Wednesday, August 2, 2017

My Letter to Dr. Carole Kunkle-Miller (already sent by email) -- and a Few Other Things:

Dr. Kunkle-Miller of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


1. I only got a $20.00 check this week for my allowance from Benefits Management, Inc. (end of the month with five rather than four pay periods), so GOOD THING Joseph Faulk sent that $300.00 to cover my Meds, no???

2. Gold Walker called this morning to say that the tenant previous to me in this apartment (a middle-aged woman, divorced with dependent child), called her today and needs medical help because she was rear-ended in her car yesterday, was under the influence of "some glasses of wine", so the guilty rear-ender talked her OUT of filing a Police Report. 

She has no personal health insurance, and has to do a Police Report, but has no name or licence place number of the offender, who talked her drunk self (the woman is a Christian and claimed she'd had TWO glasses of wine which means four or more), out of calling the cops. So unlikely she will be covered by the offender's insurance.

This is a TYPICAL Gold Walker story about one of her friends. Gold also likes to watch QVC and buy things that don't work well, but she's addicted to buying things there and in junk and thrift stores, driving her apartment-maintenance employees crazy at times, since many QVC things -- sold there because stores can't sell them -- are for her apartments.

3. "The Atheist" (landlady Gold Walker's trusted long-time jack-of-all-trades), has fixed a shorted-out light and switch and a towel rod in my apartment -- and says Gold Walker needs Psychological Counselling because of the crazy stuff she buys and does.

But she really DOES have a HEART OF GOLD!!!

Dr. Carole Kunkle-Miller
520 Washington Road
Suite 206
Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228

August 2, 2017

Hi Carole,

Long time, no contact, but I’ve watched your practice grow from a distance for years. Congratulations on a most admirable achievement!!!

Is the Richard Miller who works with you your husband, after a change of careers, or is the name just a coincidence? I recently got back in touch with my high school girlfriend, Marlowe Schaeffer-Polk, and after being a Chester County, PA Prosecutor, she became a Physician, then later installed Epic Systems on major hospital systems’ computers around the country, and today, while still practicing two days a week as a General Practitioner and maintaining her Lawyer’s license, she is a top consultant in the USA on Privacy of Online Medical Records.

She’s had THREE husbands (now all dead), and no natural children, but has three adopted ones (one she went to Siberia, Russia to adopt), with IQs so low they will always be dependents, and she has Trust Funds set up for them assuming she pre-deceases them, which is normally typical. She raises horses and her children excel in horse care. I’m to accompany Marlowe to our 50th reunion in 2019, I having run my best friend’s successful campaign for Class President, and am also back in touch with him.

My Denison friend, Dean Hansell (’74), with whom I’d done several DCA anti-poverty and voter-registration projects with in impoverished rural black communities in the South, I’ve recently been back in touch with too. Dean and I founded the first gay group at Denison in fall 1972, and he went on to co-found GLAAD. Dean was the Illinois Asst. Attorney General, a Police Commissioner of Los Angeles, won, in private practice, the largest settlement Michael Jackson’s mother ever got from the Record Companies, co-wrote the textbook on “The Law of Re-insurance”, and a year ago was appointed Superior Court Judge in Los Angeles – which finally made it into the recent issue of Denison magazine. He’s also served as a Denison Trustee.

On my own, although my background was as a math and science wiz, I won a contest of all the Great Lakes Colleges for artists, senior year at Denison, being the only one they accepted all three of my entries and so now 30 US Embassies and Consulates have my Art prints hanging in them (or did), and of course one of Hilary Russell’s was ALSO a winner in that, but her serigraph of lips on silvered paper did not have the ink adhesion and I’m afraid were likely destroyed when they were rolled for shipping tubes. In any case, Hilary’s was a GREAT PRINT!!!

It was only when my memoir’s publication was cancelled in January 2010 and my immediate family worked with the Republican Party of Georgia to commit me five times (in one month), to a Mental Hospital with help of my employer of twenty years, that I began to wake up to the crimes of my close family and the wealthy Kenans who co-founded UNC and today control Exxon-Mobil, Rex Tillerson, Bank of America, Coca-Cola, the Ku Klux Klan, most Republicans and the Clinton Democrats (and narco-traffick with them all, although Wells Fargo and American Express Bank are BIGGER into narco-trafficking).

I had been kept in the dark due to being on Lithium Carbonate (a soft lobotomy), for 31 years by force of my mother, who was angry that I began talking about the Swastikas on our dinner plates and daily beatings while we grew up -- and later that my parents’ best friends included Coach Lou Holtz, Sean Hannity’s best friend, and Nixon’s Aide John Ehrlichman, whom my parents set up the Christian Drug Mafias in Wilmington, NC and Atlanta/Stone Mountain, GA – and my friend Lt. Gen. Russel Honore’ knew all about that – we met at the Tennessee Williams Fest in New Orleans in 2015.

You see, the company I worked for for twenty years, commission only and selling ad space in all the yearbooks for the Service Academies, Maritime Academies, and War Colleges, also distributed all the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but especially in Wilmington and Atlanta. He fired me, claimed I was HATED by my family and had NO CHOICE but to commit suicide, then twenty minutes later, Police showed up at my door saying they heard I was in imminent danger of committing suicide. My boss had contacted my sister Jane (who’d had no contact with me for ten days), and got Jane to call about my desperate situation, the FIFTH attempt was by a call from my other sister, Julie, whom I REALLY had next to no contact with, but by then, the cops were used to this and came to the door LAUGHING about it.

Fortunately, retired Army Col. Dottie Newman, who had served as Colin Powell’s Chief Protocol (security) Officer while he was Secretary of State, was a good friend of mine. And she said the CIA and Republican Party planned to kill me since they could not commit me (I knew too much), and she helped me sell everything at fire sale prices (my nearly paid-off four-bedroom home for $69,000.00, $250,00 less than I had paid for it in 1988). I lost my Art collection and everything I couldn’t fit into my small car, and then Drug Mafia TRICKED me out of virtually all the proceeds of that sale, rendering me homeless in Mexico within a few months.

I was back in the USA at the end of 2010, my parents and family STILL trying to commit me, which they were unable to do, and I was arrested, charged, and convicted of “Cyber-Stalking” because I’d blogged about one of the most powerful attorneys in Wilmington’s gay piano bar being where I witnessed MUCH small and large narco-trafficking. And although I’d CLAWED my way out of homelessness, the 2.5 months in jail awaiting trial forced me back homeless, so I lived under bridges, on church protected porches, etc. Eventually I FORCED the D.A. to ERASE this and other false convictions from that time in 2011 – 12.

Well, I’m not going to re-write my entire story, which includes that my wealthy relatives put Trump into power and my mother and her Popes (Mom had at least three private meetings with Popes in Rome), put Mike Pence into the Vice Presidency to destroy the Constitution and raise the Catholic Swastika (and make a LOT OF MONEY). That is all falling apart and I will soon begin writing a series of books on my Kenan/Meyer Family’s prominent place in American History. It is EASY to show that the Kenans had spread across the deep South (all states except Louisiana), and by elected position and wealth were the BIGGEST force for the South to secede in 1861.

What is complicated with Chuck Pritchard and Hillary Russell and some of their friends, is the fact that Hilary’s mother and mine together put us together – I BARELY knew Hilary before graduation, and not Chuck at all. And a couple of years later, Hilary’s mother announced around Cape May (after meeting there with my mother), that Hilary and I would get MARRIED, which was hysterically funny to all of us. 

True that Hil and I palled around together, and had Incite: a Gallery together, and had similar visions of what Whale’s Tale should be (and the same buying taste), while Chuck was more interested in putzing with boats, and his old buddies from “Beta and the All Stars” sometimes gathered in Cape May, but Brad Wernle spent the most time with Chuck, and they were such bosom buddies that our other friends back then and I joked how Brad and Chuck should get married – LOL!!!

I have no idea what sort of love life Brad has, and it doesn’t matter. Regardless one’s sexual nature, if you marry (or equivalent), someone of EITHER SEX, you should keep your commitment, which Chuck certainly has done. And I’m THRILLED to see how all that crowd has PROSPERED, and don’t care that I’m nearly as broke as homeless, now, with a total of $170.00, and a 2009 Pontiac Vibe that runs very well, but is surface beat-up from altercations with Drug Mafia in Mexico. It did GREAT outrunning Drug Mafia on the mountain roads of Mexico’s tropical jungle – and desert as well!!!

I have a settlement coming quite soon after a Spectrum Cable truck knocked me 12 feet out of a crosswalk in broad daylight, he ACCELERATING into me, not seeing 6’ 11” me until he felt the impact, and I did some REAL damage to his truck, but I walked away, and was later checked out to be OK – only muscle bruising that healed completely over six weeks, but boy was that soon painful!!!

And while copyright to my memoir was stolen by Wilmington’s D.A. with a Wells Fargo exec and a Fox News talking head from Chicago (because I blogged about the exec bragging to me about seeing Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in his private gay bathhouse in Chicago many times while Obama was an Illinois State Senator), no one can steal my STORY, so I can use the manuscript to sell movie rights.

Before my copyright was stolen, the producers of all the Harry Potter films had considered buying it (but didn’t), and top producer Scott Rudin was looking at it, but never got back to us with an answer. It established me as the authority on the last two years of Tennessee Williams’s life, as credited by John Lahr and many Williams scholars.

Now, given my life of adventure (that I did not CHOOSE but got stuck with due to my parents’ NAZI position), I bet you AGREE WITH ME that it is GOOD that I do NOT have any dependents – LOL!!! I’ve only had cats, and two of them were murdered or stolen by drug mafia in Mexico to terrorize me.

So anyway, the BEST that I got from Chuck and Hilary was that Chuck came from a genuinely LOVING family, and Hilary is far more loving than my OWN family. I don’t CARE if she knew of some of these things our mothers planned for us. It is all NOW just GREAT STORIES and I have been saved by my sense of humor more than any other thing. Also, I studied under the President of Religious Science, International (Science of Mind) for many years – as well as under his good friend Elisabeth Kubler-Ross of Germany.

And my good online friend who was already writing soap opera scripts his senior year in high school, Jonathan Reiner, cousin to Rob, nephew of Carl, now also has his OWN Emmys, and he made me an “Honorary Jew” when I first published that my parents are (were -- Steve Bannon now has most of Mom’s duties), America’s Top NAZIS in 2010. Jonathan is ALSO a trained Practitioner of Science of Mind.

So, I’m having a ball, and have never been happier, with GREAT PROSPECTS to PROSPER financially (once US Politics cools down a little). NO ONE should feel sorry for me because GOD never gave me a challenge that I haven’t met and grown beyond!!! My hope is to -- through my writing – help others to AVOID my many errors along the way.

My Political Blog that passed the 1,000,000 hit mark last Thanksgiving: My memoir is now published as a blog for all to read and includes customer reviews (from when I sold it on Amazon), and professional reviews as well:

And I will copy this letter to Chuck and Hilary via Whale’s Tale and to Brad Wernle via Facebook.

All best to ALL,


"No, you never know what Scott might do next!!!"


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