Tuesday, August 22, 2017

After the ECLIPSE OF INTELLIGENCE in New Hanover County Court, Yesterday:

Every now and then, I like to post something for the prurient interests of my straight male and Lesbian friends!!!


(But does it SMELL as good???)

And HERE'S a little sumpthin' that reminds me of Donald Trump:

WHOOPS!!! I meant this:

And also for my NON-Catholic friends:

>>> MY LETTER JUST SENT TO ATTORNEY JAMES L. "BUDDY" ALLARD (then also sent to his apparent client, David Alan Young):

Mr. Allard: The way forward is not yet clear . . .

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Dear Mr. Allard,

I'm writing you because I PRESUME you are David Alan Young's attorney defending him against my charge of "Communicating Threats" -- and I'll get to that in a minute, but first want to wish you well in your FACIAL RECOVERY. When I first saw you AGAIN struttin' yer stuff in court like a banty rooster, I was chagrined that you might have cut your cheek with a STRAIGHT RAZOR -- and I suppose no WONDER, since you were shaving with it VERTICALLY, where most would shave horizontally. Or you might be recovering from the removal of cancerous tissue or a vertical constellation of "moles gone bad". In any case, I wish you a speedy recovery!!!

I was too lazy last night, after being in Court until nearly 4:00 and then writing my last blog posting that all the Courts Officers (after Judge Davis had adjourned and disappeared -- as well as you and your side-kick, Mr. John C. Collins), said they couldn't WAIT to see how I blogged about that DAY IN COURT, they all reading my blog religiously and getting many a BELLY LAUGH.

I never talk behind anyone's back, but I was TOO TIRED to use your online form, which has NO place to elaborate at all, anyway, and today, your Admin gave me your email address, so check it out!!!: http://theweathercontinues.blogspot.com/2017/08/a-tit-for-tat-day-in-new-hanover-county.html.

And I did NOT notice if your client decided to REFUSE my offer to negotiate rather than end up with a Conviction (which shouldn't affect him much since he's likely got GREAT CREDIT already, etc.), with YOUR advice, or on his own -- so I can't criticize you for that.

I believe it was your honcho Collins (now THERE's a "classically handsome man"), who after the disappointment that we were not going through with a decidedly PRE-MATURE trial, yesterday, left in an abrupt huff, saying, "I waited ALL DAY just for THIS???" 

John C. Collins

It was BRILLIANT how y'all found that joke of a warrant for me for "Communicating Threats" as well (meant to blow my prosecution apart especially because of the SURPRISE element of it) -- and NEXT I'll blog in detail about that, so stay tuned -- or actually, I'll send it to you via email, and then DROP you from my list of about 220 Political Contacts that get my every blog posting -- and you might expand the "To" and "Cc" sections to see my entire list -- when you get it. I'll also send the above-linked posting to your client -- for fairness -- but NOT put him on my email list.

I hope to get to writing to Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo today, as well -- NOT to congratulate her on her recent weight loss (hopefully not due to Meth -- which reminds me that I WANTED to congratulate your client on HIS smaller belly, so please do that for me, and in the blog posting I REVEAL a question I will ask/have him asked, him/of him -- and he MIGHT want to practice his answer first, so it comes off as NATURAL).

Well GOOD DAY, and may you and your client BASK IN THE BOSOM OF THE LORD!!! I don't know about you, but Dave is a SERIOUS CHRISTIAN -- as are his parents and sister who claimed to me that the Bible and God demands all Christians MURDER ALL MUSLIMS ON EARTH. 

Like you, I am educated, having taken five University Level courses on the Bible, Comparative Religion, etc., and all I can say is that the Young Family reads a DIFFERENT BIBLE than I have -- LOL!!!

Also, it was REFRESHING to see the BEAR HUG the two of you had in Court. Whether "bromance" (I think it unlikely it was romance), or just as Old Bosom Buddies (or you have made a TON defending Mr. Young's many crimes, so "HUG THE MONEY POT", as they say), as I told you when you left Court, "Looking forward to our next meeting!!!"

Scott D. Kenan

aka: Saint Bad Boy:

THAT dispensed with, here is the "Service" I received that was FIRST billed as ABSOLUTELY a Warrant for my Arrest, but turned out to be a likely TRUE MATTER -- but old and stale and BEYOND LAUGHABLE, as you shall see:

What is so funny here, is that Dustin Goldsmith did NOT leave my apartment, where Haston Lavern Caulder II and Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. DEMANDED HE STAY -- in fact Joseph send Dustin a Memory Foam BED, that he slept on in my living room, adjacent to my own bedroom/office, in which Mr. Goldsmith liked to lie in only his thin muslin boxers, pressing them to fit perfectly about his impressive semi-erection, which I never got to actually see (unlike Haston Caulder's via a selfie he sent Joseph and me).

Haston kept telling me that Dustin had sex with the old black guy in wheelchair (an "active Frenchman" as we used to say), in exchange for being allowed to LIVE THERE, and Dustin offered it to me twice -- but for $30.00, which I thought was TOO HIGH, all things considered, so never bought it.

As you can see, Dustin Goldsmith was NOT JUST HOT of body, but an AVID CHRISTIAN as well. And when he was ARRESTED, I was unable to get his set of apartment keys back.

So he OBVIOUSLY was never frightened OR evicted by me a few days earlier, as he claims in his charge -- nor did I say anything about "breaking his bones", or pushing him down the staircase like he was Scarlett O'Hara -- or for THAT matter, Henry Morrison Flagler, who was pushed down Whitehall's stairs by the Kenans -- to get his fortune EARLIER than if he died of NATURAL causes:

The Grand Staircase at Whitehall had steps so deep (to accommodate ladies' flowing gowns), that they had to ROLL Ol' Henry Flagler down to kill him: Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler, Dr. Owen Kenan (Flagler's personal physician), and William Rand Kenan, Jr., I suspect.

And my FIRST IMPRESSION was that since it is signed by Magistrate Maura Johnson (who screwed me a few times, refusing to issue summonses when I had a complaint or two against the Padezanin Drug Mafia of George Padezanin of Hand Painted Homes on South 8th Street in 2011), but gave THEM BOGUS summonses for me (none of which stuck in Court), that Dustin had somehow been in touch with David Young or his lawyer, and they concocted this as PURE HARASSMENT.

But then I saw the dates -- although it took TWO HOURS for me to realize the SIGNIFICANCE of the dates -- and that they must have held off service knowing it was non-sense and that Dustin would soon be in jail. Or they came by to serve it, and it made NO SENSE when they realized he still lived in my house and was CRIMINALLY AMBULATORY.

In fact, when Dustin was arrested, it was I who told them I found his stash of stolen goods against the north side of the house here. And those stolen goods -- and it was FUNNY because the cops took it ALL, but sold or gave the two HIGHLY expensive bicycles to DRUG MAFIA, they NEVER going into Police Inventory -- like they painstakingly cataloged every other item while still at my house, taking over an hour.

Dustin was convicted and served his sentence up near the Virginia border, and is out now. He never came back to collect all his personal papers (mostly a lot of bank statements), and two months after Dustin was sprung, I threw them away.

The REST of the issues about this I will leave to my letter to Prosecutor Alexandria Palombo, soon to be written.

Pastor Mike Dickey of City Life Churchhttps://www.facebook.com/CityLifeChurchNC/ and also here: http://www.citylifenc.com/home.html

Pastor Mike Dickey a-Preachin':

Pastor Mike airin' his PHEROMONES whilest communing with a young boy.

While Haston Caulder always went to The Anchor Church http://anchorwilmington.org/ (and three times brought male whores around, trying to sell his Church's Male Whores to me -- never successfully), Dustin Goldsmith worked with Pastor Mike Dickey and City Life Church, redistributing stolen goods (and perhaps some not stolen), to the needy -- and Dustin was one of their BIGGEST THIEVES!!!

For the past two weeks, some member of City Life Church who works at the gas station at Red Cross and Third Streets, has been PROMISING my roommate, "Warden", that his church is looking to buy Warden an older VAN -- and also pay the insurance, tags and registration fees, as well as any refurbishment costs.

And I HOPE this is legitimate, and that all of them know what they are getting into. Warden is not the brightest bulb on the string, but has been waiting for his phone to ring and Pastor Mike to tell him, "IT'S READY -- COME AND GET IT!!!"

But I ain't holdin' my breath.

Well, AIN'T THAT SOMETHING!!! My old nemesis and partner-in-crime with my mother and sister Jane, has taken a HUGE cut in pay to teach English in high school in the very STICKS of Appalachian Virginia.

THINKThe River Stix.

I've ALREADY sent her congratulations, and an invitation to read this blog for some good HUMOR!!!

MOST MYSTERIOUSLY, Christal Presley has ADDED the "Trivett" to her name, she was born Christal Presley and her parents spelled it that way to insure she would always behave "Christ-like".

You see, Christal Presley is CLOSE to Sean Hannity of Fox News -- she the roommate of Sean's wife, Jill (Rhodes) Hannity in college.

But as Christal told me that Jill had told her -- Sean Hannity is BOFFO FOR BOYS!!!

And Sean Hannity is ROMAN CATHOLIC, no???


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