Friday, July 7, 2017

It Has ALL Evolved into HIGH HUMOR -- Compliments This Morning of Landlady Gold Walker and Tenant Denise Wood, and APPRECIATED by Temporary Wilmington Worker Robbie Greenspan, Star News Writer/Photographer!!!

Star News intern for the summer, Robbie Anderson. -- WHOOPS!!! Curtis "Robbie" Anderson was Thomas S. Kenan III's former boyfriend whom I dated in 1985THIS is Robbie GREENSPAN.

After reading this piece (VERY DIPLOMATIC!!!), I checked on what else Robbie has written for the Star News, and discovered I have read MANY of them, never noticing the attributions.

From what I've seen from his Facebook Page, etc., Robbie is STRAIGHT -- and even though cute -- TOO YOUNG for me, and I will NEVER date (or simply bed), a Star News employee unless he is at least as hot as CIA Agent Kevin Maurer, head of City Desk summer 2012, who interviewed me extensively in Puerto Vallarta by phone, PRETENDING to be writing a FEATURE ARTICLE on me for his paper -- or maybe another book:

Kevin Maurer at his City Desk with assistant Shelby

Kevin's CIA-authorized account of the unnecessary assassination of Osama Bin Laden -- ordered by President Barack Obama -- so that Osama could NOT be hauled into Court, where he would testify that he planned it with the Bush, Cheney, and Saudi Royal Families -- and in fact had the planes attack A DAY EARLY, because the Bush and Bin Laden Families had been in many businesses together for YEARS, but the Bushes killed his older brother years earlier, and for REVENGE he caught his American partners OFF GUARD and early.

There has been MUCH speculation on WHY Bush waited seven minutes before taking seriously the attack on the World Trade Center, but I LEARNED from my Facebook friend, CNN and FOX NEWS talking head Imran Anwar (who had established the internet in his native Pakistan) -- and later OTHER SOURCES in the Middle East and USA -- that Andy Card, one of the close Bush advisers who KNEW the attack was scheduled for the next day, who TOLD BUSH about it, was NOT BELIEVED, GW BUSH thinking it was a PRACTICAL JOKE by his staff.

FINALLY, Andy Card figured out how to CONVINCE Bush the attack was REAL -- if early.

Imran Anwar had worked for both Fox and CNN for ten years when I knew him. He also told me that EVERYONE at BOTH those networks KNEW that the attack was planned by the Bush/Cheney/Bin Laden/Saudi Royal Families WHEN IT HAPPENED -- but that Americans were CHRISTIANS, so TOO STUPID TO CARE!!!

Imran Anwar, today

Kevin Maurer (who has FABULOUS chest hair), in 2014, SWORE he will always live in Wilmington, NC, but LITTLE has been seen of him, since:


1. The first hour of Morning Joe was all but UNWATCHABLE, as ego-pig Joe Scarborough kept interrupting everyone else, and Mika was so EXASPERATED I was afraid she would CALL OFF THEIR ENGAGEMENT -- on air!!! But they must have talked him down (or medicated Joe), before the second hour began.

2. Then I called and reached Joseph Faulk in NYC -- just in from smoking cigarettes outside -- and we chatted about the FUN I had had with the Power Structure in Burgaw, North Carolina the last couple of days.

Then when he said he wanted to go, I quickly told him I'd spoken yesterday with the NYC Adult Protective Services rep Elizabeth Southford (direct: 212-971-2854), assigned to Psychologically Evaluate him, and THIS time she told me she has spoken with Joseph by phone (only), SEVERAL TIMES, now, and finds him "really nice" and she can't wait to meet him. 

Old Joe REFUSED to tell me why he had NOT told me they have been talking for a while now, and I suggested that either he's promised to BRIBE HER, or it's just one of his "Psychopath's Tricks" (most likely). And since the MAIN PEOPLE at that agency CONFIRMED that their biggest concern is that Joseph was TRICKED out of many thousands of dollars (which I can PROVE IN COURT), by a narco-trafficking criminal with a proven record of his crimes, Haston Lavern Caulder II, here in Wilmington, that he is CERTAIN to lose access to his money and have his physician, who ALREADY has Power of Attorney to take over Joseph's affairs and finances -- something so UNUSUAL they are also mystified that he set that up -- but the doctor has NOT yet activated it.

I told him I have NO TIME for his playing MIND GAMES with Ms. Southford -- like he was ALWAYS NICE -- and UBER-GENEROUS FINANCIALLY with me -- until I kicked Haston out of my house, so I will GO AHEAD and report his crimes to the FBI next week.

But I am thinking about this, as he REALLY is more likely to be MENTALLY ILL, so I might work the TOP of that agency next week, FIRST, before going to the FBI.

Perhaps Joseph Faulk should try INTROVERT CHURCH SERVICES just discovered by my friend James Bow, a mid-level Chevron exec who splits his time between Houston and Puerto Vallarta, no???:
Who wants to go with me? We can surreptitiously text each other through the whole service critiquing everyone's fashion choices and out of tune singing

Who is in?????

CLEVELAND, OH—Faith Life Church revealed Thursday the unprecedented popularity of their newly launched “introvert service,” a church service where…

3. I called Mom in Raleigh and told her all about my experiences with visiting Robert C. Kenan, Jr.'s Law Office a few months ago, how his Admin TOTALLY disrespected me recently claiming I could not POSSIBLY be related to him, and then the PROBLEMS he has with Burgaw residents all but HATING HIM (and loving his Dad, the accountant). Also how I contacted the Power Structure of the town and filled THEM in on the CRIMES of the KENAN FAMILY.

By the time we finished talking (a long time for Mom), I was CONVINCED that she really IS retired as America's Top NAZI, Steve Bannon having that job FULLY, now, because she said she is just concerned that her rain-gutters might not have been repaired right, but it hasn't RAINED so she can't yet tell, and that you just NEVER KNOW what might happen next in LIFE!!!

All this without a SHRED of animosity!!!

4. And shortly before 8:45 AM I went to my back porch (the "NEW Hanging Gardens of Babylon"), and Denise Wood came outside and took a phone call from landlady Gold Walker. I could even recognize Gold's voice -- Denise keeps her volume up so high -- but NOT that much of their conversation.

At one point, Denise agreed with something Gold said, then added, "Scott IS a loud-mouth, but . . . ", and it was essentially that I don't actually bother her. They discussed a lot of things about how Denise would SHOOT DEAD anyone who came into her house while she was sleeping -- even if she had to go to jail for it -- and some kind of deliveries. Then Denise asked Gold if she'd like to smoke, which she apparently said she did -- and Gold HATES tobacco and CRACK, so it had to be pot -- and Denise said to hold on and she would bring something over for them to smoke.

Well, MAYBE if I'm CLEVER, I can get Denise to share some with ME --NO???
It's more of a visual test than an intelligence test

100%. I'll take it.

It's not as easy as it looks... these letters can be tricky!

“Time has a wonderful way to show us what really matters.” 

― Margaret Peters


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