Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A FUN RUN-IN Today with My Old Wilmington Nemesis (and failed Republican Mayoral and NC Senate candidate), Justin LaNasa, Whose Museum of the Bizarre, He Showed Off to Me (and I MIGHT have to MOVE IN!!!):

From Justin LaNasa's Facebook page

Randy Shackelford Sharing the love with Freaker America at this past election season's first candidates' forum.
Sidney Baggett Cool picture, you look like a dictator.


1. I'm down to about $130.00 to my name, with a weekly allowance of $120.00 paid each Monday -- but my roommate is officially moved in, working out VERY well, and Benefits Management will send his rent check directly to landlady Gold Walker (as well as mine).

Next week I must spend $138.00 on heart meds for the next month, and called Mom to let her know all's well with the roommate, and thought she might offer to send some money to cover my meds. I called and left message with Spectrum Cable/ESIS lawyer Brian M. Williams, asking if he's getting all the info from my doctors to make me a settlement offer for their truck knocking me 12 feet out of a crosswalk in front of the County Courthouse on February 13, 2017, but have heard nothing from him, he having thought he might have it all as soon as more than a week ago. I won't have THAT in time to buy the meds.

Yep, when Rhys ACCELERATED into me, I buckled the hood and broke the top of his grill -- HA!!!

But Mom made no such offer -- not even of a LOAN -- and I pointed out that I hadn't expected her to do that. After all, she has HATED ME since finding our DEFINITIVELY that I am gay back in 1973. She referred to it as my "arrested development", and is a Catholic Meyer, who had at least three one-on-one meetings with Popes in Rome, directed the Republican Party in their March Toward NAZISM, largely through her friends Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman, Coach Lou Holtz, former NC Senator Jesse Helms, Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, etc.

Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan in 2008 in FULL NAZI MOOD, now is 93 and living on Castle Pines Drive in Raleigh.

Anyway, Mom would have NOTHING of helping with what is pretty small money to her, and I told her that I still find it SHOCKING that she and my siblings didn't offer to AT LEAST pay for my dental bills, including now full dentures, since they ALL claimed I was BIPOLAR and FORCED ME to take LITHIUM CARBONATE (as a "soft Lobotomy"), for 31 years -- and MIRACULOUSLY my organs weren't destroyed, which is normal, but it DID destroy all my perfect teeth.

But no, she even takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for working with SEVERAL of the CIA Drug Mafia who held me captive in Mexico -- telling them how to handle me -- and at least D.A. Ben David and Judge Chad Hogston, AGAIN claiming I am BIPOLAR and needing Lithium, when she KNOWS my psychiatrist took me OFF it in early 2009, because in the eight years I was with her, I NEVER showed a sign of Bipolar Illness. 

I -- in a NICE VOICE for once -- called her a God-Hating Roman Catholic Bitch (she bases her behaviors on Official Catholic Teaching, and Official NAZI/Catholic Teaching on Extermination of Jews and Homos).

Oh well, I am THINKING of panhandling -- which I was EXTREMELY successful at (while I had my 2008 Pontiac Vibe, before it was repossessed in 2011), at service stations along I-40 between here and most of the way to Raleigh. I made up desperate stories and earned up to $200.00 for about 4 - 5 hours' work!!! NOW, I'm NOT homeless, nor the same kind of desperate, but Joseph Faulk abandoned his promise to help me in a reduced way until I get settlement from Spectrum Cable, so I need a little GAP money, and I bet I could get SEVERAL people to give me $5 - $10 - $20 - $40 each, and I'd DISCLOSE how much I had gotten so far and STOP at $150.00 (includes a tank of gas and lunch).

Or anyone caring enough can PayPal a contribution to my account using my email address:

2. I called Hays in Jeanne Wolf's Pentacom Productions office in Los Angeles, and they STILL can't get the password to where they stored the video of Jeanne's Award-Winning film of Tennessee Williams reading "The Donsinger Women and Their Handyman Jack" filmed while I worked for Tennessee, but said it WOULD be fun if they get to Wilmington with Jeanne's interest in filming (possibly), about the RESURGENCE of HOLLYWOOD EAST (Wilmington, NC), now that Democratic Governor Cooper has managed to RESTORE most of the film subsidies DESTROYED BY THE REPUBLICANS.

3. Walking around downtown, I met a handsome, tallish white man in a "guinea-T" with FABULOUS chest-hairation, light smell of patchouli, about 32 years old, and JUST IN to live here -- from Wisconsin. He was also selling hand-made wallets, and when I told him I was gay as a goose and he was DEFINITELY raising my barometer, he got in CLOSER, and ALSO was disappointed to hear I had just rented out my extra bedroom last week.

As it stands, he hopes to soon run into me again, but he needed to get to the Library, which I directed him to, as he REALLY had just arrived.

4. Perhaps this is PART of why when two blocks later, I spied Justin LaNasa delivering goods from his truck, clearly marked He looked so much BETTER: healthier, trimmer, even HANDSOME, than when I last saw him in person in 2011:

Justin in 2011 (although the photo at TOP is ALSO from that year, later).

And as I approached, and he clearly had recognized me too, and was waiting for me to get there, I called out, "Justin -- I can't believe you are looking SO MUCH BETTER!!! I'm ready to offer you one of my specialized manhood-worshiping treatments!!!"

He cracked up and said it's because he got MARRIED and has a month old DAUGHTER, now -- how cool is THAT??? So I told him as delicious as he looks, I DON'T (knowingly), try to do married guys (whether to a man or a woman) -- UNLIKE in 2011 and 2012, when I did 40% of the "born-again Christians", who all claimed to be straight, in Mercy House Shelter -- and three married guys in their 40s who owned building contracting companies that had built over 100 homes each.

Ah, the GOOD OLD DAZE!!!

We discussed LOTS about the corrupt politicians (especially Democrats), and churches of Wilmington. I told him that former Pastor Ernie Thompson of First Presbyterian had totally surprised me by confessing his sexual desire for me -- but that he was committed to his wife (Danny Sinatra surprised me with the same confession, and we ALL know about the SINATRAS!!!)

Biographer: Frank Sinatra Wasn't Proud of His Big Penis

Read more

Anyway, I told Justin, from MY experience, HALF the Christian Ministers are just POOFS, and he cracked up and said THAT is the ONLY reason he isn't a Minister of God!!!

On his website, I found he APPEARS to be born-again CATHOLIC:

Confession being uniquely Catholic, and Catholic Teaching -- and ALL Bible-based Christian and Jewish Teachings -- consider TATTOOS an ABOMINATION before GOD, so "go figure" on Justin's main career.

So Justin VERIFIED Sheriff Ed McMahon's DRUG MAFIA ASSOCIATIONS, saying Ed is TOTALLY bought and PAID FOR (by my Kenan Family, ultimately), that I PREFER not to believe, Ed having FAR MORE PROFESSIONAL DEPUTIES than Chief Evangelous's Police Officers (and he knows all about Mayor Saffo's, Police Chief Evangelous's, and District Attorneys Ben and Jon David's narco-trafficking with the Christian Churches).

Democrat Sheriff Ed "Pull My FINGER!!!" McMahon.

And while Mr. LaNasa knew that Mayor Saffo's ONLY on-the-ballot challenger in this fall's election, Todd Zola, is at least HALF brain-dead with NO CLUE what it means to run for political office:

Guess which one is which!!!

It had not OCCURRED to him that Zola is LIKELY to become the NEXT MAYOR -- according to my very REASONABLE projection of Saffo being INDICTED BY FEDS or mortally embarrassed and having to resign. See:

But Justin said that the SYSTEM is so TOTALLY RIGGED for Saffo to WIN -- why no popular and professional grade Republican like Woody White bothers to run -- that the Election Board will IGNORE ANY LAWS and keep Zola OUT!!!

And THAT was when he told me about his Museum of the Bizzare, just opened two years ago when his new wife said he HAD to remove all his lifelong collection of WEIRD STUFF from their house. He let me in for FREE, and I spent an hour there, QUITE IMPRESSED, that he had PLENTY of good stuff -- and it was all so LOVINGLY PRESENTED!!!

It only costs $3.00 to get in (and you get free ice-pops), and EVERYONE THERE was having a GREAT TIME!!!

SURELY you will AGREE, that I should LIVE THERE!!!

Me and Tennessee Williams's Ghost, and all my Williams Memorabilia!!!


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