Saturday, July 1, 2017

My Letter Just Emailed to Judge Lindsey McKee (formerly known as Judge Lindsey Luther):

Judge Lindsey McKee, formerly styled as Lindsey Luther

Dear Judge McKee,

It was with great surprise that I learned yesterday that you are no longer Lindsey Luther, but Lindsey McKee -- in Court. At first I assumed that you and Evan Kent Luther had divorced, but I can google up NO record of that, so perhaps for your own reasons have reverted to your given name. Rashly, I jumped to conclusions, and in my blog,, I reported your divorce, but just now corrected that, and I and my audience (I got my 1,000,000th hit last November), are eager to hear which it is. If a divorce, it could NOT have been as acrimonious as Mayor Saffo's divorce, Renee having to secretly get a Restraining Order against the Mayor! If you would please just answer this one question for the Wilmington Public.

I just also amended my top ten most popular blog postings that name you, changing your name to Lindsey (McKee) Luther, and going forward will use Lindsey McKee (formerly also Luther), until your new styling is well established in the Public's mind.

Currently, I have a sworn Summons to Criminal Court against David Alan Young for a hate crime on my 66th Birthday, 6/16, that the Deputies have NOT served after two weeks, but I'm certain they will soon. I know I cannot discuss this with any Judge, as you might preside over our trial. I just want you to know that although when I appeared in your Court, August 28, 2015, I separately seeking Restraining Orders against Jennifer McCracken, still in Apartment 67, Carolina Apartments, two doors from me in Apartment 65 (this to make it BOTH ways, Jenny having gotten one against me by my consent -- she had no grounds for it, but I had no interest in ever dealing with her again, she had sold me marijuana for months, and kept trying to sell me opioids, and other HARD illegal drugs), and Anthony Humphrey of Apartment 69, across the hall from me.

In another case in your Court earlier that day, you had admonished a plaintiff that it was ILLEGAL for a Judge to combine two actions, as he had requested you do, but you had to try them separately, and did. When it came to MY cases, Anthony Humphrey did not even SHOW in Court (so usually a Restraining Order is then automatically issued), but in opposition to what you earlier said, NOT taking Mr. Humphrey's absence into account, you COMBINED the two actions and DENIED them, despite my testimony that Jennifer had been BANGING on the outside wall of my apartment at all hours of day and night, mocking me, and I could NOT respond because of her R.O. against me!

If Mr. Young and I end up in your Court, I will trust you to follow the dictates of your Sworn Oath of Office -- you being an Elder at First Presbyterian, I assume you will take the Moral High Ground demanded of Judges.

Also, if you have not read my blog postings of the last half week, I have sent Pastor Dan Lewis of FPC Statesboro, GA, a LOT of the info I also sent the US Justice and State Departments about the shenanigans at First Prez, Wilmington, beginning with Elder William R. Kenan, Sr. and your congregation being the real IMPETUS behind the 1898 Insurrection, through the present. He's a young guy and I thought he needed to know all of that if your Search Committee had not fully disclosed all of it.

Perhaps of additional interest to you, is that in my "badgering" the Sheriff's Department, unsuccessfully so far, to serve Mr. Young, I've had a LOT of extended conversations with various Deputies, who LOVE that I now work directly with the US Justice and State Departments giving them evidence and leads on narco-trafficking and other corruptions in Wilmington -- as well as about how my wealthy Kenan relatives, many of whom I know, put Donald Trump into the Presidency for the Kenans to profit from developing Russia's oil reserves, and in 2015, I met a just retired top exec of our Exxon-Mobil, who told me how Rex Tillerson, with the CIA and Hillary Clinton State Department, put Enrique Pena Nieto in as Mex-Prez. He PROMPTLY changed their Constitution so Kenans could AGAIN get Mexican oil. 

I now work also with ex-President Vicente Fox, who worked for the Kenans before that as an exec of Coca-Cola, and President Salinas, as well, to expose CIA corruptions of the Mexican Government -- and narco-trafficking there with Obama, Clinton, Bush, Cheney, and Kenan Families, I even met George W. Bush's top drug-money launderer, Martin Lamb, in Colima, Mexico, who when he heard I am a North Carolina Kenan, assumed I had lots of drug cash to launder and wanted my business, so he BRAGGED that George W. Bush flew to his private island off Panama REGULARLY with small jets loaded with cash for him to "invest".

Now you and ALL the other District Court Judges have been getting my emails to 200 contacts of my every blog posting for at least 1.5 years, but you might not ever read them. D.A. Ben David has ERASED the false convictions I had in local Court in 2011 and 2012, and promised me more than once in person, that he would get erased the false conviction of me of LIBEL in Cook County Court in 2013 -- it was never legally served me, and I was tried in absentia. The problem was that my Puerto Vallarta friend Jamie Lee Sutherland, an exec then of Wells Fargo Advisors, Chicago (that branch of their bank getting the largest fine in US History in 2010, for laundering drug money), had told me of his own narco-trafficking and that he had seen Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel several times in his private Men's Country Gay Bathhouse while Obama was a State Senator. 

The reason Mr. David is involved, is that his intern, Jeffrey Duncan, while the false actions occurred in New Hanover County Courts 2011 -12, got his first job in Daliah Saper's Saper Law, LLC, in Chicago (and Daliah is also a Fox News Contributor), brought this illegal and unconstitutional action against me. If Mr. David does NOT get this overturned, he knows I will have him prosecuted in Federal Court for this travesty of Justice. It seems YOU were an intern for Ben David about that time, too. Did YOU know Jeff Duncan?

My point was to be that the Deputies have suggested I work part-time (I think AFTER my action against Mr. Young is completed), as a Cyber-Researcher for the Sheriff's Detectives, so I might work with Evan Luther!

And as a MAJOR point of Grammar, I see you have already changed your name on the roster of Elders -- but to a GRAMMATICAL IMPOSSIBILITY, and from my experience on 2011, when I was a VERY active member of First Presbyterian, I KNOW the congregants there are WELL EDUCATED and this looks plain foolish to an educated person: One can be Ms. Lindsey Luther, Ms. Lindsey McKee, or Mrs. Evan Luther (and Mrs. Lindsey Luther is now semi-OK, too), but Mrs. Lindsey McKee is NEVER grammatically acceptable. Perhaps you would enjoy reading my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams, which established me as the TOP AUTHORITY on the last two years of his life, although I should warn you that I wrote it in grammar rules and language of the time it reports on, so flight attendants are stewardesses, etc.

I guess the way you styled your name at church answers my earlier question about your marriage, but can you tell me in which area Evan got his degree from CFCC and the names of the two universities where you have and perhaps still do serve as adjutant professor, as listed in your promo material? I'm sure New Hanover Voters would like a bit more detail on these two things which are EASY to clarify.

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply, and perhaps I will see you soon in Court!

Scott David Kenan

Posted Jun 12, 2011 at 12:01 AM

Lindsey Leigh McKee and Evan Kent Luther, both of Rocky Point, N.C., are engaged to be married. The wedding is planned for October 22, 2011, at First Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, N.C.
Miss McKee is the daughter of Frederick Jackson McKee Jr. and Debra Brown, both of Roxboro, N.C. Mr. Luther is the son of Richard Kent and Patricia Austin Luther of Wilmington.

Lindsey Leigh (McKee) Luther (with Evan Kent Luther), takes Oath of Office as District Court Judge in January 2015.


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