Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hackers (likely CIA or Russians), Sent Jeanne Wolf's Email from Me into SPAM (but now it's FOUND) / I HAVE a Roommate (of sorts) / Email to a Wilmington Gay Leader / a-Costco-ing I Have GONE!!!

To begin with this morning, I spent an ENTIRE HALF HOUR, looking for and finding the main phone number to "Charter/Spectrum Communications" HQ in Connecticut, and finding it online, it was not answered after TEN rings, and then it went DEAD -- three times. So I called the phone number of THREE of the other top execs there I had copied in emails, and I KNOW they get them since one is on vacation and I keep getting receipts that say that and for how long. NONE of them answered (and they truly were direct to that person), and NONE of them transferred when I hit "0", which almost anywhere else works.

Since I got through to NO ONE, I did not trust the address, and used Spectrum's customer service number (which was nearly impossible to use to speak to a live person), and after another twenty minutes of THAT, got through to someone who gave me an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT number for the HQ, but it was ANSWERED and the person (a charming black woman -- why is it black women always rescue me???), verified that Richard Dykhouse is the right person for me to mail to, that the address I'd found for them IS correct, and that he pronounces his surname "DEEK-house" -- I telling her the TRUE story of Father Diekhaus at Saints Philip & James, Exton, PA, where I attended 7th & 8th grades.

His German name is properly pronounced about the exact same as Mr. Dykhouse's -- especially the first syllable -- but everyone called him "Father Dick House" (this being 1963 - 65), BEFORE all the scandals began to break. And there is ANOTHER Fr. Dieckhaus there TODAY. I left that woman LAUGHING HER BUTT OFF!!!

These might not be "black women", but you get the idea (sort of). Steve Carell went to Denison University like I did, so I wanted to get his HAIRY CHEST in!!!

Richard "Rick" (not Dick) Dykhouse of Spectrum/Charter, was "tracked-prioritied" my letter today, that is published here:

Late this morning, I had errands to run that included Costco, Home Depot, and Lowes Food market. EVERYWHERE I went I was greeted by people who have been READING THIS BLOG, their congratulations, and inquiries of WHAT IS NEW (which I told them, delaying me an extra hour to complete my shopping).

I even spoke with two Coast Guard Officers about how I had sold ad space in Tide Rips, the yearbook for the Coast Guard Academy -- as well as for all the OTHER Service Academies, Maritime Academies, and War Colleges from 1990 - 2010, when Patrick Stansbury (owner of Pentagon Publishing, Inc. of Snellville, GA), discovered that I had discovered he distributed all the drugs flown into Maxwell AFB from Maine to Florida, but MOSTLY to Christian Churches and Politicians of BOTH Parties in Wilmington, NC and Atlanta, GA, and FIRED ME, then Colin Powell's Chief Protocol Officer, Col. Dottie Newman, got me to Political Exile in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where my troubles INCREASED -- LOL!!!

Then, still in Costco, I ran into an older Army Vet and his wife, they CLOSE FRIENDS with Frank Hawkins Kenan, the TOP WHITE SUPREMACIST of North Carolina until he died in 1996, his stepson, Thomas S. Kenan III, whom I know by phone and letters, and having in 1985, dated his previous boyfriend, Curtis Robert Anderson, now working at St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran here in Wilmington, but REFUSING to answer my emails, recently.

Curtis "Robbie" Anderson, today.

I was VERY respectful and diplomatic in my explaining this to the couple, and HE GOT IT and told me to "CARRY ON!!!", but his WIFE got REALLY PISSED OFF, proving that SOME "Christian" women only worship the DEVIL:

And then when I returned home, landlady Gold Walker had one of her carpenters come by to measure to INSTALL A DOOR to the second bedroom that the guy I mentioned MIGHT move into now HAS moved into -- but only if Gold put a door to his room.

He's on Disability (a rather reduced benefit compared to my Social Security, low enough), due to low IQ, but is still planning a BETTER FUTURE, and while I'm only charging him $400.00 per month (but free until August to keep him away from the Street People who take advantage of his slow mind -- and feeding him for now as well), and now we are BOTH cash poor -- until I get settlement from Spectrum Cable -- Joseph Crawford Faulk, Jr. not sending a THING since the guy is NOT a major narco-trafficking, whores-running criminal like Haston Lavern Caulder II is.

But we will be FINE!!!

And Gold mentioned that she read my blogging about her a couple of weeks ago -- but did NOT dispute it nor ask me to remove anything. NOW we are able to sit down together occasionally and destroy any lingering evidence -- should we ever find any -- of our wilder former daze. 

Jeanne Wolf, then of Entertainment Tonight -- when I got to know her while she filmed an interview with Tennessee Williams in 1982, and his reading of his short story, "The Donsinger Women and Their Handyman Jack", as seen here:

I called and spoke with her able assistant Hays, who told me that not only had they NOT been able to find their password to Vimeo where they had uploaded much of that award-winning film she had made of it, so he had NOT yet emailed me with links to it, but they NEVER got my email, and then he FOUND IT in his SPAM folder and promised to forward it IMMEDIATELY to Ms. Wolf -- HA!!!

This is an OLD TRICK of the Christian CIA (or perhaps Russian Hackers), but Hays is so SMART he thought to look there just as I was about to suggest it.

Hunter Ingram did a lovely job of talking about the lack of pride events in our area. But what is so wonderful is that we have had them before and we will again. As he and I spoke, It took me back to the almost ten years of JP PhillipsMichael MooreScott GordonScotty MitchellAmy HorganJames MillerNetoow TrukScootet SilvaKathy Webb-FerrettiChristi FerrettiJudy TalbertAnn BosemanMichael FreezeGayle TaborSarah AimoneJessica Jewel AddamsMaryellen Kelly WheelerNaomi SwintonRick Mobbs and so many others who made the effort, the time, and created a difference...we followed the work of those who had been apart of GROW from the late 80s and 90s that turned into a transport group for AIDS patients to Duke and Chapel Hill because services could not be found here. 

All of us build on the success of those who came before and we look to the future with great people doing great things now..with Stonewall Sports - WilmingtonSAGE Wilmington of the Cape Fear Coast, Cape Fear Pride (Under Construction)St. Jude's MCCThe Frank Harr Foundation...nothing is EVER static...and there is so much good yet to be done. 

As I told Hunter, we saw AIDS walks, Thirsty Thursdays, Southeastern Marriage Equality, Wilmington Spirit Awards for three years, city council and mayoral forums in the center and all came!!!, a website that reached those in such need, a vibrant and inclusive youth group, and an active AA group, trans-inclusion and outreach, yard sales and community support, an LGBTQIA center at the University, an LGBTQIA Scholarship, and then some...but at the end of the day, we did not plan for the future back then, and it went to big and it was not sustainable in the long run. But, that was a lesson, not a failure. 

Jonathan HicksDerrick MillerLorraine BarnesTom JanickiEdward Duane AdamsScott SellersTRAleeze ArthurJohnny JohnsonCheryl M. WalkerJeff Mills, and so many others -- are here and there are so many beyond...and the sky is the limit!!! So grateful just to be a witness and just to see so much good all around us!!!

Years have passed since Wilmington Pride invited locals to celebrate the LGBT community. Several groups hope to bring it back.

Hi Jeff Mills -- I completely AGREE with you about getting a BIG celebration of LGBTQ (perhaps etc.), in Wilmington, I the last assistant to the FIRST OUT GAY CELEBRITY, Tennessee Williams!!! 

Of course we've been Facebook Friended for YEARS, but I am currently BLOCKED by Christian CIA Facebook for a few more days (why I can't contact you that way right now), not that SOME Christians aren't just FINE, but some in Gay Orgs in Wilmington (and also associated with the Democratic Party and Gov. Roy Cooper -- who is FAR BETTER than McCrory -- but as is COMMON KNOWLEDGE in Wilmington to the NATIVES, if not California imports such as yourself, Roy has been PROTECTING my Kenan Family's narco-trafficking in Port Wilmington, and my Family put TRUMP into Power, but supports not just the Republican Party -- but Clinton Democrats as well).

Anyway, you can read about all of that on my Political Blog which I have often left link to on your Facebook threads, although CIA Facebook OFTEN prevents people from seeing what I post to their threads. THIS is what I posted that got me BLOCKED from posting for a month, nearly over:

I have a Court Date here in New Hanover County District Court and I'm prosecuting him for his HATE CRIME, as reported here, see the BOTTOM HALF

Anyway, I am currently in communication with Jeanne Wolf, formerly of Entertainment Tonight who does the ABC Oscars Red Carpet how and so much more, about how we worked TOGETHER when she filmed Tennessee Williams in 1982.

Since you are a "California Boy", you might also know my good friend Roy Rogers Oldenkamp, a bit of a 'Media Maven", he living in Tennessee's old apartment in WEHO -- or even my old friend going back to 1972, when he and I founded the FIRST Gay Group at Denison University together, Dean Hansell, who went on to co-found GLAAD, and he was recently appointed Superior Court Justice in Los Angeles by Governor Brown:

Dean accepting the "Founder's Award" from GLAAD a few years ago.

And this is kind of fun showing how Elton John lost most of his "GAY CRED" by selling out to Drug-Rush Limbaugh at Kenan-owned The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach several years ago:

Anyway, I look forward to being part of this upcoming Wilmington Celebration, and I'll be back on Facebook in a couple of days.

Should you care to meet and discuss any of this, here is my cell: (910) 200-XXXX, and here is link to my memoir that established me as the authority on the last two years of Tennessee Williams's life, and it includes Amazon Customer and Professional reviews, including that of my "co-conspirator", John Lahr:



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