Saturday, July 29, 2017

See, Saturday IS "More Relaxing" (than yesterday), No???:

"It all started at the end of last year when leading names in the plastic surgery industry hedged their bets and released a forecast of nip and tuck trends for 2017

Surprisingly, the hitherto ignored nipples topped the list. And in contrast to breasts, bigger is not, in fact, better when it comes to our nips."

It's become increasingly popular

Chris Cuomo's of CNN were considered IDEAL (for man or wo-man)!!!

Chris cavorts with FISH, no???

Sandra Beckham
3 hrs
“Middle-aged people can balance between believing in God and breaking all the commandments without difficulty.” 
(And grammar laws.)

― T.H. White, The Ill-Made Knight

>>> Well, it began by my hearing from Jean-Noel, a French Canadian of the homosexual persuasion, who has worked for Air Canada since he graduated college -- and a year later, first flew down to see me in Stone Mountain, GA in about 1988, and we went to the Atlanta Arts Fest in Piedmont Park, where we ran into my old Key West Friends from working for Tennessee Williams, actors Hiram Keller and Tina St. Clair,

I have not previously disclosed that Italian Countess Adriana Jackson, who taught me to make the BEST marinara sauce, insisted that Tina is the granddaughter of German actor Conrad Veidt

Hans Walter Conrad Veidt (22 January 1893 – 3 April 1943) was a German actor best remembered for his roles in films such as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari(1920), The Man Who Laughs (1928), and, after being forced to migrate to Britain by the rise of Nazism in Germany, his English-speaking roles in The Thief of Bagdad (1940), and, in Hollywood, Casablanca (1942), in which he appeared as Major Strasser. After a successful career in German silent film, where he was one of the best-paid stars of Ufa, he left Germany in 1933 with his new Jewish wife after the Nazis came to power. They settled in Britain, where he participated in a number of films before emigrating to the United States around 1941.

Hiram Keller starred in Fellini Satyricon.

His wife, Kristina St. Clair, and Hiram BOTH starred in Countryman, which had a GREAT sound-track album!!!:

And from my memoir, including Adriana's MARINARA RECIPE!!!

Well, I sent Jean-Noel a HEARTY invitation to visit me in Wilmington (since he flies for free). The LAST I saw him was when he stayed with Canadian Friends (a mixed sex and mixed sexuality group of men and women who rarely wore clothes in their eight-bedroom suite overlooking Puerto Vallarta which had its OWN swimming pool and hot tub).

And Jean Noel ventured out with me (fall 2012), to my place in Chacala, Nayarit, Mexico, where he stayed with me for a couple of nights in my "Lawrence of Arabia" construction -- LOL!!!

To the right of this was a one-room living-room/bedroom/office, and this showing very little of the HUGE terrace I had "jungle-planted", and this shows the kitchen (behind the propane tank, and dining area that I'd wrapped in simple shower curtains for privacy at night, when candle-light ruled).

And then it so happened that I found out from landlady Gold Walker, this morning, when I told her I can't fix the towel rod in one of the bathrooms -- and we've got an electrical problem that has lights on one circuit flickering, possibly evidence of that GHOST she claims shares the house with us -- that MIGHT actually be of Whistler's Mother, who was actually BORN in a house that stood where Gold's gorgeous late Victorian stands, across the street. So she'll have an electrician (an Atheist who can't POSSIBLY believe in ghosts), check it Monday.

Gold's house, featured in eight films and two TV series, so far.

Gold told me that Denise Wood, downstairs (whom I had a VERY civilized conversation with last night and I offered to FEED her plants on the porch today -- which she accepted), is "frosty" toward me because I called her:

Or to be even CLEARER:

As I explained to Gold, ONLY a "C-word" would take offense when called "a C-word" -- EVERYONE ELSE (who knows they are NOT), would LAUGH!!! That is a FIRST LAW of PSYCHOLOGY, and even Christians know THAT (which Denise also is)!!!

Gold said that I need to APOLOGIZE to her -- which is Christian-Talk for strategic LYING, they ALWAYS cheat on their spouses if BORN-AGAIN . How did you think Country Music was born and continues to prosper so well???

-- in Wilmington more with the same sex than the opposite. 

Every Southerner has relatives like this (or IS this):


But I told Gold that to maintain "Green Peace" (aka "herbal harmony"), I would find some way to have the SAME EFFECT. Then I can be accused of being right here in the CENTER of:

Now in the matter of HOW and FROM WHOM I got the Donation to pay for my next month's meds -- as well as my mini-contribution to the Congressional Campaign of Joseph Patrick Kennedy III -- I will paste in the email exchange about it (having gotten NO GUIDANCE from the benefactor on how to handle this):

Joe Kennedy -- is it any WONDER I am getting LOTS of hits to my blog by people searching "Joseph Kennedy III shirtless" -- something I can't find in an IMAGE??? 

Well here is one that shows MY preference for the red-headed mop-tops:

Some readers might recall that I USED to call this guy "Testosteroni" on blog -- and THIS represented him (his brains):

Re: You've got money 

Thank you!!! I really didn't expect this from you -- and reconciled myself to the FACT that YOUR generosity has been the BEST anyone has ever done for me in a PRACTICAL WAY, regardless our scraps and disagreements, you have ALWAYS been faithful and it had to end one day, and this "day" is a good place for that -- it just got too complicated due to a slower settlement than we had been led to expect.

You will get a HOOT out of that I got ONE donation via PayPal, but the delivery email was not the usual (believable to anyone not used to the real one), and it was a $59.00 one that is FAKE, but would have caused a gullible person (like I have been), a lot of PAIN of disappointment after believing it was some WELCOME RELIEF.

My first impulse was to give you credit for this on my blog, but then I don't know if you'd want that. Then I decided that I will post that whole first bizarre donation, and leave it open in case SOMEONE actually sends me a few bucks

If I get more than $300.00, I'll incrementally send money back to you as my fortune mounts and mounts!!!

Yes, I had some herbal evidence leftover still.

You are even a BETTER SPORT than Justine LaNasa.



-----Original Message-----

From: service <>
To: Scott Kenan <>
Sent: Thu, Jul 27, 2017 4:42 pm
Subject: You've got money

Hello, Scott Kenan
Joseph Faulk sent you $300.00 USD
Note from Joseph Faulk:
quote$300, especially for prescriptions. 
Don't call me
--email ok? -J-
"In the public feud between Anthony Scaramucci and Reince Priebus, what hasn’t been fully explained is why Scaramucci so dislikes the president’s now-former chief of staff — a man he alternates between calling “Reince Penis” and Rancid Penis,” according to an adviser to the White House."

It all started in January.

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"You're the creative surrealist

You're a blast from the future with your revolutionary thinking and mental creativity. Whether you feel like an old soul or completely lost in this world, you're a surrealist at heart. 

You may not realize it yet, but you see the world through a unique lens that very few people can relate to. This may be frustrating to you at times but it also gives you incredible insight

You have a way of seeing things that enables you to create, think, see, dream and speak in completely radical and new ways. You have the mind of an artist

Tap into your creative potential and you can make a huge impact."

You're one of a kind, but why? Do you know what kind of unique person you are?

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Sandra Beckham Everyone gets the same thing... Took the test twice to 2 extremes.

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Scott Kenan Sandra Beckham: Figures!!! I guess we were ALL created "Creative Surrealists" -- or at least Tending Posts Club wants us to THINK SO (and THINKING makes it SO!!!).

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Sandra Beckham Beats da hell outta me!

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4 hrs

Frank Hawkins Kenan II with Story Cowles (rather recently).


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