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I FORGOT to Copy Jamie Sutherland in My Email to Karen and Paul Thissen, Yesterday, so I FIX THAT (and other things)!!!

And speaking of "ass fun", I am HOPING to hear from a horny, hairy red-head from western North Carolina, who contacted me via, and I let him know of this blog, so he can decide if I'm TOO POLITICAL to hump -- although George Bush's cousin Bill Toups didn't let that stop him last October, in a Carolina Beach hotel!!! He found it INCREASED his humping pleasure (and mine as well).

I still have occasional desire for D.A. Ben David to do this to me as well. I SO ADMIRE Ben's (and Mayor Bill Saffo's, Councilman Charlie Rivenbark's, Police Chief Evangelous's, and disgraced Thom Goolsby's), INTELLIGENCE for getting away with their crimes for SO LONG!!!

First thing (after responding to the red-head as mentioned above), I wrote the following email to Jamie Sutherland, then called his direct line to leave message ALERTING him, in case he checks company voicemail -- but not email -- on the weekend. I'll let you know beneath the email how THAT went:

Hi Jamie: I feel a MORAL OBLIGATION to inform you of what I sent Karen Thissen, Chief Counsel of Ameriprise Financial, and her husband Paul, who is running for Governor of Minnesota 

Tojamie.sutherland, roostersutherland
Ccscott, paul

Hi Jamie -- I hope you are doing well, and so is the "Sutherland Lauric Group". You are clearly doing better than you did at Wells Fargo Advisors, although you were promoted there shortly after you got the false conviction of me of LIBEL in Cook County Court. WHAT exactly were the damages you suffered by my blogging about your various activities, including seeing Barack Obama and Rahm Emanuel in your Man's Country Gay Baths???

Now, I have to give you that when you admitted you had NOT valued the poster for the premier of Tennessee's play A House Not Meant to Stand, from my working with Tennessee Williams, director Andre Ernotte, and (now) America's TOP theater producer and director Gregory Mosher, currently teaching at Columbia University (I last speaking with him in person at one of the Tennessee Williams Festivals in New Orleans about ten years ago), which they had personalized for me, thanking me for my help with the production (I controlled the WORST of Tenn's paranoia during the lead-up to opening at the Goodman Theatre), and you LOST it, you PROMPTLY paid me $350.00 compensation. 

You had accepted it as security and agreed to hold your property,, for six months for me to get financing together. At that time, I had full expectation of selling movie rights, and then would make money by using it for a conference center for theater, cultural, nature, and history groups, the separation of the bedrooms being perfect for that.

I did NOT hold it against you that you reneged on holding it and almost immediately began to try to sell it through Timothy Realty -- I KNOWING them there and their laundering of Drug Money -- it was soon apparent that I would be homeless and within that same year, I was held hostage FIVE TIMES by drug mafia in Jalisco and Nayarit States.

But I had REMOVED all blog references to your bragging about narco-trafficking for Wells Fargo (which later that year got a HUGE FINE in the Chicago offices for laundering Drug Money), and you said you didn't CARE about my blogging of your seeing Obama and Emanuel in the gay bathhouse. You said that removal would STOP you from trying to prosecute me. 

But it DIDN'T, and so I restored my true report of what you had claimed. I blamed that on your attorney, Daliah Saper -- also a Talking Head on Fox News -- not yet knowing for a couple of YEARS that D.A. Ben David here in Wilmington, especially through his intern Jeffrey Duncan while he prosecuted me in Wilmington on false charges (now erased), then worked for Ms. Saper's firm while YOUR case against me was prosecuted, was so connected, and FIVE TIMES I have run into D.A. David since returning to Wilmington in 2015 and he has PROMISED to get the false conviction VOIDED, but he has been powerless to do so. Perhaps YOU can do that and save us all a lot of LEGAL ACTIONS over this Travesty of Justice.

I DO remember well, lying about the pool with you at Casa Vista Los Arcos, you in a bikini, fingering your very ample bulge -- and YES, I admit I wanted you. I also remember the "personal chef" who brought "meals" to you on his moped, but was beaten severely in a Drug Mafia feud. There is a woman, Kathleen Kincade, living in Carolina Apartments (known for Crack Whores and Narco-Traffickers -- and Jennifer McCracken's connections to Drug Mafia in Puerto Vallarta!!!), who is a CLOSE friend of Monica Lewinsky, and who told me her family in El Salvador originally set up Mitt Romney's BAIN CAPITAL as a criminal enterprise, but now are all in PRISONS there. I accepted her claim she's a personal chef now, but recently learned she's just another NARCO-TRAFFICKER, using that excuse to deliver BIG GOODS -- LOL!!!

WHY does Ameriprise allow you to use a photo on your page there that was OLD when I met you in 2010, and you were using it for Wells Fargo??? Are you and your new company in COLLUSION so you can't be identified on the street now that you are so much older???

Jamie Sutherland's STALE photo

Well, my physical letter to Ms. Thissen is expected to be delivered on Monday, and her husband has already gotten it by email, in case delivery is sabotaged.

Here is a link to it on my blog:, and while I DID use the email address for you that you asked me to for a while,, it was only much later I learned from Chicago tourists that "rooster" is an identifier for Rahm Emanuel's/El Chapo Guzman's Drug Mafia Members. The tourists in THIS posting first told me that, as have others I've met since then:

Let me know if we can work together to VOID that conviction and you pay me a small compensation -- or I will be FORCED to go through Chicago Courts, the Court's Inspector telling me that since I was never legally served and it can EASILY be proven, that it should be easy to kick out (but I have to do it FROM Chicago), and I can sue you, Daliah Saper, etc. for a HUGE FORTUNE -- and possibly Wells Fargo as well!!!

All best, and let's WORK TOGETHER!!!


>>> Jamie's voicemail message (paraphrased): "I am out of the office until Wednesday, August 2 (2017), and TOTALLY DISCONNECTED until then: no cell phone, no email, no computer with me, etc. Call so-n-so in the meantime if you need assistance."




Wilmington Star News summer intern Robbie Greenspan should get a KICK out of this -- given all the SURPRISES he found in Wilmington, no???


A typical Wilmington Wedding.

3. In an item just posted without comment, yesterday, there is TELLING info about the CORRUPTION of Wilmington Democrat and former NC State Legislator Susi Hamilton, now on Gov. Cooper's Cabinet:

Susi Hamilton with one of her allies, now disgraced Republican State Senator Thom Goolsby, who was hired by my Kenan Family to the Board of the UNC SYSTEM to get RID of the Head of that so that Kenan Choice, Margaret Spellings (George W. Bush's TOP Domestic Adviser), could FURTHER restrict Public Education to EXCLUDE NON-WHITES:

A picture tells a THOUSAND WORDS!!!

"According to co-applicant Susi Hamilton, the findings of the city regarding the increased traffic are not in sync with the findings of NCDOT. Those findings, according to Hamilton, state that the project’s impact on the abutting traffic would not be an issue.
"Hamilton, the former state representative and current secretary of the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, is a realtor who said she became involved in the proposed project two years ago due to her experience in commercial real estate."
David Frederick
It sounds to me as if some sort of deal has been struck behind closed doors.
LikeReply6Jul 12, 2017 7:32pm
Glenn McIntosh · 

It's quite obvious that money talks, citizens concerns don't matter, it's time to elect new representatives
LikeReply17Jul 12, 2017 7:58pm
Vicki Edwards Elmore
Wilmington seems to be run by realtors and developers. Where are the people that are concerned with infrastructure and quality of life?
LikeReply1Jul 14, 2017 8:50am
Eric Kennedy · 

Wilmywood, Hurry up and Wait to the next stop light and go broke.. town has become unlivable
LikeReply8Jul 12, 2017 9:14pm
Annette Flora Carrico · 

500 luxury apartments.. No impact on traffic??? What planet are you people living on?!!!
LikeReply12Jul 12, 2017 9:17pm
Miranda Blanchard Rutledge · 

Conference center for 1,000 attendees? No traffic?
LikeReply3Jul 12, 2017 10:51pm
Mike Edmonds · 

What a crock of malarky. This Planning Board needs to be replaced along with the DOT folks.
LikeReply5Jul 12, 2017 10:07pm


Landlady Gold Walker

Denise Wood from downstairs, who is 6' 3", so:


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