Thursday, July 6, 2017

Email Sent to Teri Motsinger of Benefits Management, Inc. -- and One to Pastor Robert Campbell (NBC Church), Deborah Hicks Maxwell (our county NAACP), Jim Flechtner (Executive Director of CFPUA), Delthea Simmons (Wilmington Progressive Coalition), and Randy Evans (Walking Tall Wilmington) / UPDATE on My Neighborhood:

Compliments of Wilmington, NC resident and activist Delthea Simmons

Before all of this, landlady Gold Walker called me last night to tell me someone entered (without breaking in), her house at 4th and Orange Streets, and STOLE her new TV!!! She keeps her key in a place by the door where anyone could easily find it, and lets everyone, including me many times, see where that is. WHY she can't keep it in a purse or pocket -- like her car and other keys -- is a MYSTERY. Now she thinks some criminal is watching her house, which was actually BROKEN into and valuables stolen about a half year ago.

And then she had to take a call, but called me back after that to tell me the SAME story all over again!!!

Last night, the security light in the back yard of her rental property next-door to me, was left OFF -- and Gold had just replaced the bulb less than a week ago, but this is the SECOND night it has been off since then. We have the SAME problem with the porch light on the house my apartment is in next-door, and I have TOLD HER that it is CHEAP to install a light receptacle with a daylight sensor so that the switch is always on, but the light is OFF during daylight. She won't do it.

Both Steven and Patty, downstairs next-door on this side, have complained to me -- and I've let Gold know this many times now -- of all the "trashy people" coming to buy drugs (or perhaps have sex with), Denise Wood (who has 43 Felony convictions as an International Drug Mule and now works with Mayor Bill Saffo's mafia), and Sa'ant Samuel Celia, Jr. (produced the FINEST LSD in his lab years ago and supplied not just Dr. Timothy Leary and Jerry Garcia, but Dr. Leary's male lover, Theodore Druch, a CIA narco-trafficker in my Puerto Vallarta Writers Group 2010 - 2015, as well as in drug-business with the Gov. of Nayarit State -- by Mr. Celia's OWN ADMISSION).

We have had someone enter without breaking in, OUR building, previously, but when the front door that we all share's lock had to be REPLACED a month ago, I asked Gold to CHANGE IT, but she had the new one re-keyed for the SAME KEY, instead -- a key that has not changed in many, many years, despite a long parade of tenants, including a Mafia brother of Mayor Saffo who once lived in MY apartment.

Last night I discovered that someone has eaten at least a CUP of my crunchy peanut butter from my giant Costco jar with a spoon, NOT using my pattern of scooping that I also use if eating out of ice cream containers -- and it's happened before -- a few months ago, but I figured I must just have acted unlike myself. NOW, I've had NO MARIJUANA in six weeks, and drink only two or three alcoholic drinks per night, so my MIND is not subject to such peculiarities. I had NOT eaten out of the jar in at least a week, so no telling when it happened.

And the THIEF ate it in the pattern that Haston Lavern Caulder II ALSO used to eat out of my jar when he lived here -- he could easily have duplicated his set of keys while he had them. He DID BREAK INTO my apartment after giving up his "residency" and returning his keys to my hand months ago -- then came BACK with Wilmington Police who told me Haston had the RIGHT to break in if I did not allow him in. 

THAT was how I learned the Magistrate at the jail who told me she was issuing a warrant for his arrest on the following charge did NOT issue it -- nor did she call me to warn me -- and I returned to the jail and got it ISSUED.

THEN, returning to my apartment, I found Haston had BROKEN A WINDOW, entered, and fixed and ate a bowl of canned soup, CLEANED UP the broken glass, and took NOTHING ELSE AT ALL!!! Since Wilmington Police TOLD me they would NOT write up a report if he DID break in, I never attempted to charge him for that -- but STILL have all the glass in the trash can he placed it in -- to PRESERVE HIS FINGERPRINTS. Haston was ARRESTED the next day for my charge as above.

Also of note is that Gold says that Patty's name is actually "Maddy" (or perhaps "Matty"). She was Roy Cooper's top paid Campaign for Governor worker in Wilmington, and Steven was closest to Bill Clinton on the VIP platform when the former President spoke here for Hillary's campaign. And Denise Wood tells me that Steven and Patty/Maddy sell drugs to people who come and go all night (I've heard the knocks at their door, but never observed the visitors).

Steven (on right), on the VIP platform as Bill Clinton spoke -- (Steven NOW wears his hair in a "man-bun" -- and has NO face hair).

PERHAPS they ALL sell drugs -- but are from rival Gangs, no??? One thing for sure: St. Mary's Catholic Grade School is NEXT-DOOR to them on the other side, so PENALTIES ARE MULTIPLIED (should anyone get caught) -- LOL!!!


Hi Teri,

Just now I got email notice from National General Insurance that they had just received my payment, made by you, of $41.91 -- one day before it is due. I was surprised by two things:

1. Since one of your employees gave me my new insurance card on June 26 -- but I had RETAINED my copy before giving them the bill earlier -- I assumed that was proof of payment, and that the insurance company had mailed that to your agency when they got the payment. But perhaps there were two copies with the bill, and I had only taken one. Although I'd made clear that if you had to, to pay in installments, preferably you could pay the approximately $230.00 in full. Since I had heard nothing of which way you had to go, I assumed you had paid it in full.

As you know, I have paid the OTHER costs of my car (three replacement used tires to pass inspection, inspection, and NC Registration), from my own funds like last year, but my money is being paid out faster, apparently, this year and you have less to pay the same bills.

2. When I picked up my first weekly check for July, yesterday, I saw my allowance is cut back by $5.00 for this month, and assumed that was because you had paid the insurance in full, but you did NOT, so I am in a more precarious position -- in my finances -- than I had realized. And AGAIN, like when I received a 5th check for April, but got NO 1st check for May, and NO EXPLANATION, I did holler at your employees (you not being there), and later apologized to them since YOU manage my account.

My attempts to get an explanation from you all went IGNORED. It is unclear to me why with a Social Security benefit the same or slightly higher than last year, you cannot pay the exact same bills with relative ease -- and that you ALSO have not sent me a warning that I need to somewhere ECONOMIZE. You are well aware that Spectrum Cable that hit me with a truck is DELAYING settlement, and Joseph Faulk in NYC won't send me a penny, he angry that I kicked the narco-trafficking criminal and DEVOUT Christian Haston Lavern Caulder II (who three times brought male whores -- from his Anchor Church, no less!!! -- to my apartment to sell me, but I refused them), out of my house, claiming I had destroyed Haston's life and that I'm the real criminal -- LOL!!!

I'm working with NYC Adult Protective Services to have Joseph psychologically tested, but he has AVOIDED meeting them for well over two weeks, now. If they find him competent, I will give all my evidence of his supporting Narco-Trafficking Whores-Running to the FBI.

So please let know what my financial picture looks like -- and WHAT is costing me more than a year ago -- so I can make the decision where to cut back on spending. An explanation of the continuing LACK of communication from you on your actions would be nice, but I'm afraid I've learned not to expect that.

Scott D. Kenan


Left to right: Pastor Robert Campbell, Deborah Hicks Maxwell, Jim Flechtner, Delthea Simmons, and Randy Evans

Please pass this email to those at your org who 
participated in last night's PANEL re: CFPUA: 

Tonbcc, nhcnaacp, Jim.Flechtner,
wordsmithofwilmington, randy

Dear Robert, Deborah, Jim, Delthea, and Randy:

My name is Scott David Kenan -- a shirttail scion of the wealthy Kenans of Chapel Hill -- whose Kenan Family CAUSED the 1898 Wilmington Insurrection beginning with First Presbyterian, where I was a member half of 2011 -- learning their HATEFUL secrets (D.A. Ben David and Judges Lindsey McKee -- until recently, Lindsey Luther -- and Jeffrey Noecker keep it LILY WHITE and running much of the Wilmington Drug Mafia). Although I have spent LOTS of time in Wilmington over my 66 years, I lived here HOMELESS under the 4th Street Bridge, in Mercy House Shelter, etc., all of 2011 and four months into 2012, before returning to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where Secretary of State Colin Powell's people had arranged for me to live in Political Exile in 2010, because of what I know of my family's TRAITOROUS CRIMES.

In Wilmington, in 2011 - 12, Ben David, Wilmington Police, and the Christian Drug Mafia had me arrested on false charges five times, and committed to the Oaks Mental Ward twice, but I FORCED all that to be cleared from my record, and now work directly with the US Justice and State Departments -- by THEIR invitation -- collecting and delivering evidence against the Politicians of both Parties and Christian Ministers and Churches who RUN the Drug Mafia here.

Additionally, my parents, William Scott Kenan and Ruth Anne (Meyer) Kenan, while they lived here 1980 - 1999, SET UP the Wilmington Drug Mafia with Father Bob Kus (now of St. Mary's Catholic), Nixon Aide John Ehrlichman (whom I knew well), and PPD (it then owned by the Bush, Cheney, Bin Laden, and Saudi Royal Families, the latter two selling out after 9/11/01, to make their partnership in that CIA/Christian/Republican Party attack less obvious). 

In the USA I have also met with Lt. Gen. Russel Honore' (who knows all about the wealthy Kenans running the Atlanta/Stone Mountain Drug Mafia), and I am connected with three ex-Presidents of Mexico, including Vicente Fox, who worked for my Kenan Family as a Coca-Cola exec before becoming a Politician. His Gringo Granddad and I were both born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cincinnatus was a TOTALLY COOL Roman!!!

I wonder if Ms. Simmons (of Occupy), remembers my joining those protests in 2011 -- and making the nightly news on TV-6 every night of one week while we were on City Hall property??? When I returned to town summer of 2015, I ran into a top producer of TV-6, who told me that ALL Wilmington Media had had a meeting about what to do about me, and decided that NONE would mention me until ANOTHER of them did -- an IMPOSSIBILITY that is likely to soon crumble. And this past Sunday, I stopped by the PROTEST at Market Street and the River where they KNEW ME, and then ended up walking to Front Street with a young white man who had been filming for TV-6, and I told him that HE is complicit in the LYING WILMINGTON PRESS and could soon go to PRISON if he doesn't start reporting TRUTH!!! He remained STOIC, saying nothing, and I turned away at Front Street, not wanting him to suffer TOO much.

Some notes about your meeting that I did NOT attend -- and first I should say I studied Metaphysics, so LOVE what Jesus taught but would not be caught DEAD worshiping an idol when there is only ONE TRUE GOD. I was brought up a devout Catholic and have also belonged to the Episcopal and Presbyterian Churches.

Pastor Campbell said a truly absurd thing: "“As leaders, we see smoldering fires all the time, and you’re given two things: A bucket of water and a bucket of kerosene, and you’ve got to figure out which bucket to use. At this point, it seems to me, from my vantage, that we don’t know which bucket to use.” How IGNORANT to think kerosene is a choice -- unless you want to BURN DOWN THE WHOLE TOWN!!! Pastor Campbell's WIFE is called the "First Lady" of their New Beginning Christian Church in DIRECT OPPOSITION to Jesus's teachings on humility (and her education is CRAP -- by Protestant Standards)!!! I say THIS to him:

I speak to people CONSTANTLY in Wilmington and very few black folks worship Jesus anymore -- although MOST citizens of all types LOVE Jesus's Teaching. Christianity was USED to enslave black Africans, so for descendants of them to worship in the enslaving religion FEEDS INTO the goals of my White Supremacist Kenan Family!!!

I have no opinion on Ms. Maxwell or Mr. Flechtner at this time -- except to say that I have been a proud member of the NAACP in the past, and in 1990, had a short, ongoing correspondence with Coretta Scott King. Having seen Ms. Simmons's photos hither and yon, it is her look of being TIRED TO THE BONE that prompted me to get this out ASAP -- in an effort to LIFT HER SPIRITS like this:

And Mr. Evans seems well-intentioned, even if he was once associated with the Anchor Church whose congregants are largely drug dealers and both straight and gay prostitutes -- but I have -- indeed we ALL HAVE -- been hoodwinked most of my life!!! I just remind him of this:

Email me for my references, but here are two things to my credit: the Business I co-founded in 1974 and sold out to my partners in 1978:, and my memoir of working for Tennessee Williams (with professional and Amazon reviews), that established me as the top authority on the playwrights' last two years of life:

I wish you ALL best of luck getting to SOLUTION of our polluted drinking water, and ALSO wish to thank the other local officials who attended the meeting: "Elected officials at the event included Margaret Haynes, Wilmington’s mayor pro tem, and New Hanover County Commissioner Rob Zapple. Katrina Redmon, the executive director of the Wilmington Housing Authority, was also in attendance."

This letter will be published at the BOTTOM of this blog posting, and then emailed to my list of over 200 Political Contacts: That list of email addresses: 

Scott D. Kenan

Cell: (910) 200-XXXX


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