickness that PERVADES Wilmington, NC Christianity, City Government, and the Courts, part of North Carolina state -- which my former lawyer Bruce Mason -- verified by two Magistrates -- claimed is BECAUSE my God-Hating Racist Kenan Family that put Donald Trump into office controls BOTH the Republicans and the Democrats in North Carolina:


Mr. Young will from now on be referred to in this blog (except in any published "Legal Documents" or Communications), as Mr. Ape Brain.

And the Kenans ALREADY lost White Supremacist Control of Duke University, and NOW are losing control of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, this protest last night had TONS OF GOD'S (and the US Constitution's), SUPPORTERS -- and only a HANDFUL of those who support "Satan":

Today, Silent Sam is the top symbol of the Racism and Thuggery of my Kenan Family that co-founded UNC Chapel Hill, and ALSO now controls Duke University, which REMOVED Gen. Lee from the Chapel right after Charlottesville

And the Kenans with our Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Ku Klux Klan, Episcopal Church, and NAZI-party allies put Donald Trump into power.

Tuesday's gathering at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill focused on "Silent Sam" statue that's been at the campus since 1913

“The Kingdom” attempts to explain how an unlikely cult, formed around the death and resurrection of an ascetic lyrical revolutionary, grew into the established Church we know today.

Emmanuel Carrère’s “The Kingdom” explores how a tiny sect became a global religion.

And before I get into the MEAT of this posting, I'd like to say that I had TWO phone calls with my mother in Raleigh, in which I spent one minute trying unsuccessfully to get her to cover the $95.00 for my attib meds this month, and 27 minutes explaining my decision about the Court Matter and our long discussion back and forth. The second call was Mom's calling me back, AFRAID FOR MY SAFETY in Wilmington among "Perverted-Christians" who control the City Government, all Law Enforcement, and the Courts.

I told her that NO ONE can kill me -- or anything else -- unless I DESERVE IT, or have made a FOOLISH ERROR, which I take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for, and blame NO ONE ELSE.

The last important development first thing this morning is that my roommate, "Warden" -- and I have NOT discussed a thing with him of my having previously dealt with Pastor Mike Dickey (although at least one blog posting re-published our words back and forth), and his "City Life Church" -- or the crimes of Dustin Goldsmith and that he LEFT my house by being arrested, then convicted of a FELONY CRIME.

For the RECORD, the OTHER criminal that Haston Lavern Caulder II and Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. of NYC absolutely INSISTED I give shelter to was Darrell Neil Brutout, who since then ALSO was tried and convicted of many crimes, has since served his little mini-sentence, and came BACK to my apartment, hoping I would rent him a room.

I didn't.

But mysteriously, he left his cute little black under-panties soaking in one of my bathtubs -- and I CAN'T imagine WHY. He was only here less than half an hour, and after I found them, I wrung them out and hung them to dry (they and the water did not seem soiled in any way -- and no odors), I told him he should come pick them up.

He didn't.

But this morning, "Warden" told me that Pastor Mike Dickey STILL hasn't contacted him, and the guy who PROMISED that church is finding him a van, REFUSES to give him Pastor Mike's phone number, and told him just to WAIT and NOT contact the church under ANY circumstances.

Warden said he has GIVEN UP expecting to get ANYTHING from Pastor Mike and City Life Church -- but if something comes through it will be a NICE SURPRISE.

Having heard that from him, I then told him all about the TAWDRY HISTORY of Mike and his "Church" -- which nearly entirely went over Warden's head -- the REASON I knew not to tell him earlier, and that he would have to find out FOR HIMSELF.

When is the last time YOU worshiped with a minister, imam, or whatever, who used this kind of attitude for MONTHS as his top profile photo???

I've decided to NOT include what I write to Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo in THIS blog posting -- because I am NOT YET READY to write her -- but I WILL NOW list some considerations into my decision, which my worrying mother, is not certain is wise:

Here is what it was like when I was called to Court, Monday, not including ANY of the Sheriff's Deputies who are ALWAYS -- almost -- demonstrating the HEIGHT of PROFESSIONALISM in their words and actions. 

I even asked several where my FAVE Deputy (actually a Corporal), Duffy Baker was, and learned that he took his family on vacation this week.

I had announced BEFORE I returned to Wilmington, that although I had no part in the corruption of Wilmington, Raleigh, and Washington, DC, my Kenan Family both distant and wealthy and Swastika-loving Catholic IMMEDIATE family have been the BIGGEST force for EVIL in the USA (as well as doing many GREAT THINGS, especially in the Arts and Education), and I have ALWAYS put the interests of my country, state, and city ABOVE my self-interests -- and always will.

Today, I felt for the SAFETY of my witness, whom I have not contacted since the incident on 6/16/2017 -- but he will be EASY to find, and I don't believe that "Ape Brain" ever saw him standing 15 feet behind him for the second half of his HATE TIRADE and THREATS, but the guy DID tell me I HAVE TO prosecute and put Ape Brain into PRISON.

Now, that the defense attorney somehow dredged up the old summons (never served to me), of Communicating Threats filed by Dustin Goldsmith nearly a year ago, was GOOD WORK on Lawyer Buddy Allard's part -- and I can EVEN ACCEPT that it was a BRILLIANT STRATEGY to try to unnerve me with it by SURPRISE after NOT mentioning it at all -- UNTIL Ape Brain REFUSED my offer of Negotiation.

What I CANNOT ACCEPT is that it was two employees of the Prosecutor's Office who absolutely INSISTED that though they had to get it printed off, it was DEFINITELY a Warrant for my ARREST, and that at end of day in Court, I would be hauled off to jail.

This was PATENTLY UNTRUE, they KNEW THAT, and old summonses are FOREVER coming to light and usually amount to NOTHING, and they knew that as well.

Therefore, I REFUSE to put the young male witness under the kind of HATE and DESTRUCTION that the Prosecutor's Office, Police, and Mayor Saffo is also part of it, have RULED Wilmington with in their REIGN OF TERROR of White Supremacy and Drug Addictions to profit top Politicians, Business-people, Christian Churches and Leaders.

They can ALL RETURN to the HELLS of their OWN creation. Ape Brain has already paid his attorney over $2,000.00 to defend him in this case. He did NOT plead Guilty nor agree to Negotiation, so he is UNREPENTANT -- but he certainly has LEARNED HIS LESSON of assaulting the likes of me in the name of his GOD OF HATRED AND FEAR, Jesus Christ, INVERTED.

So WHY tie up Court resources further, when I have allowed so MANY (Thom Goolsby, Bruce Mason, etc.), to SHOW their true colors and their SHAME, publicly, my ONLY REAL GOAL:

And while it is POSSIBLE that I will change my mind and decide to GO BACK TO COURT for trial -- as my mother fears that if I don't, Ape Brain and his "Christian Friends" will harm me WORSE and bully all the SHORTER PEOPLE in Wilmington, I will FIRST FIND THE WORDS, and write Ms. Palombo proposing to DROP this prosecution, as I have MADE MY POINT BETTER -- than if I had gone on to WIN -- LOL!!!


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