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My APOLOGY Just Emailed to Chad McEwen, Town Manager of Burgaw, North Carolina:

Had I KNOWN before tonight that Chad McEwen was a HANDSOME, young RED-HEAD (orange-head) -- I might have gotten FLIRTY, before -- but NOW, sadly, it's TOO LATE!!!

My APOLOGY to Chad McEwen -- and NOT because of his red hair and relative youth!!! I include some explanation:

Tocmcewen, mayor,
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(STRANGELY, this bounced back from the MAYOR: "No such user here")

Hi Chad -- 

When I put you and the other two Burgaw town employees on my list, I misunderstood and thought the three of you made town decisions. I just now found the town's Board of Commissioners, and their contact info, and will be taking all three of you off.

You see, my father, William Scott Kenan, was born in Burgaw in 1918, then about 1949 when he lived with his male lover in Cincinnati, OH (my birthplace), my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan's people shot Dad's lover in the head, and gave Dad the option of turning Roman Catholic and marrying Mom -- so she could hide her Swastikas behind the iconic Kenan name (that is known only in THIS part of the world and among the TOP "movers and shakers" elsewhere, like Tennessee Williams (whom I worked for 1981 - 1982), his Kennedy and other friends, the Reagans, whom I met in the White House, and of course the Sinatras, whom I met in Wilmington in 2011, and Patricia Sinatra told me how she had engineered the sale of their Bank of America to Kenan-controlled NationsBank, but HATED how "NAZI" the Kenans turned it.

Thomas S. Kenan III's chief deputy, Steve Armstrong, is copied in this thread, as well as my 2nd cousin, your town's lawyer, Robert Charles Kenan, Jr. I'm adding Mayor Mulligan and the five Commissioners as well, so they can get an introduction to me, but this is the last of this thread I will be sending out copied to others. I dated Tom Kenan's former long-term lover, Curtis "Robbie" Anderson in Carolina Apartments here in Wilmington while BLUE VELVET was being filmed there in 1985, commuting from Atlanta to visit my parents and enjoy the beach, frequently.

It should be well known in Burgaw that my wealthy Kenan relatives put Donald Trump into power to get Russia's oil for profits -- and to promote their Ku Klux Klan values rather than the US Constitution. I was held hostage by Drug Mafia five times while living in Puerto Vallarta in Political Exile most of 2010 - 2015, my escape from the USA by help of Col. Dottie Newman, Secretary of State Colin Powell's retired Chief Protocol Officer, a close Atlanta friend of mine who had great parties -- once including the Secretary of State of Argentina and his wife, and sometimes OTHER visiting foreign dignitaries. ALWAYS a lot of top US Army Generals, often with spouses. 

One of the five times I was held hostage by Drug Mafia in Mexico, it was by Benjamin Shields, a rogue US Special Forces operator who had posted all the "Obama-Hater" vile websites advocating "death to the nigger", etc., that CNN and other media got WAY up in arms about around 2010, but claimed no one could figure out who was so racist and hateful -- and then CLAIM to be Christian, if you can believe that!!! 

He spent much time with my mother on the phone, she giving him instructions on how to handle me, and he with Luis Melgoza, former top lawyer for the PRI Party that had totally dominated Mexican Politics until former Kenan employee (as a Coca-Cola exec), Vicente Fox broke that line, and he became a key ally of mine (or vice versa), as well. In any case they had an American, white-appearing ex-pat, Salvador Fuentes, stage his mother coming with a top 60 Minutes producer to interview me to get my story on HD video -- for TWO segments of 60 Minutes, but it was just the CIA debriefing me to see what all I knew about the Kenan, CIA, Republican Party, and Clinton Democrats' Crimes.

Luis had lost his lawyer's licence and was the TOP CIA Agent in Puerto Vallarta until a Mexican doctor murdered him on the operating table nearly a year ago, in a routine, minor operation. And I was held for five weeks by two sons of El Chapo Guzman, a drug partner with Rahm Emanuel and Wells Fargo and American Express Banks. Later, CIA Agent Kevin Maurer who ran the Wilmington Star News's City Desk in 2012 -- to keep Wilmingtonians from knowing about all the Kenan Family narco-trafficking through the Lower Cape Fear, interviewed me extensively by phone from his desk at the newspaper for a feature article or a book -- but really was only getting info for the CIA from me, and when his CIA account of the assassination of Osama Bin Laden, No Easy Day, was announced to soon be coming out, he dropped me, but later admitted this crime against me to me -- after I badgered him.

I'm afraid of NOTHING!!!

And this is only a TINY bit of the difficulties I have had since I first blogged in 2010 that my parents were America's top NAZIS, as first told to me by top Jewish business leaders in Atlanta in 1990. ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE after I blogged that -- but the Reiner Family of Hollywood made me an "Honorary Jew"!!! I am part Cherokee on Dad's side, and Tennessee Williams based a tall observing homosexual black guy, Mac, in his last full length play, In Masks Outrageous and Obscure, on me -- and I was married to the richest woman on earth, Babe Foxworth, based on Tenn's close Houston Socialite friend "Texas Kate" (Schweppe), Sharp, Moldawer, and later McNamara -- who had grown up in Atlanta CLOSE FRIENDS with Frank Hawkins Kenan and his brother James Graham Kenan -- before Frank moved his brood to Durham, and THAT was where she learned to act like the richest woman on earth. 

Her first husband's father was Eisenhower's Sect. of the Air Force who wrote all our first Laws governing nuclear warfare in outer space, and was Ike's top ally AGAINST the Military-Industrial Complex -- until his family was later threatened and he had to recant. He also was partnered with Howard Hughes in the Sharp-Hughes Tool Corp that fueled TWA and Howard's movie ventures.

The point was meant to be that I am VERY "Multi-Cultural".

So you get an idea how incredibly blessed I have been with the BEST experiences -- if life threatening and often literally painful (for suffering many beatings and poisoning back in 2010, especially), and jailings and nut-house commitments by Wilmington D.A. Ben David, the Wilmington Police, and many, many Christian Drug Mafiosa in Wilmington. The ONE thing that connects EVERY SINGLE CRIMINAL I've had to deal with is their TOTAL BELIEF that they act on authority of the Christian Bible and Christian Faith -- LOL!!!

Well, I will below paste in the ONE blog posting that Burgaw citizens -- especially those related to me -- or are close to the Kenan Family -- should read. It INCLUDES my discovery of WHY my NAZI mother LOVES Robert C. Kenan, Jr. SO MUCH!!! And if it is TRUE (as I've seen reported in the Press that Bobby has an ADVERSARIAL relationship with the Burgaw Town Board), then this MIGHT help you get RID of him -- HA!!!

 My blog has gotten WELL over 1,000,000 hits now, and is emailed to 200+ Political Contacts. Anyone interested in the TRUTH about us Kenans can read more of it if they choose to.

Thank you all for reading this!!! (This email will be published here:


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I will consider doing that if you explain WHY you want me to.

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On Jul 6, 2017, at 2:36 PM, Scott Kenan <> wrote:

THIS is the posting I referred to above:

As "everyone" in Wilmington, NC knows (and most of the rest of the world), Revs. Jesse Jackson and Jeremiah Wright arranged Barack Obama's marriage to Michelle -- with HER FULL KNOWLEDGE.

It was ONLY at Obama's FIRST INAUGURAL CEREMONY that George W. Bush let "Barry Bam-Bam" know that the Republicans had all the PROOF of his HOMOSEXUALITY, and so did Vladimir Putin, who used it to DELAY Obama's forceful CONDEMNATION of  Russian meddling to ELECT DONALD TRUMP.

This was ALSO how El Chapo Guzman's TOP US Narco-Partner, Rahm Emanuel, who got Wall Street and Big Banks -- including Kenan-controlled Bank of America -- to FLOOD Bill Clinton, then Barack Obama, and later Hillary Clinton with BIG BUCKS (Rahm -- often seen with Illinois State Senator Obama in Gay Bathhouses by my friend Jamie Lee Sutherland, now a TOP EXEC with Ameriprise Financial, Chicago -- never had a course in finance or accounting, but his college degree is as a BALLET DANCER).

This all supported by Thomas S. Kenan III and Betty (Price) Kenan of Chapel Hill who CONTROL Exxon-Mobil and by Kenan Family's TOP EXEC, Rex Tillerson, who ALREADY got a TOP AWARD from the Kenan Family PARTNER, Vlad Putin.

Betty (Price) Kenan in center, Tom Kenan on right -- Holy, Cannibal-Communion Episcopalians, both!!!

>>> THE BEST EVENT OF MY DAY TODAY was meeting two women about 30 years my junior in Costco -- they knowing WELL both of my very near cousins from Burgaw, NC, Robert Charles Kenan, Sr., an accountant, and his son, Robert C., Jr., called "Bobby", a lawyer (and according to my BED-BUGS exterminator -- which appear to have been SUCCESSFULLY exterminated), also a DRUG COURT JUDGE in Pender County.

They BOTH AGREED that while the ELDER of the two is a TOTALLY COOL GUY, the younger, "Bobby", as they call him, like my mother, Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan -- America's TOP NAZI who with Pope Francis and others put Mike Pence into the Vice Presidency to promote CATHOLIC NAZISM -- ALSO calls him "BOBBY" -- and said that Bobby is her TOP NAZI ALLY in S.E. North Carolina, is a TOTAL HATEFUL ASSHOLE.

And my further research tonight CONFIRMS this, as "Bobby" is an ARROGANT, BULLYING PIG -- and Burgaw's City Attorney, that the City seems FED UP WITH, but can't figure out how to GET RID OF HIM, just like Wilmington had a SIMILAR problem with Republican New Hanover County Commissioner Brian Burger -- until they FINALLY got him out, he then retreated to FAILED Republican 2011 Mayoral Candidate Justin LaNasa's mountain retreat, BROKE INTO Justin's arsenal of weapons including at least one GRENADE, and was apprehended there.

Brian "Bedroom Eyes" Berger was HOT AS HELL to all of Wilmington's CLOSET-CASE Christian Homosexuals -- like District Attorney Benjamin R. DavidELDER at First Presbyterian.

Justin LaNasa -- a common TATTOO PARLORIST -- owns

And Justin's good friend, Sherman Lee Criner, not only was caught diddling the vagina of a five year old girl in Thalian Hall (antebellum theater attached to Wilmington City Hall), Wilmington Police then BULLIED the girl's father into NOT pressing charges because Sherman's WIFE, Judge Sandra Ray Criner and Sherman were UPSTANDING CHRISTIANS AND REPUBLICAN PARTY LEADERS!!!

This was all OPENLY reported in the Wilmington Star News, and of course it was Justin's DRUG BUNNIES that hacked my computer in 2011 from Hardwire Tattoo on Front Street who ALSO cat-called me a CHILD MOLESTER (of their young sons), up and down the busy streets of Wilmington, which prompted Chief Public Defender Jennifer Harjo (a GOOD Republican), to arrange for me to HIDE OUT -- until it was too obvious I didn't belong there -- in a dry-out tank for alcoholics, then transfer to the Oaks Mental Ward, to continue there for a total of ten days.

Soon enough, Sherman Lee Criner foolishly PUBLISHED photos of his Christian Snake Handling, and to SAVE HER JUDGESHIPJudge Sandra Ray DIVORCED HIS PECKER, and reverted to her maiden name -- LOL!!!

Well HERE is some dirt on Lawyer Robert C. Kenan, Jr. -- whose secretary INSISTED I cannot POSSIBLY be related to him, my mother's FAVE relative (by marriage), and Co-NAZI of this region of the country:

In a BIG SEARCH (in vain), to find pictures of both Robert Kenans, I DID find email addresses for not only LAWYER Kenan, but the top officials of Burgaw city, and they will all be PERMANENTLY added to my list of 200+ that gets EVERY blog posting emailed to them DIG???

MORE HERE -- although I am CURRENTLY withholding judgment on County Commission Head Woody White (Republican)


1. I intend to say nothing about most candidates until filing has CLOSED except for a FEW that I know well enough ABOUT -- if not know well personally:

Mayor Bill Saffo, while LEADING THE DRUG MAFIA (with D.A. Ben David), has ALSO advanced the City considerably, since I first arrived HOMELESS late December 30, 2010, so if HE doesn't have a BETTER challenger from EITHER PARTY, then NO ONE IN WILMINGTON has even:

I think that Charlie Rivenbark, in office even longer than Bill Saffo -- 24 years -- is actually MORE CORRUPT, and both he and Councilman Kevin O'Grady -- who BOTH sit on the Board that oversees our WATER UTILITY and BOTH KNEW of the pollution at least a YEAR before it was disclosed, need to be THROWN OUT FOR POISONING WILMINGTON'S CITIZENS -- DELIBERATELY.

But Rivenbark ALSO TERRORIZED me in Mayor Bill Saffo's office in front of his Executive Secretary, Dawn Grants -- just TWO WEEKS ago -- saying he HOPES I get a DOG and it is RUN OVER BY A CAR, he knowing ALL ABOUT my being hit by a Spectrum Cable truck and tossed twelve feet -- when I was on foot to confront Mayor Saffo AGAIN about releasing the Police Report of my friend Evan Fish's being MURDERED by Wilmington Police, which was CONFIRMED by New Hanover County Sheriff's Deputies and Negotiator:

I wrote to Charlie Rivenbark's PARTNERS in Real Estate -- describing the incident -- but have NOT YET gotten a written response from them. I suppose I will have to visit with them in their OFFICES after the 4th:

Well, at least there is ONE PATRIOTIC RIVENBARK in town:

And my FINAL COMMENT on Southeast North Carolina "CHRISTIANS" of BOTH PARTIES:

Male Christians

Female Christian in FULL ESTRUS!!!


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