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My Email to Temp-Journalist Robbie Greenspan of the Wilmington Star News / My Email to Both Landlady Gold Walker and Her Tenant Denise Wood -- Who Lives Downstairs from Me:

Ari Melber of MSNBC is my current FAVE TV Journalist -- and NOT because of his LUXURIANT chest hair (as many might understandably assume).

Good Morning Robbie Greenspan,

I had planned to write you yesterday (and I hope you got my two mass-emailings of my blog -- an alternative news source here in Wilmington). Although a member of the Kenan Family that landed here in the 1730s (and not at all popular with them, due to my exposing their crimes), I too, when I first moved here in 2011, was SHOCKED to see how a perverted form of Christianity PERVADES Wilmington Politics and Churches -- which is due mostly to my Kenan Family's influence.

I was distracted, yesterday, by blogging your name incorrectly as that of my former lover of 1985, who had been Thomas S. Kenan III's long-term lover before that, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson -- and then your first image is of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran church -- where my research shows Robbie to NOW employ his talents!!! But having been born, raised, and educated a Yankee, I TOO (as everyone I speak with here who MOVED here from another part of the country has ALSO said), found that Bullying Fake Christians spew their fear, hate, and inverted message of Jesus at EVERY Government meeting -- if not with blatant prayers to their IDOL, then in their public comments. 

WORST recent example was what narco-trafficking protector Pastor Robert Campbell of New Beginning Christian Church (whose wife on the church website has a DEIFIED photo like the Virgin Mary of my Catholic roots -- and she has the TRASHIEST education listed), said about not knowing whether to throw a bucket of water or of kerosene on a smoldering FIRE -- LOL!!!

And you might not have been in North Carolina long enough to know that our Laws include that a male assaulting a female is a more severe crime than other assault, with tougher penalties. As a giant, 6' 11" guy, I understand that a giant person assaulting a small one is WORSE than vice-versa -- or between physical equals, but this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. 

For a giant woman, like my downstairs neighbor Denise Wood (6' 3" and quite heavy), if she beat up tiny D.A. Ben David or Sheriff Ed McMahon would get off easy, but they would get it WORSE if one of them beat HER BUTT!!!

NOT actually Denise Wood

Also, North Carolina is the ONLY STATE that makes it LEGALLY impossible for a woman to say NO and stop sex -- or it is RAPE -- if she ever shows consent in words or attitude even ONCE before the seduction becomes serious. 

My former attorney, one of the TOP Criminal Defense Attorneys in town -- Bruce Mason -- told me that my Kenan relatives (who were Donald Trump's BIGGEST support), control ALL Republicans and indirectly, all Democrats, and write all of NC's Laws. This was CONFIRMED to me by the two Magistrates at the County Jail that I had to deal with to get a Criminal Court Summons issued to David Alan Young, who had assaulted me and promised to get his gun and hunt my tall self down on Wilmington's streets to SHOOT ME DEAD, as is commanded by the Bible and Christianity of ALL Christians to do to ALL Liberals and "Faggots", such as myself -- this on my 66th birthday outside Jackson's Big Oak Barbecue.

David Alan Young

If you are wondering WHY I am taking so much interest in your career, it is that you have impressed me deeply, and many accomplished people have encouraged MY development over the years, including Roy Rogers and Dale Evans (before I was in grade school), Tennessee Williams, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, President Reagan, and Patricia Sinatra, fave niece of Frank who runs Sinatra Enterprises and told me how she sold control of their Bank of America to my wealthy Kenan relatives.

Although the Kenans are the biggest Criminal Family in World History (the corruption of governments all over the world, but especially the US Government -- as well as the unnecessary POLLUTION by Standard Oil/Exxon-Mobil/Rex Tillerson -- the Kenan Family controlling that since 1913 when Henry Flagler left Mary Lily (Kenan) Flagler his entire estate in 1913 -- more S.O. stock than Rockefeller ever owned -- and the Rockefellers SOLD OFF all remaining oil stocks several years ago, as well as their Rockefeller Foundation gave my old boss Tennessee Williams the ONLY large grant he ever got while struggling!!!

William Rand Kenan, Sr. took the ONLY Confederate shot at President Lincoln. his dapper, homosexual son, William Rand Kenan, Jr. left it all to CHARITY!!!:

The Kenans have done GREAT THINGS as well!!! The William R. Kenan, JUNIOR Charitable Trust is the LARGEST private support of University Education in the world for many decades now (, and I LOVE (and am now associated with) The Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke (

I would be happy to speak with you -- or give you a tour of some of "Kenan History" around Wilmington -- or even go to Liberty Hall, "The Ancestral Home of the Kenan Family" in Kenansville ( -- only an hour's drive away. 

I know them all there, and the Head Curator would likely give us a tour. That said, Donald Trump paid HOMAGE to the Kenans in Kenansville during his campaign, and I blogged about it, but it is TIME for me to make my peace with them there, which you will understand if you read this:

MY fave beach is ALSO Kure, where the MOST diverse crowd gets along GREAT all the time and IGNORES laws about dogs (or alcohol)-on-beach -- and act RESPONSIBLY about both. They ALSO all LOVE ridiculing the FAKE CHRISTIANS of Wilmington Government and Residents in general -- LOL!!!

Your choice of the statue of George Davis is understandable, it being so prominent and oft seen, but FAR MORE IMPORTANT is the Confederate Memorial on Third Street as you approach First Presbyterian -- which with William R. Kenan SENIOR (his son was the cool homo who left all to Education), were at the HEART of the Wilmington Insurrection of 1898, and while I BELONGED to that congregation for half a year (while homeless, but I "Dressed for Success" to fit in), I found an actual "Message in a Bottle" that I presented to Charlie Boney in our "Discovery Class", then an Elder -- and the statue is dedicated to his ancestor:,_North_Carolina).

Funny that NO ONE DARES to say these Confederate Monuments be MOVED to a park away from the CENTER of things -- to honor our past -- like in New Orleans, and many other Southern Cities that now RESPECT ALL people, today. That because the WHITE SUPREMACIST, NARCO-TRAFFICKING Christian Power Structure here does NOT respect any others!!! Just ask Mayor Bill Saffo, whose Uncle in NYC has run the Saffo Family Drug Mafia for 40 years!!!


Pastor Robert Campbelll, followed by his gap-toothed (gap-educated), wife, "Lady Kathy" Campbell:

Just checking I found that in the LAST WEEK a FAR less pretentious photo of Kathy is now posted. SOMEONE named CAMPBELL has been READING THIS BLOG, no???

If Pastor Robert Campbell wants to REDEEM HIMSELF (like Christians claim belief in Jesus Christ does to one), let HIM lead the Citizens of metro-Wilmington in a campaign to REMOVE these statues to a WHITE SUPREMACIST HERITAGE PARK!!!

Well, this will appear on my blog shortly, and you have my email addresses, and here's my cell number: (910) 200-XXXX, if you care to contact me. In ANY case, I will follow your career as a journalist -- and frankly hope you fall in LOVE with Wilmington as I have -- and REMAIN!!!

All best,
Scott David Kenan


Hi Gold and Denise,

I am AGAIN having "too much fun", since discovering both Robbie Greenspan, a great budding new journalist at the Star News, and the whereabouts of my old boyfriend from 1985, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson!!! I somehow feel so RE-CONNECTED to Wilmington and HONEST, CARING PEOPLE, now.

Robbie Anderson is STILL CUTE and about eight years younger than me -- but has aged MUCH more gracefully than either Thomas S. Kenan III or I have -- MERCY!!! His mouth might look slightly "stressed", but that is from a LIFETIME of playing trumpet -- all over S.E. North Carolina (as well as the "flute" -- if ya know what I'm sayin').

First, I bring up the fact that the light under the overhang of the cottage behind next-door was OFF again last night, like it was also off the two previous nights, and one before that -- all since Gold changed the bulb about a week ago. Of course Steven and Maddy (Matty?), were ALSO so happy that the burned-out bulb was finally replaced after a few months, and if you DON'T want to put it or the front porch lights on a daylight sensor, let me know where to turn it on, and I will be happy to do that when it is off at night.

Yesterday morning, Denise answered your call, Gold, as she came out to sit on the back porch for a cig. I recognized your voice from her phone, but caught only small parts of the conversation. I LOVED hearing Denise say. "Yes, Scott is a LOUD-MOUTH, but . . . " -- I missed the rest of it, but it sounded friendly, as she and I -- and Gold -- for that matter, remain, so since we are ALL so friendly, if not seeing eye-to-eye on everything, let's LET DOWN OUR HAIR on everything and salute each other for each being SMART AS A WHIP (and fun-loving too).

I haven't mentioned this, but TWICE the last few months -- including within the last week -- SOMEONE with keys entered my apartment and DESTROYED the compulsive pattern I make in things eaten from cylindrical containers like Ice Cream, in my Costco giant crunchy peanut butter jar, eating about a cup of it. ONLY Haston Lavern Caulder II also LOVED to do this to my CRUNCHY peanut butter -- of all my "transient roommates". 

And he also, right after I got him to move out with help of Police, broke through a window and entered to ONLY heat and eat a can of soup -- Wilmington cops TELLING HASTON that despite his already giving me back the keys after getting everything of his he wanted to take, he had the LEGAL RIGHT TO BREAK IN -- THIS happened while I RETURNED to the County Jail Magistrate and FINALLY got an arrest warrant issued against him for "Communicating Threats". Then Gold had me to her place on Carolina Beach to RELAX, and while I did that, Haston broke in.

BTW: I blogged about Denise and "Sam" Celia expressing concern to me about all the people coming and going from Steven and Maddy's apartment at all hours of day and night, and I NO LONGER hear that near-constant knocking!!! This about the same time that the rumors of Feds investigating certain activities at Walker World were beginning to be heard around town -- and several cops I know confirmed them, I hating to even have to ASK about that street rumor. 

HEY!!! My mother is the TOP NAZI in the USA -- but I am a PATRIOT, so this reversing of polarities by generations is actually quite COMMON. 

Think also of Rose and Joe Kennedy who with Henry Ford tried to get FDR to join with HITLER -- or Prescott Bush making most of the wealth of two Presidents by his investments in the NAZI WAR MACHINE. JFK's generation flipped for Liberty (but I CAN'T say the same for the Bushes, unfortunately).

I'd also like to say that it is GREAT that I have seen so many RESPONSIBLE and EDUCATED people recently visiting Denise, many involved in her Painting business which CLEARLY has taken off to great success. I SALUTE that!!! But when I could NOT at first remember or find Gold's email address, I was surprised to see that Gold is IN THE SAME BUSINESS. Googling "Gold Walker Properties, Wilmington" I got several results like these: and

Now back to y'all's phone call of yesterday, it was CLEAR you discussed SECURITY CONCERNS -- since Gold's TV had just been stolen from her house. I heard Denise say that if anyone enters her apartment while she is sleeping, she will SHOOT THEM DEAD -- even if she has to go to jail. Well, that is why I do NOT have a gun, as it is UNLIKELY that anyone would break in to RAPE my OLD BUTT, but to steal property, which is NOT worth KILLING a person over -- at least not according to the Judeo/Christian Bible, which I took several college-level courses on -- have either of YOU???

But BEST was when Denise asked you, Gold, if you would like her to bring over something to smoke -- and knowing you HATE both tobacco and CRACK, it had to be pot -- when you answered, she said to hold on and she'd be right over -- LOL!!!

The two of you have just been TOO PARANOID about marijuana, that NO ONE cares about (unless HUGE quantities are bought, sold, or possessed) -- it being FAR LESS DESTRUCTIVE than legal alcohol drinking!!! And FRANKLY, I am glad you have BOTH not offered it free or for sale to me for six weeks now -- I NEEDED a BREAK!!! 

But that said -- and since I am "cash poor" at the moment so can't buy any, really (no more than a "nickel" or so, anyway), if I were somehow able to occasionally (once or twice a week), be given a toke or two, I would be FAR NICER and LESS NERVOUS. As you both know, ALL my doctors here and in Mexico have RECOMMENDED I smoke the medicinal herb for STRESS.

Smoking marijuana was ALSO giving me POT-TY MOUTH!!!

While it is TRUE that Spectrum Cable that knocked me out of a crosswalk with a big truck on 2/13/17, seems to be DELAYING compensation, that is still highly likely to happen BEFORE 8/31/17. And although I have been TRYING to get Joseph Faulk in NYC evaluated psychologically for sending Haston Caulder, whom the two of you "HATE" -- and so did lawyer Oliver Carter III next-door, Oliver seeing that I had been HOODWINKED by that criminal LONG before I did. And let's HOPE that Oliver never feels anything ELSE around here is amiss -- since we KNOW he will ACT on it to protect his wife and child.

Anyway, I meant to say that Mr. Faulk CONTINUED sending Haston up to MORE than $7,000.00/month WHILE Haston was working full time at $16.00/hour and NO taxes taken out!!! But the GOOD NEWS is that Mr. Faulk has CONVINCED the NYC Protective Services Agent, Elizabeth Southford, that he is "the nicest guy", and she hopes to soon actually FIND HIM to set up delivery of free HOT meals to him once per day. 

That New York City Agency gets only ONE of five stars in reviews, and ALL comments say they are TERRIBLE.

While I COULD report these crimes to Wilmington FBI's Special Crime Force investigating the Opioid Addiction/Trafficking Crisis, I'm CONVINCED Joseph is NO LONGER funding Mr. Caulder -- and he WAS incredibly generous to me the last 5.5 years.

Additionally, Joseph has only made ONE real threat to me -- that if I contact his landlord, Bruce A. Kapner who lives on the property, about this, he will CUT ME OFF COMPLETELY (I have NOT contacted Mr. Kapner), and when he sent the last "monthly installment", he called it only THAT -- NOT the "last installment". Joseph and I are both COMMITTED to ending my dependence on his generosity (which has actually saved my life more than once), but he is KINDLY extending REDUCED monthly stipends until the Spectrum Settlement is Paid, so I have no reason to think he will not send the next one in about ten days.

I have BETTER things to spend my VALUABLE TIME on than to try to get him committed or imprisoned -- especially considering his generosity to me. For instance, while Wilmington D.A. Ben David, with an exec of Wells Fargo, Chicago -- and a Fox News talking head (lawyer Daliah Saper), ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY stole the copyright to my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams that the producers of all the Harry Potter films and mega-producer Scott Rudin was also considering for film adaptation, they CAN'T steal my STORY, and so I can use the manuscript to sell my STORY to a filmmaker (and then re-write it -- I have changes and major additions to add, anyway) -- my BEST route to income after the Spectrum Settlement begins running down, no???

Well, I hope you are BOTH as "tickled pink" receiving this email as I am in sending it. I look FORWARD to enjoying Gold Walker Properties residency for some time to come -- close neighbors to you BOTH!!!



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