Friday, May 19, 2017

Say WHAT??? Has "Narco-Roy Cooper" Seen the LIGHT -- GIVEN UP Worshiping "Devil Jesus", and NOW Worships GOD???

Senate Republicans cut education programs (only in Democratic districts) to pay for opioid programs (only in Republican districts)

We shouldn’t have to pick between those priorities.

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Clearly, the two women who commented ahead of me are nothing but NAZI, White Supremacist, Narco-Trafficking Christians. 

WHATEVER the "excuses" these various levels of government give, EVERYONE IN WILMINGTON knows that the Good Shepherd has regularly MURDERED undocumented immigrants (like my former roommate David Escalante's TWO Latino friends -- all of them ENSLAVED by the Good Shepherd spring 2011, and the other two SHOT IN THE FACE by Good Shepherd employees when they DEMANDED their back pay. 

And they POSTED a poster of MY FACE, full, name and ADDRESS: "Scott Kenan: Wanted DEAD OR ALIVE"!!! I caught their long-time resident "Whitey" cutting Heroin in the men's room of Pine Valley Church of God and reported it to their Pastor then, too!!!« less

New Beginnings Church is probably the BIGGEST Narco-Trafficking BLACK CHURCH in Wilmington, and ANY Wilmington Politician dealing with him should be CONVICTED!!! And FIRST on that list is Sheriff Ed McMahon, a GOD-HATING CHRISTIAN (with a giant dick that Ed and I kid about, but I've never seen).

And here is Pastor Campbell's CHRISTIAN BITCH -- puffed up as "First Lady Campbell", like a GOOD, DEVIL-with-PUSSY, no???

I'd need to pull something LARGER than Ed's FINGER, to test out if he is Gay or Straight.

(Thank you Republican Woody White!!!)


Judge who pleaded guilty to bribery sentenced to probation, fined and given community service

ELIZABETH CITY —- Former North Carolina Superior Court Judge Arnold Ogden Jones II, who pleaded guilty to promising and paying gratuities to a public official, was sentenced Wednesday two years of probation, fined $5,000 and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service.
Jones, who had heard cases in Wilmington, had been convicted in that city in October 2016, just weeks before the election, of paying bribes, paying gratuities and attempted corrupt influence of an official proceeding. However, earlier this year, those convictions were overturned and a plea deal was arraigned.


And after calling TWO numbers I found on the internet, one to "Time Warner Cable", the other to "Spectrum Cable", the computer COULD NOT FIND THAT I HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM!!!

So I got a live person who took a couple of minutes to transfer me to someone who COULD find my service, and SHE is in Manila. The Philippines!!!

She was GREAT, and it turned out (according to her), that the problem was that my brand new Spectrum Remote had never been programmed to also control my TV, which we did, and all seems again fine (but still BEGS the question of WHAT is wrong with my internet connection -- but as long as it keeps switching Ethernet to Wifi, I DO still have internet!!!)

Is THIS anyway to run a CABLE TV COMPANY???

1. A 6' 3" Spectrum Tech came out at 8:00 AM this morning, and "Miss Lucy", downstairs let him in the front door (as she was letting OUT a hot young man -- despite her OLD BLACK SUGAR DADDY having ALSO spent the night in her apartment (she's a BUSY GAL, no???).

When he completed changing out SEVERAL splitters, connectors, a MOSTLY BAD MODEM, and then found at least two connections outside (all these installed and/or checked in person by a tech late fall after I had outage from the small hurricane), he found they are all INCOMPATIBLE with the cable TV SIGNAL!!!

And this guy was born in Honduras and is now a US Citizen. When I told him I'm SUING their insurance company over their truck hiting me in a crosswalk 2/13/2017, he said, "Ummm . . . I know ALL ABOUT THAT!!! 'So-n'-so' who hit you was MY BEST FRIEND!!! He said he didn't even hurt you, but I looked at his truck and said, 'You had to hurt him REALLY REALLY BAD!!!'"

And then he said that the guy was IMMEDIATELY FIRED because just two weeks before, he had REAR-ENDED a driver and was cited for "Failure to Keep Safe Distance".

We looked at each other, simultaneously realizing this will MULTIPLY my financial award.

2. I called my old High School Girl Friend, "Christine Busch", lawyer, former prosecutor, practicing physician, and TOP CONSULTANT in the USA on Privacy of Medical Records, and let her know that I HAVE TAKEN DONALD TRUMP DOWN period.


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